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Can't do a long post, but I wanted to share with you -

I've had 2 cbs - one with an epi (july 02) and the most recent (2 wks ago) with a spinal.

I liked the spinal A LOT better than the epi. The block was more complete (though I could feel sensation, no pain), and I wasn't woozy afterwards.

No complications from either.

interestingly enough, the same team administered the drugs for both of my births - pretty remarkable since our hosiptal delivers about 11000 babies a year!

Good luck to your sister.

Oops, gotta run.
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Great News! Great Name! I'm glad she was able to get to the breast so soon.
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Originally posted by Katri'smama
Hello Everyone!
We have a little Girl!

Lorenna Edith, 7lbs 3oz.

Lorenna was born via c-section within 6 minutes of the actual incision and is very healthy. After suctioning, a good rub down and Apgar testing she was placed back on Lindy's (my sis) chest and nursed through the whole suturing process (45 minutes).
Lindy's uterus is heart shape which resulted in trapping the baby's head in the upper lobe.
Lindy's been a little nauseated and her temp has been lower then wanted (95.6) due to the left over anesthesia, but is gradually rising and she's doing good.

Thanks again for all your help and support.

My uterus is heart shaped too, its bicornuate. That is why my daughter was in a weird transverse position and never would go head down. I am so glad that your sister had what seems to be a fairly good csection. I am so glad htey allowed the baby on her chest that entire time. for a 45 min suturing, they must have sewn her up really well!
I hope she has a wonderful baby moon and glad she was able to be with her baby right away.

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