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Feb '08 Mamas - they're turning 2

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That's right, we cannot deny it any longer. Our little babies are turning 2 this month. Toddlers no more! Some of them already have new babies in their homes (Sarah Lynne - great pictures, thank you for posting!).

Some of them are almost done with teething (we have the last 3 coming in right now, hallelujah).

I think they are all running around, some of them are talking, and they are all keeping us entertained and busy! Welcome to the TWOS, everyone...Happy February!
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LOVE hearing about the new babies!

We were up most of the night with a sick, unhappy kiddo. Not sure why she was soooo unhappy, but she was just sobbing all night long. We are all 3 exhausted! Hoping she takes an early nap.

Other than that, baby seems to be growing & kicking and moving all around, which is fun. I'm still getting a decent amount of the sick - hoping it ends soon. 22 weeks with DD...hopefully I have less than 5 weeks of nausea left!

Oh, too tired to think. Back to work.
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Aww slgt, I wish I could wisk your morning sickness away. Hopefully your DD is feeling better soon.

Welcome mamalove!

Sarah Lynne, I probably won't get to see those pictures til this weekend (can't get on myspace here at work), but I'm sure she's a precious little gal!

Rynna, stop getting sick! That's an order! Heh. Hopefully you will feel better soon.

We're definitely cutting teeth here, and we've got the snotty nose to prove it. My nephew turns two tomorrow, which means there's 3.5 weeks til DD's birthday.

And in big kid news, DH is taking DSS to the doctor because he banged up his knee playing football yesterday, its a big swollen squishy mass. Hopefully it won't be too extreme to fix it.
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Day two of the cold is ickier than day one was, but it's still not that bad. I'm about to go pour saltwater up my nose, and I'm going to try not to talk too much today because losing my voice sucks. I'm also going to try to take it easy today so I don't get too much sicker, and so I don't infect the children (if it can be avoided at this point).

I'm in a rotten mood because I need to send my computer back to Dell for repairs, and because I need to buy an external hard drive which I cannot in any way, shape, or form afford. This SUCKS, but I can't put it off anymore. One of the hinges of my laptop has completely snapped itself out of position. I mean it's totally fubar. The thing about this that pisses me off most is that it was supposedly repaired before. I told the guy I talked to last night that ALL of the plastic, at least, surrounding my screen needs to be replaced. It needed to be replaced the first time, but they apparently just opened it up and screwed the hinge that was already there back in. Morons. It needed to come out then, it was totally screwy. This time it just went CRUNCH and the whole thing popped right out of the plastic when I closed it.

But yeah, they're going to wipe my entire bloody drive. Now I need to manifest about $90 in the next day and a half or so. I'd feel more optimistic about this if I wasn't trying to keep myself from getting REALLY sick right now. Blargh.

There's a new Facebook meme going around where you type your name into urbandictionary.com and post the first result that comes up. There are, as yet, no entries whatsoever for my name, but a friend of mine created one last night that had me rolling-- no mean feat, considering that I had just learned about my pending hard drive failure. I'm trying to talk him into posting it to the site.

Okay. It's time to neti. Have fun, and Happy Birthday, February Babies!!
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I can't believe it's February!! January loomed soooo big in my mind, waiting for Holly's birth, but I guess since she was born at the tail end of the month it makes sense that I'd turn around and Robin's birth month would be here. Holy crap!!

Yesterday was a rough day. Holly hates the carseat so when we picked Robin up from daycare she was completely panicked, which set Robin off and led to a really difficult naptime. That doesn't sound so awful but I'm all hormonal and fragile and feeling like a complete failure. I'm absolutely DREADING having to do it again in about 2 hours.
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Lauren, Holly is SUCH a beautiful name!! And I still wish we had named Molly "Robin"...you and I must have similar taste in names! Congrats on the new little one!

So excited about all the new babes, and blissfully enjoying life with just my 2.

CAN'T believe that Molly will be 2 this month...this time has flown by!

Hugs to all!
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Yeah, my wee bean turned 2 on Thursday. Was mesmerized by the candles, and wasn't quite sure what to make of it, so his brother and sister gladly blew out the candles for him.

He's active and curious, and a sweet charming fellow, always flirting with little old ladies on the bus and waving bye to random strangers on bus and on the street alike.

Usually DD complains to me about DS2 grabbing a toy or hitting her or pulling her hair. Or she tells me she wishes DS2 was banished from the face of the earth. For the 50 millionth time. For the first time ever, today DD came to me for help in persuading DS2 to PLAY WITH HER . She actually does enjoy DS2's company after all!

Rynna, hope those baddie germs get unstuck from you

As for me, I'll be visiting my folks 600 km away for Chinese New Year. A short visit in which I must cram in a meeting between the pastor, myself and Dad, because there seems to be a case of elder abuse that has popped up, and my Dad has asked for my help in supporting him. Argh... dysfunctional families... the gift that keeps on giving. I wish for my Dad to stop being co-dependent so he will stop being abused by my brothers
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Hi Mamalove! Welcome to the group, it's full of really really supportive lovely women. I heart this DDC!
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I can't believe that my wee little Trixie girl will be 2 this month! TWO. YEARS. OLD! Holy moly! Adam and I are taking the easy way out and planning her birthday party at a local indoor play place. Heh.

