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November 09 mamas...it February!

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What's going on?

Julia is 9 weeks and 13#. She's 95% for height and weight. We haven't had any vax yet. I haven't decided when she'll get started.

She still eats every 2-3 hours during the day but happily sleeps 6-7 hours for her big stretch at night. She'll eat and then go down again for another few hours.

I have having a little nipple soreness but I think it's because I no longer have oversupply and she's getting stronger.

She talks a lot and finally is cheerful most of the time. She was never fussy but her personality is beginning to emerge. She also has started liking toys a bit.
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Our little guy is 100days today! Yeah! We'll be having a small party tonight.

He has double his birthweight exactly 14lbs 4 oz

He used to have a wonderful sleeping schedule, but since a couple days, does not seem to fall asleep without boobies or being carried. He can hold toys by now and can entertain himself for 20-40min at a stretch, but than starts crying all of the sudden, because he got hungry or is tired. I am having a harder time reading him - I am often not sure anymore if he is hungry or just tired, plus his sudden screams as of lately are a bit confusing to me.

But besides that, he is slowly turning into a boy

I still have pelvic floor pressure. Apparently some women have it, until they stop breastfeeding and my scar from tearing just started bleeding again. Not very happy about that.
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We are 13 weeks and almost three "months" old. Time if flying! His personality has definitely emerged- very analytical but so sweet, like his daddy. DD smiled at anyone and everybody, but DS has to study a face very well before he 'gives' a smile. It's very adorable. He nurses often and doesn't really comfort suck much. His longest stretches at night have been 4 hours, which makes me happy. And our TT issues and mouth weakness issues are resolving and nursing is becoming less stressful.

I'm not sure who is more in love with DS, me or DD- she's very accepting of DS and there are zero jealously issues that I'm aware of. It took foreeeeever to get my second baby, but I can honestly say the wait was worth it.
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I just had to update, my last post sounded so negative. Today we all had a great day. Everytime I have this idea that I need to change him, I get unhappy and he gets unhappy. If I just take him and life as it is, it is so much easier and all turns out to the best Silly, that people plant these ideas in my head about how a baby should be.

If he comforts sucks, fine, I have time and energy and my nipples are not sore! It is a wonderful bonding time. Also, it is so wonderful to practice equally shared parenting and raising a child together and both working full time. Yes, it is not easy, but it is so rewarding.

And I am so in love with his cute little face. And the way he observes his surroundings and then notices me or daddy and gives us a quick smile
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Holden is 12 weeks and 16lbs and a few ounces, double his birth weight.

He is the HAPPIEST little guy . It is funny to say, but he is very happy-go-lucky. Carter, while very content, was much more "serious." Neither boy would ever be considered fussy. I've been blessed with two perfect sons.

He's quite strong and very determined. If I set him in the bouncy seat, he grabs the sides and pulls himself to sitting. He loves to "stand." He looks at his hands in pure awe, just making them move and watching them.

He has proven to be less tactile and more visual than Carter. As long as he can see me, he's a happy little clam. He will lay on the floor for a good stretch of time (maybe 5 minutes?), babbling away. He is very vocal, and the few instances of displeasure he has he lets you know!

He wakes up fairly often to nurse, but with him in our bed (and the cosleeper Justin built), I don't lose much sleep. He loves to sleep, and will "ask" to, once he gets very drowsy, he wants to be rocked and not nursed.

He's starting to get his own look. I used to think he was Carter's clone, but I'm noticing differences. Their complexions are very similar. Both fair with blonde hair and blue eyes.

We've had some challenges. First was the RSV, then an ear infection a month later, then allergic reactions to penicillin and Tylenol, and now we are battling a terrible diaper rash. I've been fighting it for over a week and am finally seeing some improvements! Through it all, he's been so HAPPY!

Carter adores him. He calls him "Holdy,' it is just too cute!
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