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When did your preemie walk?

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So Zephan is going on 15 months, or 13 months adjusted age, and I am getting a little worried that he's not close to walking yet. When did your preemies walk?

Although Zeph's done really well this year, I can really see the difference between him and his full term buddies...
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Doodlebug didn't walk until the week before his 2nd birthday. He was 8 weeks premature.

His gross motor delays became evident when he didn't sit up unassisted until 10 months. He held his head up and rolled over on time. So we started physical therapy at 11 months. He started crawling at 14.5 months, and he didn't take his first steps until he could stand up from the floor and walk across the room! He's still delayed (and still does therapy sporadically), but it's not very obvious. He's just very physically timid.

His physical therapist said that she had never had an otherwise-healthy patient take so long to start walking. We saw a pediatric neurologist and would have had an MRI if he didn't walk by age 2. He came in just under the deadline!

Peepers was 6 weeks premature and sat up unassisted early - 4.5 months - but isn't crawling yet and I'm starting to get freaked out! I know she's not late yet, but having a late walker is really trying.

13 months adjusted is still within the normal range for walking. Is he crawling and cruising? Has he hit his milestones on time until now?
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My Maggie was 16 months actual and right over 12 months adjusted when she started walking. My ped had said around her actaul 1 yr birthday if she wasnt walking by 18 mos adjusted, we would seek intervention but she did it right around 12 mos adjusted.
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Nechama & Rena (35 weekers) walked at 16 & 16.5 months.

But Avraham Tzvi (2 days overdue) didn't walk until 20 months.
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13 months, or 11-11 1/2 mos adjusted. I never would have predicted it.
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16 months adjusted. I was told even some full term kids with no underlying issues don't walk until 18 months.

I wouldn't worry at all - the only thing that bugged me was the constant "She's not walking yet?" - it's like once a baby hits one year, full term or not, they're supposed to be walking. It got really, really annoying.
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Mine was 14months or 12 months adjusted. I wouldn't worry too much..you could look into a physical therapist or something. Have you talked to your ped about your concerns?
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I think they can vary just as much as full termers. My 35 weeker walked at 13 mo. My 32 weeker walked just shy of his 1 yr bday. My 34 weeker is pulling up at 9 mo. I was born at 34 weeks and walked at 10 mo, my brother was 41 wks and didn't walk until 16 mo.... babies vary so much. Has he met all of his other milestones? This could just be "his" time, unique, just like him.
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They walked around 15 months, a little shy of 12 adjusted. There is such a gigantic range of normal when it comes to walking, and 13 months adjusted wouldn't even have me bat my eye for non-walking, unless there were missed milestones in some other area.
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My 31-weeker didn't walk until 22 months, so 20 months adjusted, but he was caught up developmentally in all other areas by about 12-18 months. My full-termer, though, is 18 months and still not walking, and receiving therapy for gross motor and possibly communication delays. Go figure.
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14 months actual. She was almost 35 weeks gestation, and a very fat baby.
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DS (a 29 weeker) walked at 16.5 months, 14 months adjusted. That was a full month before his FT cousin who was born a few days after his due date, so I never really worried. :-)
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My 31 weeker walked at 15 months adjusted. There's no stopping him now... As a comparison, I was a full term baby, and I was over 14 months when I started walking.
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My 32 weeker walked at 13 months, but then decided he needed help for the next 5 - he would only walk if he was holding someone's (pref mine of course) hand.
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I'm trying not to worry. I know he's getting there. This week he's starting to walk holding onto a little cart and he's so please with himself. I'm guessing he'll walk by March or April. I'm trying to do little things to encourage him to get stronger, like letting him crawl up the stairs and encouraging active play. We'll see his pediatrician next week for his 15 month well child.

I guess it's hard in part because our 35 weeker was basically caught up by 15 months, but Zephan's prematurity is still pretty obvious. He's little, healthy but tiny and he seems more like a 10 month old than a 15 month old. I guess it's a reminder that prematurity really is an issue...that it doesn't just go away when they pass their due date. And I have so much to be thankful for. For a 31 weeker, he's doing pretty well.
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My 30 weeker twins walked at 12 months on the dot, 10 mos. adjusted.
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My 25 weeker was 16-17 months actual (about 13-14 months adjusted). He started taking a few steps here and there, then one time he walked all the way across the house, then he stopped for a couple weeks. It was about a month after he took his first steps that he started really walking everywhere.
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My oldest didn't start walking until she was 17 months (14 months adjusted age) and my youngest didn't start walking until she was about 15 months (12 months adjusted age). It seems to really vary with preemies.
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33 weeker walked at 17 months.
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My son, who was born at 29w 6d, first walked at 10.5 adjusted but took off at 1 year. It is hard not to worry about our preemies and their development. I was encouraged to have him use a push toy. I did not want to waste the money so we mounted castors onto a stepping stool. It moved too quickly. Eventually my son started pushing around chairs.
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