We took Hudson for another newborn check today and he's gained 4 ounces, so yay for supplementation! My milk has come in, and I was able to pump more than I've ever done before in my life, a whole teaspoon full. Trixie happily drank it up since Hudson was sleeping. She asked for more. I haven't started to take anything to help my supply, but I think that since I know it's coming in for sure, I'll start ASAP! Hudson still has a wonderful latch despite being bottle fed, (we initially were finger feeding him) At the appointment today he was weighed before feeding, then after side one (he lost .2 ounces during the feeding) then after the other side, (gained .1 ounce, total loss .1 ounce) so although he's losing it's okay, he makes up for it with the formula, plus he's getting the benefits of my milk. That makes me happy.

Rynna, I hope you feel better soon!

Lauren, I hope you're doing better! I know where you're coming from as I know. (I talk about it in my Jan DDC, I'm having issues processing this birth)

So after Trixie's birth my legs and feet were so swollen, I assumed it was a result of the c-section, but it's happening again! I can make an inch deep hole in my shin.... Normal, right? More water to get rid of it?
It's grossly interesting. heh.
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Dea, my legs only got swollen like that after my first birth (my only vaginal delivery). Actually I got swollen in labor, with the pre-ecclampsia. I was a giant, stay-puft marshmallow mama for a few days, then I spent most of a day peeing my brains out and deflated rapidly. In my case, it certainly wasn't normal but it was an expected complication.

Bear just wandered in a bit ago, and I asked if I could have a hug. "Not from Bear," he said, and closed the door. He did come back in to snuggle with me, but my little man denied the hugs! I can hardly believe that two years ago today, I was planning my "last meal".
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I changed Hollly's carseat from the infant to the convertible and no tears at all yesterday!! What a huge relief!!

By the way, Helen won my baby pool for Holly!! Not only closest on date but eerily accurate on weight/height! IOU Helen!

I never thought I'd say/feel this but I wish Robin were closer to weaning. I'm kind of ready for that. I'm not going to push it, but I will be glad (bittersweetly) to have her care a little less. We shall see. It looks like I will definitely reach my goal of nursing her for 2 years.
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midwife team breakup- help!

Hi Mamas,

Help- oh help!

My midwife team broke up and I am lost. What do I do? How do I choose which one to work with for baby #2? They were both wonderful, skilled, loving, compassionate midwives and made a great team. They are both very different and are strong in different areas- one is more quiet and reassuring, one is more talkative and engaging- one has a lot of homeopathic and herbal remedy advice, one has a lot of nutrition and self care advice. One does a lot of lactation support and the other, a lot of mama care support.

I love them both. And no, they will not get back together for us. How would you choose who to go with? What would you do?

Thanks for your words of wisdom!!!


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Dea- Yea on Hudson's weight gain and your milk coming in! It sounds like you guys are doing well and making it work for everyone in the family- Trixie included!

Lauren, yea for convertable carseats! I'm so glad to hear Holly is happier in the new one. We loved ours so much, Ame was in hers till 14 months- perhaps the longest baby in history to stay in one- but she was a small fry...

We can't believe it has been nearly two years!!

Take care everyone,

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mishaj, that sucks about your midwives! I'd go for the one who will give you the most emotional support. You have already done this so you know a lot already, and if you need to learn more you can always ask here or search it out, or I'm sure you know it already. (regarding supplements and nutrition) I feel that the emotional support is much more valuable, although I am just coming off of a birth and feeling a little sensitive myself these days.
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Originally Posted by mishaj View Post
Hi Mamas,

Help- oh help!

My midwife team broke up and I am lost. What do I do? How do I choose which one to work with for baby #2? They were both wonderful, skilled, loving, compassionate midwives and made a great team. They are both very different and are strong in different areas- one is more quiet and reassuring, one is more talkative and engaging- one has a lot of homeopathic and herbal remedy advice, one has a lot of nutrition and self care advice. One does a lot of lactation support and the other, a lot of mama care support.

I love them both. And no, they will not get back together for us. How would you choose who to go with? What would you do?

Thanks for your words of wisdom!!!


That's a tough one...since I just gave birth I'll go from my perspective. I like it quiet when I birth. I like to focus in and not out. So I personally would do better with a quiet, reassuring m/w. If I was one who liked being distracted from the labor and did better that way I would go for the talkative one. The other stuff is just bonus to me. I need to know what is best for me in the most critical moment of our m/w- client relationship (i.e. labor and delivery)

Good luck choosing!

We're doing well here. Tristyn only lost 4 ounces from Saturday to yesterday. She's got a little yellow in her color, but I know it'll be gone shortly. Holy Cow utters! My milk came in with a vengance yesterday. I would have put myself in the F/G bra size yesterday if I had to guess. Thank God Steven is nursing because poor little Tristyn struggles with my overactive letdown. If I feel over full I just pop Steven on and he takes off the edge and paves the way for the little miss to nurse without choking.

