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I've heard that the Radian's are not good for infants simply because they have less of a recline...and it's not as comfortable for an infant with no head control. They have a recline feature when forward facing, but not rear facing. (Note...I've read this in reviews, I haven't had an infant in a Radian to verify.)

As for Britax, our kids all fit well in the Britax Roundabout (smaller than Marathon) from about 4 months on. But as infants, we used a Graco Snugride (infant carseat).

This time around, we're looking at the Graco My Ride and First Years True Fit.
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RFing Radians are *extremely* reclined -- it's difficult in many cars to get them more upright for an older baby.

The bottom slots of the Roundabout are the same as the Marathon -- 10". It is a rare baby that has a 10" seat-to-shoulder measurement (straps must be below baby's shoulders when rear-facing), because even a 24" newborn has legs and a head!
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This thread has been really helpful. My first prenatal was yesterday and there's a target in mw town, so I actually got to see a few of these in person. What I saw: Britax marathon, my ride 65, another evenflo?, scenera (did not like at all), and ???
Of the mr65, 2nd evenflo, and the other I can't remember, I liked the looks of the my65 best. the other two were a bit thicker/bulkier, and the 65 was slightly less. When packing a bunch of kiddos into the car, it makes a difference, lol. I liked the prices, too. It looks as if I can pay out less than 200$ and still get a great seat that'll last til college! Well, maybe not college...
The MyRide65 is a very nice seat, but it's not especially narrow. It fits most newborns nicely, and will get some kids (depending on overall size and shape) but not all to a safe booster age/size. (It will almost certainly be outgrown by height -- shoulders above top strap settings -- rather than by weight.)
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