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I may need to put ds in childcare. Does anyone have experience (positive or negative) with childcare centers that take 18 month old children?
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What part of town are you in? Are you looking for all day or more of a preschool type thing?
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I live near the airport. So something in the SE/NE would work well. I am looking for part-time ( I think, I do not the job yet).
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I've heard good things about La Luz it's off Central and Eubank.

Crazy, Trader Joes is now selling Whole Grain Drink. It's brown rice/millet and a few other things, so like rice or soy milk.

Oh our exciting news over here, E decided he loves "my side of the mountain" and weighted 57 pounds this morning. Now he was fully dressed including hiking boots but still I'll take it.
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Cools, thanks emans! I'll have to check it out!
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Yay E!

Hmmm..... "Whole Grain Drink".....you'd think they might could have come up with a slightly more appetizing name for it.

jessaroo - sorry I don't have any suggestions, but good luck in your search!

Well, my parents have gone back home and they left us with the nastiest cold ever. Thanks Mom and Dad! We did have a great time though, especially H. They adore her and she adores them.

ETA: need to get some elderberry syrup. anyone have a particular brand of they like?
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I totally meant to comment on E but got distracted by my little booger monster. Anyway, that's awesome for E!!!!! He'll be in the 60s before you know it!
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peace - the kids love the sambucal one at sunflower market
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Thanks, ASF. I did go to Sunflower, but didn't see Sambucol/Sambucal (however you spell it). Although my head is in a fog and it's possible that it was staring me right in the face. I ended up getting the Nature's Way Sambucus brand. The adult one for me and kid one for H. It was on sale at like 50% off or more.

It's kind of frustrating because I finally dragged myself and dd out of the house to go to the store. I needed to pick up a few things to eat too, but my brain just isn't working very well. When I got home I thought of some more stuff that I really should have picked up too. Oh well. I got enough that we're fine for now. Dh is home tomorrow and he can go do the Costco/grocery run for us.
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Good luck, jessaroo. I wish I had some places for you, but I'm clueless on the childcare professional front.

asf - Where do you get the peel-off nail polish? I was thinking of looking into it for C and I knew you had ordered it before.
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we ordered from the koru catalog fund raiser. I have not gotten it at a store in town though...
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Thanks asf. It looks like they sell it at the Anthropologie store at Uptown ABQ. The brand is Sula, BTW. Do you happen to know what the ingredients are? Their website doesn't say...

Sorry we missed you today. We didn't get home until after 1:00 and Z was asleep.
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You're still pretty busy huh? Is your MIL in town again?

M finally fell asleep, I'm hoping she takes a nap long enough for me to shower.

Peace hope you guys are feeling better, when my mom comes to visit she tends to pick up weird sickness that none of us have.
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Yes, we're STILL sick. Though I seem to have it worse than H. My mom was on antibiotics when she came (after 3 weeks of having it) and Dad hadn't caught it so they thought they were ok. Dad ended up coming down with it while they were here and then spread it to us. Now my Mom is on her 2nd round of abx and still hasn't kicked it. I'm hoping to get rid of it without abx, but if it doesn't start to clear up soon I will have to make a dr appt. and see what they can do. The elderberry syrup, echinacea, zinc, vitaimns, etc. are helping - they have gotten it down to a more tolerable level. But it just won't go away. It doesn't seem to be your average everyday cold, so I really hate to expose anyone to it.
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blue - i have no idea what the ingredients are - but i am bad and let C use regular nail polish - the peel off was just supposed to be an extra fun thing and she was like "why would i want my nail polish to peel off crazy lady!?"

yeah, we were home by 1 - we have such a short window to do anything with the pick up drop off for C.

emans - how cruel, you know M loves showers. you are so mean to deny your chiiiiild and take one alone.

peace - ugh - what kind of cold? do yall have a cough?
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The first few days of it were really typical cold/flu - runny nose/stuffy nose, sore scratchy throat, super achy, hot/cold, etc.

Now - neither of us have had much of a fever, only as high as the low 99's if anything. We both have nasty thick congestion that doesn't want to drain or blow out of our nose. H doesn't really have a cough, just an occasional sneeze. I have a nasty wet cough, but at least it is usually productive. We don't really have that achey feeling too much anymore, it's minimal compared to earlier. We are just really tired all the time and the congestion just does not want to let up.

eta: it's been 8 days since we first got sick.
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oh man, that sounds awful! hope yall are on the mend soon!
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peace, hope your better soon! it kind of sounds like what s2 had that ended up with a month long sinus infection and 2 rounds of antibiotics. he actually still has the cough every now and then and he came down with it 2 weeks before christmas! hopefully for you guys, it's much milder!!
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Peace, we have the same thing. Pretty much same symptoms. Started out with runny nose, sore throat, etc.. now it's a wet cough that is worse at night.
So far I've escaped it, but now Adam is home sick with it. All 3 of them kept us up all night coughing. UGH.

Feel better!
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Sounds awful, peace. I hope you all get better soon! The kids were sick and DH has been fighting a sinus infection for several months now, so I feel for you!

Thanks again for the info asf.

Emans - MIL is sick, so she won't be here until next week Since DH had eye surgery, I have to do all the driving until he can see well enough to drive again. Since his appt was across town, we ended up stopping for coffee and pizza afterwards and that pretty much killed the day. I'm trying hard not to schedule more than 1-2 things a day or we all feel too overextended.
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