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Blanca78 - I'm on another forum (gadget related) and that's how I learned the little pic is called an avatar. Unfortuneatly, I didn't know how to pronounce it until I watched an episode of "Charmed"

Monarchgrrl - I think the mods chose the bunny avatar because of my recent rabbit talk on the Lost thread

Thank you all for the cervix congrats! Lol. I thought I was the only one who couldn't find their cervix. All the TTC books and websites make it sound like everyone does it. Squat, put one foot on the tub, hold on to the vanity, grab a hand held mirror, spin around, shave, put your head between your legs, are you still squatting??

•Adorkable• - s I know what it's like to have loooong cycles so I can relate to the waiting and waiting. Sending you some love and patience vibes

Can I just say that I love you all? I am so happy this thread exists. Although I have some IRL support I don't think anyone wants to hear about my TTC issues all.the.time! And it's so nice to see the one's who get pregnant and move on because it inspires me and let's me know that all the POAS and temping is worth it!

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Good morning ladies! I'm guessing this will be long since I haven't written in a bit. I've kept tabs on you from my phone occasionally but I hate typing on that thing so I've been saving my responses for when I could sit at my computer.

I've been keeping busy lately trying hard not to think too much about the 2ww. I made plans with friends the last few days and yesterday they totally got me hooked on playing Civilization with them. Its a pretty fun game but boy does it suck up an evening fast lol. I went to bed super super late because of that and I thought my temperature would be wacky today because of it but it didn't seem affected. Somehow my body woke up almost the same time and so this morning I'm really really missing being able to have a coffee. I like herbal tea, but I don't think I'll ever love it the way I do coffee.

I've also been puttering around the house a little bit working on stuff like curtain rods and picture hanging since we still haven't done all of that stuff since our move. We kinda just unpacked all the boxes in a great burst of excited energy when we first moved in and then we ran out of steam and left the smaller details for later. But later has been lasting a long time lol. I'm 11dpo today and I can't decide whether to test or not. On the one hand its nice to save money on tests and just be zen till I get AF or miss it but on the other hand I love to have all the info I can. I don't really feel like I have any telling symptoms. I've had pretty much nothing at all with the exception of cramping yesterday and a little this morning, but it's close enough to AF that it could just be pms.

Adorkable - It really sucks that they are making you wait so long for provera. I wonder why so many health professionals don't have faith in their patient's charting. Before I heard such stories I would have thought that they would be so glad to be working with people who were so empowered and involved with taking care of themselves.

Newbian - I can't help but smile at your POAS fiasco. I'm such a total klutz that I didn't even trust myself to try it the midstream way one time. I just found an old cup I had no use for and have been doing the dip method from the start. Have you ever seen those camping devices that let people pee standing up in the woods? I bet those would be really handy for precision peeing on sticks lol. By the way, I love your avatar! I notice a few ladies here have pictures by their name. How do you get them?

Tear78 - I'm so excited you're officially joining us again. Weeeeeeeee!

Blanca78 - I'm jealous of your cocktail party. Ladies night here was on thursday and it just wasn't the same having virgin cosmos while everyone around me got the real thing hehe. One of the ladies did announce she was 12 weeks pregnant though so I did have one non-drinking buddy, so that was nice. She lives on my street so it would be cool if we had kids that grew up together. When I was growing up we moved around a lot so I never got to know any neighbourhood kids very well and that bummed me out. Maybe now i can live that dream vicariously though my child hahaha.

Monarchgrrl - I'm glad things are going well and that DW is finally in excitement mode. Over here I'm way more into starting a family than DH is. He's totally on board but he is not all giddy and obsessive with reading about it or testing and all that stuff and sometimes it sucks feeling all that excitement and having no one as excited as me to share it all with. But I'm sure he feels the same way when he talks about video games with a twinkle in his eye and my eyes are kinda glazed over lol.

Orandalady - Sorry your baby is a chocolate hater! But maybe this means after she/he is born you can have all the chocolate to yourself and you won't have to share. Or maybe the baby is trying to distract you from temping with other symptoms to reassure you so you can feel more zen. Either way, sounds like you made an awesome baby.

Jenne - Wow you sure know a tonne about insulin! I hope you're enjoying your weekend with your mama and that you're super productive around the house. And that that productiveness rubs off on me a little bit! Have fun BDing on DH's surprise weekend home. Go go eggy! What does second shift mean? Later shift in the day?

Okay ladies, DH is awake so I'm gonna go hang with him a while. Have a great weekend!
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Oh, I forgot one more question. For those of you who check your cervix, how much does the height change for you? I have no trouble at all finding ever but I don't seem to ever notice any differences as my cycle progresses. Like Newbian Mama said, the books make it sound so easy and obvious. Once I thought it was maybe half a knuckle higher but I wasn't really sure if it was just the way I was squatting that day lol. I haven't ever really noticed a difference in softness or the opening either. Maybe I just need a few more months checking so I can be more discerning.
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Let's see...

