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Hi Mamas!
My breastfeeding saga continues. It's going well. I can feed my wee guy and I can hear him swallow! He's even puked my breastmilk back up onto me. heh. He's drooled it and spit it out. (I've also accidentally squirted him in the eye) However I can only pump about a tablespoon full, sometimes per side, generally about an hour after he's had his turn. So I still have to supplement. I wonder how I"ll make this work for a year, or more? Or will I be able to stop pumping at some time and will my supply that I've created stay? What about with domperidone, will my supply stay the same when I'm out of it?

I made Trixie some homemade noodles today because she can eat noodles for every meal and I hate that the store ones have nothing in them. So I made them out of whole wheat flour, fresh carrot juice and some of the pulp. She looked at them and told me no. Then I told her that they were Caillou noodled and she's happily eating them up. Heh. funny girl.
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Dea, I'm so glad that you are breastfeeding little man! Don't know if it would make any difference for you, but I found that eating a big helping of oatmeal for breakfast definitely helped my supply esp. while pumping. Drinking a Guiness before bed also helped!
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Hi all!

Dea, keep it up, if you are hearing swollowing you are doing great!!! Many, many women can't pump as much as they can nurse, so don't get too worried at not getting more while pumping. It is good to add stimulation and help your supply though. If you want to know how much he's getting when nursing, you could get a scale and weigh him, nurse him, and weigh him again, that way you know how much he took in. We had to do that a little with Grace, we had so many major nursing issues (different than yours though), but we made it and I had to wean her at 4! You're doing great and even if you always have to suppliment, he's still getting all the great benefits from the milk he is getting from you. It's really hard at first, but it will get easier, I know you'll do what's best for him no matter what, just like you do for Trixie and I'm super proud of you and all the work you've put into nursing him. I'm sorry I don't know about the doperidome though, will you be able ot get more if you need it? What are you using to gauge the amount to suppliment?

I've read through and thought about all of you, but unfortuately I have to go clean the kitchen, it's a mess and it's driving me nuts. Plus I have to bake a birthday cake this morning because James is 2 today!!! That compiled with all these sweet new babies has given me the fever! We'll continue to let nature take it's course and I'd like a few more months to get some weight off (I joined the Y so I am actually making some progress on this goal finally!), but I'm ready when ever it happens now.
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Happy birthday, James!

Bear seems to have the cold. It wouldn't be a huge deal, except that he's been sobbing hysterically because his ears hurt. So he's going to see the doctor just to make sure his tubes are clear, poor muffin. He's not running a fever, but he's far from a happy little camper-- napping whenever he has a few moments of quiet, asking for bottles but then crying because it hurts to swallow... Poor kiddo.
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Happy Birthday Sweet James! (who can chew bubble gum!)

Sarah thanks for the encouragement! I know I'll keep going, I just don't know what it'll look like. I'm sure I'll keep you all posted! Oh I have weighed and nursed him and he lost weight in that nursing session, but we're going back to the newborn club (a thing at the hospital) tomorrow and we'll do it again!

Poor Hudson has a runny nose, and it's killing me. I've tried to use a bulb syringe but apparently that makes it worse. (I was chided rather heavily when I called the advise nurse)
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Sarah, good for you for going to the gym! Have fun with it...and with "letting nature take it's course" . And happy birthday James!

Rynna, hope Bear starts to feel better quickly, poor kiddo.

Dea, keep up the great work - you are doing wonderfully! We had good luck doing saline drops with R when she was wee and had a runny nose. Just used a dropper to get a few in each nostril, and then didn't seem to need the bulb thingy.

Hey Teeny, glad to hear that things are improving with the toddler bed set-up! Yay better sleep for everyone!

R was sick earlier in the week with a high-ish fever for 24 hours, and her sleep has been all whack since then. Sleeping long nights, a few long naps, followed by a few days with no naps. ????? She can't give up naps yet, we're not ready for that! It amazes me when I hear of kids her age who sleep 13, 14 hours between night & nap. We're lucky if we get 11! But she's happy and I can count the number of meltdowns she's had on one hand, so there it is.

She is starting to come up with all of these ideas of her own, and just expressing herself in new ways. She's been speaking in full sentences since...18 months? 16, maybe? But is really starting to show her grasp of language when she talks about things in ways that we never have before, putting ideas together and making up little stories. soooo much fun!
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Happy birthdays all around.

Carrie, I didn't see if anyone else responded, but I am sure Linnea is fine. Hillel is very particular about order. Things have their place and he cannot abide them not being in their place. He particularly likes doors and gates to be closed and it is a struggle on walks around the neighbourhood as he wants to close all the open gates not the same, but I am guessing it has something to do with their age and a fancy for order. Hillel also loves to line all his cars/trains up in neat rows. And then comes to bring me over to see.

