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How are you feeling? Are you still gestating?
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Good call Valerie! Excited to hear an update!!!!
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LOL.. Im still here! I went to see my MW yesterday and the first thing she says is "WOW you've dropped a ton!" After checking me she says I am 3cm and 100% effaced.. baby A' s head is lower but she didnt give me a station or anything. So we are just over here guessing away! LOL

Thank you so much for checking in!
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You're 36 weeks now, right? I remember hitting that "magic" number and how exciting it was!
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Yes.. well.. I will be tomorrow!
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Just a quick update.. I lost my plug last night! So hopefully this means Im getting even closer. LOL. I am SO ready!
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Good luck Mama!
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Are you in labor yet, Courtney??
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That's great! I know you're ready. Hopefully we'll see your announcement soon.

Nothing going here though. I'm right where you are time-wise but no changes in anything. No real contractions to speak of. But, I'm also hoping they stay in for 2-4 more weeks. I need more time!
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