It hasn't been until today that I realized just how big Steven has gotten. He has literally overnight become this child that just 4 days ago didn't exist. Its also as if a fog has lifted because I, all of a sudden (as in the past 4 days,) have started understanding what he is saying when he talks. Full sentences that are totally relavent to the moment...it makes me wonder how long he's been doing this and my mommy's little baby eyes and ears couldn't see or hear it until the baby tag came off. Now he's my big boy...2 years old in exactly 2 weeks.
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Two years ago right now, I was at Mike's parents' house watching South Park dvd on my computer. I can hardly believe that it's my Bearian's birthday!
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Mishaj, I think I'd go for the talkative and encouraging person. I liked the encouragement and interactiveness during labor. I guess it comes down to what suits you best while birthing? Would you be able to find a doula or other support person who fits the other part of your needs?

Happy Birthday Bear!! Wow time flies by amazingly, doesn't it?? Two years ago today I met my nephew for the first time.

Sarah Lynne, hooray for milk coming in. Just nurse her like crazy and get her in the sunlight (if possible) and she will be fine. As for Steven, isn't it amazing how they can all the sudden just jump ahead like that? One day stumbling over words, the next day entirely clear conversations! It's wild!

Dea so good to hear your milk is coming in. Keep at it, strong momma!

On the toddler bed, there has been much improvement made. Yay! She goes to sleep in it just fine, wakes up once, knocks politely on our door, I nurse her, and she does not protest going back to sleep! So now we just have to see to DH's sleep apnea and maybe I will be able to mostly sleep through the night. DSS and DSD are fine, those kids will sleep through anything. I think she likes her bed now.

DD's picked up something new... if one parent is doing something she doesn't like, she cries for the other. For instance, when I turned off her movie yesterday so DSD could do her homework, she cried and called out "Daddy! Daddy!" Smart kid.
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hi all!

happy birthday toddlers!!!

yay for our littles!!

dea- i'm so glad to hear the milk is coming in, that's such wonderful news! also, i think you can get pre-e after having a baby. how's your blood pressure?

mishaj- i think i agree that you should go with the one whose style you like best in labor. it must be hard to have divided loyalties though, like, whichever one you choose also means you are _not_ choosing the other one and you like them both!

lauren- it's SO hard to drive with a wee little one. i'm glad the convertible is working! and i'm also REALLY ready for weaning but Linnaea is NOT! so, we'll nurse until i'm REALLY REALLY ready and then we'll be done. she also does sometimes go to sleep without nursing which is HUGE but i need to be consistent because otherwise i end up nursing all night again.

leah- that is awesome about the toddler bed! i sure wish i had one of those, it might make the whole nursing all night long better.

in news for us, i got an interview for one university so far (it was really fast) and that means we're heading to oregon for a few days! i'm excited to see the school and talk to everyone but i'm also super nervous. it's a GROUP interview and i'm just hoping i get grouped with some people that are less qualified than i am.

Linnaea isn't really doing anything special, although i am REALLY surprised at her fine motor control. she wants to do worksheets like Lazlo has from pre-school and she holds the pen like an adult (though she's done that since my dad first showed her how) and she colors these small little spaces like a quarter of an inch long _inside_ each shape. at this point lazlo was doing the color the whole paper and maybe get some of it close to the thing you are trying to color.

she can also be kind of obsessive about things like turning over puzzle pieces and clippies, like, turn them all over and line them up and then turn them all over the other way and she'll do it for easily 20 minutes to a half hour. she's very engaging and talkative and interactive with people so i'm not terribly worried but sometimes when she does it curtis and i are like, is this normal? i remember lazlo being focused on things but never for as long as she is and not quite with the same intensity. thoughts?
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Dea- because you are so close to the birth is the perfect reason for you to let me know what you think. I'm so far removed from that now- July seems like forever away so I tend to think about things like- well, practice B has better toys for dd, a bigger bathroom that you don't have to ask for a key for, the midwives call me or e-mail weekly just to check in (even though we have not committed to them), they get back to me on the same day and always make an effort to take my call when I call...

I'm not thinking about midwife A, and how when she turned up at dd's birth, I cried because I felt so safe and in such good hands- that she gave me space to do what I needed, pushed me to keep moving and trying new positions when we got stalled and kept a constant watch on dd's heartrate and took her cues from that.

I'm going to tell you mamas something I've never told anyone- Midwife B- I almost asked her not to come to the birth because her energy was so 'up' and I needed Midwife A's calming and grounding energy. But, we went into labor earlier and never made that call- and she came, but after 18 hours into labor. Anyways- she was amazing, calm, grounded, present and I could not tell where one midwife ended and the other began. They worked together seemlessly, like a dance- and I felt humbled and in awe of B's ability to be what I needed in that moment.

Hubby votes B- energetic, outreach, good new team, constant suport (good toys, good bathroom! slightly cheaper although that isn't a big factor as he values homebirth and refuses to have me let cost enter into the decision)

I'm drawn to A, but I can't quantify why...

Thanks Dee. Sarah Lynne, Playamama, Teenytoona, all the mamas who have given advice and support- I need to know what you think!

Much love, and happy birthdays to all our babes!


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