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Motherease Air Flow Covers?

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Does anyone have a comment (positive or negative) about these covers? A friend of mine swears by them and said she didn't care for the prowraps or thirsties covers that are both currently on my wish list......
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Yes! Love them! Found myself reaching for fitteds instead of prefolds just so I could use them. Easy to get a good fit, easy to pull up and down with an older kid, easy to clean (most of my other covers are BSWW). If I bothered to snappi or pin my prefolds I'd be able to use them more, but I do a quick trifold and use the velcro cover to hold it on.
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Poofy, but I like them. They hold up well, and I like being able to adjust the legs independently of the waist... I wish they'd update their prints, lol.

susie ;0)
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I love them. My smalls are pretty well outgrown around fat little thighs, but they do fit SO WELL. I like that they allow so much more freedom of movement than some of our other covers. They are poofy, but they fit well under clothes. These and bummis whisper pants are my favorites now. I like trifolding when kids are bigger, but when they are small I like snappied prefolds and fitteds and these are the covers I reach for.
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Thumbs down! I have about 10 of them in different sizes. They've never fit dd in the thigh, she's too chubby for them still at at 2. So we have to leave the bottom buttons undone which kind of defeats the purpose. I also don't really like the fit. They are too boxy, puffy, don't fit well under clothes and they just aren't that esthetically pleasing - not that diapers need to be- but I don't like their prints and find them overall boring.

Otherwise, I've washed them lots and they still look new. So they do what they claim to very well, just not for my baby or my likes
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I really like them. they are poofy, but very soft so I have found they squish down under clothes much better than any other cover I've tried. I like the design, the mediums fit both my kids from about 3 months to 2 years.
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They were hands down our favourite and deffiently DH favorite. Loved how they smushed down under clothes but gave great air flow at the same time and they were bullet prood we could leave the bottom snap undone and still everything was contained never figured out how that worked but it was never an issue. MEAF nicki cotton wraps and bummi SWW were are most used covers.

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It's true, even with the bottom buttons undone mine have never leaked. I use them with the mother ease dipes for what that's worth. The dipes themselves are absorbant, especially with the insert they hold tons of pee.
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i like mine as well. they have lasted a real long time and because air can flow through the sides, no rashes. If diapers become to hot, children can get chaffed and rashed. I do not like the prints so much, i wish they would make them cuter, but the overall product is great. i have tried thirsties too, and they are not very good, they leak and shift too much.
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Okay...thanks everyone! I'm thinking maybe it was the prints that I didn't like in my initial research and so didn't look at them much in my decision making...but maybe if they are that good, I should invest in a couple anyway!
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Yes, I would recommend the air flow covers. I use them along with ME OS dipes with my DS. They have never ever leaked. These covers are bulletproof and also very breathable.

Oh and Pumpkincat, I believe that I saw you a while back on the Motherease forums.
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Have you seen the new Eco-print covers? I think they are really cute. I don't care so much for the Swamp one but I really like Asia and Rainforest. Wish they had an Arctic one.

They also come in solids if you don't like the prints.

I agree that they are fairly bulletproof. They just don't leak. At least they didn't for me.
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I really like the MEAF covers for my 2dd. both have had fairly skinny thighs.

so far I've been using prefold with dd2. I can use both the GMD orange and yellow trim under the xs MEAF. There really isn't much difference between xs and sm, though I will say both didn't fit that snug at the legs until 8lbs, though like others have said, even with gaps at the legs, they don't leak.
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I have one a love it, it's definitely bubble butt shaped but I've never had a leak
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I love them.
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I switched to these when ds 1 was a toddler. The bummis super whisper wraps were starting to cause such a smell. Also since ds was a bit chunky these squished down better than the BSW and allowed him a bit more mobility. I don't like using snappis before babe is mobile, so I'll probably continue using Thirsties with this new babe until he's bigger.

But definitely like my motherease covers!
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Really like them. I've used them with DD from the start and she is now 18 months and just about to move from M/L to L... I do use a wool cover for overnights (the Aristrocrat - which I LOVE for this purpose but way tooooo bulky for daytime).
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