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ing along here about the relay. Wouldn't a Dingo relay be sweet?!

It's March!!!

I need to get another SS package out. Working on it... too bad I ate the chocolates for it last night. Bad night trying to get dd down, and I binged. Didn't that happen to someone last year with chocolates?

Today I am having a friend's family over for dinner (they travel the country in their RV and we've only talked via the interwebs so far) and she's coming to put dreads back in my hair. Am I nuts? Possibly. Hoping it works for me this time.

Have been out for some walks, but no running. I'm really trying to put weight back on - even DH says I'm too thin. Trying to balance eating enough, staying healthy, and feeling good and for some reason that is hard for me. It's one of those "I read too many books" things.