Dea - that is so awesome about your noodles and getting Trixie to eat them

Sarah, I am with you on loosing a bit more weight before getting pregnant, although now it is more because I do not want to be pregnant in July at what is likely to be my fathers wedding. My brother is also coming out in 2 months with his new and lovely sounding girlfriend and I also do not want to be tied to the toilet for that. (I really suffered with morning sickness with Hillel). Anyway, I am not 100% avoiding falling pregnant, but I am charting to miss ovulation I think I will be ready at the end of summer..... sigh.

It really looks like my dad is going to get married. I continue to be a mix of happy, sad, excited, miserable, angry, confused etc.

I need to start my day already
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Hi everyone I don't want to beat a dead horse about my breastfeeding, but I'm all stumped-- again.
I have a little pain, I'm assuming it's just being engorged, but in the sacs that I don't have access too, because Hudson is boob man and has been nursing all evening. They still ache some. Will the ones I don't have access to (no tracts or ducts) wither and go away? Will they continue to produce something and perhaps grow some tracts?
What is going on in there?
I'm so confused. I"m going to email my doula and midwife and see if they have any super dee duper recommendations for an LC around here.
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Do you have LLL near you at all? The leader should be able to direct you to a LC too. Or do you some some history with LLL that puts you off asking for their help? If not, and you haven't tried, http://www.llli.org/WebUS.html

Hugs. I don't know all the details around your challenges, but I am guessing an experienced supportive LC is your best bet.

ETA: if you do not already have this resource http://www.kellymom.com/bf/concerns/...t-surgery.html
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Sorry, Dea I have no idea on what to do. Wasn't there a BFAR thread in the breastfeeding section? They might have a better idea. I reckon in the end, though, you will be the expert on it. I second the LLL, at least if they don't know they should be able to help you find someone who can.

I love all the birthdays!! yay!

I hope little Bear is feeling better. I always feel badly for him, since he's had such a rough go at such a young age... for Bear (and you Rynna).

Slgt, it's hard the way a few nights of different sleep can throw you off. Hope it all settles out soon!

ema-adama, crikey, I think you're allowed to be that mixed up about the whole dad remarrying thing.

Carrie, I am far from an expert, but I reckon some kids just like to put things in order. I wouldn't worry yet. Oh and in answer to your FB question, I will still be on here. I just can't get on there from work and I don't have time to at home.

Ok, so here's a funny. DD usually wakes up in the middle of the night, comes in to our bed, nurses and then I take her back to hers (where she sleeps with her baby ogre and donkey - from Shrek). She started fussing "mommy mommy" so I go in to check on her. She says "there's a donkey in my butt" (now I have to admit, I had to try hard not to giggle). But the poor thing, donkey was in such a position that his legs were poking her butt. Now donkey sleeps at the foot of the bed. ANd baby ogre is still cuddly enough to sleep with.

Also we have 7 new additions to our household: I got them from someone who's moving out of the country. Also, this weekend we're getting a (black lab) from someone who can't take him to their next apartment. I've never been a pet person, but I'm trying to be Ms. Positive Thinking. The kids are thrilled to death with the fish and will be even more so when they meet the puppy.
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i'm so glad i found this! i'ts good to see all of your updates . i still have a few weeks till Cash is two.. i'm in denial.
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Bear is not the happiest little man at the moment. I wouldn't be surprised if at the end of all this, his tubes have to be replaced. Poor muffin. He's really being sweet, considering how much pain he's in, but he likes it quiet and calm and he's got almost no appetite. The doctor on call phoned in some Tylenol with codeine last night for him, so he did get some rest last night. I'm not exactly keen to give it to him during the day if he's not in *too* much pain, because it will keep him asleep, but I hate to see him suffering. The PA who saw him yesterday said (get this) that I should drip some water in his ear and use this plastic stick she handed me to dig out the wax. I told her he has tubes (apparently she couldn't see them, but didn't think that was noteworthy ) and she said, "Just use a very little bit of water." Um, no, don't think so. I had to shell out $60 for ear plugs to wash his hair because he can't get water in his ears, why would I turn around and do that deliberately? Moreover, NOBODY should be digging around in their child's ears with a little plastic stick. I was so in shock. And when I told her that Bear was in a lot of pain and couldn't sleep at night, she just said it was "the wax" again and once I dug it out he would be fine. We were the last patients of the day, so I just left feeling pissed and thinking I'd take him to the ER if I had to. Thankfully the doctor on call was sympathetic to Bear's pain (he was screaming again by the time the guy called back). I did call the ENT this morning, but they never called me back.