You can have a avatar when you are a paying member. It ends up an option in your user control pannel.

As a side note there is really no reason to avoid light drinking in the tww. You should avoid dehydration for sure! But even after implantation the baby is not cone Ted to your blood supply for a few weeks. I wontbe pushing it, but I was sick of always freeking out where in my cycle I was, and after reading a lot I realized it was not really an issue. I don't drink much and I'll stop when I get a bfp.
Or is ther some other reason you were not drinking?

As for the cervix thing. I do think how you are standing or sitting changes alot. I alway check sitting on the toilet in the very same way I do to pee. That way I feel like it is easy to replicate.
I notice that it moves a lot depending on what if anything in in my bowels. If I need to still poop that day it will almost always be high. I do my best to always check right after said poop and I get a better feel for things (pun kinda intended)

I only feel it go high for a pretty short period, not a gradual up and down all cycle like I roughy it might be. But boy the first time I felt it truely high and soft was shocking! It was pretty clear! Oh, and I for one have no idea about open or closed, that always seems the same.
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Teetina - It sounds like you've been keeping busy during the 2ww, good for you! I've heard both Civilization and World of Warcraft are heavily addictive so I haven't even checked it out. I still remember when the Sims 2 came out and I played so much I was having dreams about them !

OMG, that link you shared is hilarious. I love that it's called GoGirl! I am clumsy when it comes to certain things and I cannot imagine how I would use that GoGirl with any dignity or with any success! I did finally get a cup and just do the dip method. I'm sure Starbucks did not intend for their Short cups to be used in that manner

I've only been able to feel my cervix for a couple of days so I'm not sure if it's changed height. I lie down to check my cervix and CM but I've read people either put their foot up on the toilet or bathtub or, like Adorkable, they check while sitting on the toilet. I think it's important to check in the same way at around the same time.

AFM - I feel like my body is gearing up for ovulation I had a bit of EWCM yesterday and I just feel different. I expect to get a +OPK any day now.
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Sorry to be a Debbie Downer again ladies, but I could use some positive vibes/prayers. I had some spotting this morning. Went in for blood workup today- will get the results tomorrow and probably go back again on Wednesday for a beta.
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Originally Posted by orandalady View Post
Sorry to be a Debbie Downer again ladies, but I could use some positive vibes/prayers. I had some spotting this morning. Went in for blood workup today- will get the results tomorrow and probably go back again on Wednesday for a beta.
Positive vibes/prayers going your way. Remember, lots of people get spotting and it's fine. Please update us, though...
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Please do keep us updated and try not to worry. I pray that the spotting is over soon and your tests come back with nothing for you to worry about.
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orandalady. I hope this is normal spotting and nothing to worry about. Positive sticky vibes coming your way.
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I had no idea this thread existed and just stumbled across it today... So you might be seeing more of me!

orandalady - Thinking of you and sending out positive vibes
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Hey Amanda, welcome to the fold! Always glad to have someone new
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Teetina, that go girl looks great! i have a "whizbiz" a similar one from austrailia and i love it, i bought a case of them wholesale and gave them out to my girlfirends that i work with. i keep one in my jeep and one in my trailer i camp in, they really come in handy when you want to pee in a container to toss out later when you not cold and naked.

orandalady, were here for you, never worry about what you say here. i crossing everything but my legs that this is just a normal part of this journey

AmandaMom, Welcome!! Shall i add you to our lovely little list? if so please let me know what month you are counting as your start date.

anyway Feel free to jump right in, there are some of the best gals on the planet in here. hope your stay here is short and sweet and ends in a bundle of joy!

AFM, yuck had a 2 hour glucose tolerance & insulin test today, that was less than fun. my fasting glucose was 99 (will know the rest tomorrow) well 100 is the start of what they call "pre-diabetic" so that sucks. no single fasting blood draw can really say anything for sure, so i'm not flipping out. i will be interested to see what the rest says. for those that dont know my history, i have ben shown to have insulin resistance and have recently found out that my father and his mother are very diabetic (had they never heard of sharing medical history?)

CD 24 still no O, another random big gob of EWCM last night, boy i would love to get CM like this on cycles that I O, but rather it just shows up here to mess with me. I put one of last anovulatory cycles up on my chart overlay, it sure shows things pretty clearly. I have been having some crampy twinges on my left side, i wonder if its attempting to do something, maybe i can get it looked at.

I've been looking at my travel schedule and other plans to see when a good or a bad time to end the cycle would be if i get past CD35. Cause i think if i take something right then, it might set me up to O in the two week time slot i am going to be in NY and no where near the doctors and IUI clinic that i would need to be around. So i will be thinking before i dig myself into a hole.

anyway, have a good week gals, I'm going to go work on a march thread
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AmandaMom, by the way, if you would like it better, you can get a preggo chart () in your signature rather than a negitive one () by using : 2seechart rather that : seechart without the space of course.
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March's Thread is Up!!

Come on Over

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