Bear's been awake for half an hour and he's climbing back into bed again. "I want to fweep," he says. I should probably change him before he passes out again.
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My baby boy turned 2 yesterday!
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happy birthday brett!

i'm sorry i have to do astronomy homework, i've read everything, thank you to all telling be obsessive toddlers are normal

teeny- pets are really exciting, i used to do a LOT of dog training/behaviour modification stuff so ping me if you have any issues or need any advice. i'll quickly recommend, how to have a puppy you can live with (i think that's the title) my mom who works at an animal shelter and has been doing dog stuff forever likes that one a lot.

i just have to share my good news, i've been waiting to hear from my first choice school since their application was the first one i turned in on jan 1st. i was asked for an interview to one university whose ap was due 2/1, e-mailed another to let them know i was in town just in case and they wanted to set up an interview (their app was also due 2/1). so now i'm stressed because these other universities want to interview me and i still haven't heard from my first choice for an interview even though they've had my app longer.

so i call to see if they want to set up an interview and the program coordinator tells me that the reason they didn't call for an interview is because they've already decided to accept me!!! which means, not only did they accept me but i must have been in the top of the pool of applicants because they didn't even need an interview!

so, we're moving to oregon!! we're still taking our trip next week and in fact, linnaea's birthday is going to be in oregon.

but, here's the deal, i'm going to be in school for a year and then teaching so i need to NOT get pregnant for at least a few years (if ever again) we're doing really well lately with the timing and condoms but i know stuff happens so send me all of your anti-fertility thoughts you can.
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Hey All,
Just checking in after being absent for a long while...I do read from time to time, but never seem to post! I have not forgotten you all and wanted to wish our babies a Happy Birthday Month! My little Audie turned 2 today! It is so hard to believe that 2 years have flown by already!

We are all doing well. I now have a 14 year old daughter, and the teen years are TOUGH, that is all I can say! We went to high school orientation the other night and that was a shocker! My boys are doing well, they are 4 & 7. Audie has a huge vocabulary and is such a little love! She does have the 2 year old temper, but can be so darn sweet and affectionate, makes up for her 14 year old sister for sure!!

I am doing well, but super busy. I am working full time as a visiting nurse and taking classes in craniosacral therapy. I love it and hope to open my own business doing holistic nursing/craniosacral therapy in the next 6 months.

Congratulations to all the new babies in our group! I can only dream of having another baby, so I will live through your stories! Enjoy them, as you know they grow up way too quickly!

Take care everyone, and I will try to not be such a stranger!

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Popping in to give my congrats to all of our "new" mamas! Hope all of you are enjoying your babymoons!

And a "happy birthday" to all of our babes! Peter will turn 2 next week and I can't believe it. His speech therapy is starting to really pay off; he's using around 20 words independently now! Just this morning he wanted a drink and said, "wa wa" (water) instead of screeching like he normally does - it's really exciting.

All this baby/fertility talk....THREE of my closest friends are pregnant right now, and just tonight a friend told me that I had a "glowing look" and asked if *I* was pregnant! LOL I think we're done with four kiddos, but I guess I don't know for certain...anyone else struggling with this question? I keep going back and forth - so happy to have life getting easier, but I just love being a mom and wouldn't mind doing it again.
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subbing quickly - happy birthday to all the wee ones
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We're having a birthday party for DD tomorrow. We invited 3 families, there will be a total of 6 kids. We thought of it as "a party during which we happen to celebrate Rosemary's birthday", but I suddenly started to wonder - do I have to do party games? Party favors? I don't think any of our friends would put on a party like that, or expect it, but....I'mnew to this! Most of the kid parties we've been to have been just parties with lots of kids running around and a birthday cake at some point. ?????
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slgt- I ditto your party post- we have a cake and some balloons, some gluten free/ dairy free snacks, some homemade fruit punch, cheese and crackers and some fruit. No games, no trinkets, no noise makers, party hats... do we really need all that? if we do-oh well- we learn, right?

dea- have you tried hot showers/ compress/ massage? I'd get that, too- annoying so I hope it goes away fast. I swear by the oatmeal/ odwalla vanilla almondo soy drinks for building a milk supply. G said I had a 5 a day habit, but it always worked to boost me- maybe worth a try? But it sounds like your little guy is drinking and doing well! And it is so good he is a boob man- all that sucking hopefully is letting your body know to keep up milk supply! I never got much pumping and it scared me- but a baby's suck is so different, they are so effective!

We got a positve quad sceen test on Tuesday and I am freaking out. We go for genetic counseling, 2nd level ultrasound and are scheduled for a ammnio at a bigger hospital on Tuesday. Anyone else go through this? DD's results were normal so I never had to worry- now, that is all I can do. I don't know what to expect- does anyone know what happens during these??

This has not been an easy road...

On a positive note- Amelia is 2! Better go clean house- we are having a morning party (oh my...)

Thanks for any ideas on the testing...

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Mishaj, none of my blood screenings were positive for anything, but because I carry a genetic disorder and I've had a baby with kidney problems (discovered during a routine ultrasound) I've done the whole genetic counseling kick. In my case, things sounded more scary than they were. My daughter's kidneys, for example, are a freak accident-- yes, I had an increased chance of having a second child with kidney issues, but it was still something like 1% (or less). With the genetic disorder, it's a 50/50 shot that any boy I conceive will have it, and it's not a huge deal anyway. They actually offered me amniocentesis with Bear once we found out that he was a boy, and I just thought it was nuts. It wasn't going to change *anything* that I did or didn't do during the pregnancy, so I didn't bother.

It was an extra source of stress for me, so I tried not to get worked up about things.
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