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Thanks for the well wishes everybody. It's still hanging around, but I'm trying not to let it get us down. The gorgeous weather, sunshine and getting a little bit of fresh air in the backyard has helped.

And for rach - or any other adults with coughs - I have found that doing a sinus rinse right before bed, and also rubbing vicks on the soles of my feet then putting socks on to sleep in, does help some with the post-nasal drip and coughing at night. (I put the vicks on H's feet too, but can't do a sinus rinse on her yet. Instead I use saline drops in her nose, but have to do it a while before going to sleep because sometimes it makes her more stuffy for a bit.)
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So far, I am fine. But the girls have ear infections. The beginnings of ear infections in 3 ears, one raging one in one ear. The cough is just a cough though, lungs are clear and everything else checks out fine.
Thanks for the Vicks advice.
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Hope the girls are better quickly! Ear pain is awful
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Ugh sorry Rach, I'm assuming you are doing all the ear tricks with garlic oil and stuff.

Glad you aren't getting down Peace
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Did I really just see an ad for a new 3-D version of Clash of the Titans? Freaky!

Hey peace, did you ever get a FB account?
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crashing your very friendly tribe, hope you don't mind!

I'm tiffani, wife to mark, mom to lucy and dexter (10 and 8, un/homeschooled so far) and we're in the process of adopting two kids from Uganda. We are currently living temporarily in New Zealand, but are getting ready to head back to North America, and ABQ is one potential job opportunity for dh. We have been hoping to move to California, where all of my family is (dh is Canadian and we've been in Vancouver for the 10 years prior to our last 1.5 years in NZ) but the job market there is slim, and we're in a bit of a rush to move back to the US as NZ is not sure they'll let our adopted kids into the country when I go to get them (that part is a long story I won't go into. s). We have to finalize our adoption in the US anyway, and we don't want to delay going to get the kids by waiting for a job in california, so the job opportunity in ABQ is looking tempting...

I don't think it would necessarily be fair to raise two black children in a town where there are nearly no other black people (according to wikipedia's census information anyway) so I don't think we could make ABQ our permanent home, but we have some debt to pay off, and the incredibly cheap rent is appealing on that front!! after having been away for a long time, I'm so ready to be near my family and friends again, but ABQ seems like it might be 1) a smart financial move for us for a couple of years at least and 2) our only option, as we have to move to the US soon because of our adoption and 3) kind of nice in a deserty kind of way?

you guys seem friendly , tell me what you like and don't like about ABQ, how you think our multi-cultural family will be received, and what neighborhoods/areas we should check out or avoid. after living in vancouver and NZ, the lack of green in ABQ is freaking me out a little. it seems like a neat region, with lots to see nearby, but I thought I'd come straight to the ABQ tribe and see what's what!

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tiffani - this thread is pretty dead during the school year so you may only get a few replies.

I have lived in ABQ my whole life. I love it here because it is super conductive to a crunchy life. It is a HUGE culture shock though for other people. It is dry and hot and the weather is weird and changes at the drop of a hat. There is a huge hispanic population and spanish is spoken everywhere so that is nice. There is a weird mix of people who have lived here for generations and recent transplants from everywhere (like half our playgroup) Life is more...slow? here.

There are a lot of parks and lots of fun things to do(museums etc). There is hiking and camping and fishing close to the city.

If you do move ask on this thread about the area of town. There are pockets of high crime areas right next door to really nice areas. A few blocks can make a huge difference in how comfortable you will be. There are places i feel totally fine (my dads neighborhood for example) where i dont think most people not from here would fit.

Overall i love it here and have opted out of many chances to move with dh's job because i love the food, the culture and my friends.
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wow, I might be able to finally put my several years of spanish study to use! though I think I've forgotten most of it, having lived in canada and new zealand for the last 12 years. we went to mexico a few years ago and I was amazed at how quickly I could (badly) speak spanish again. that would be awesome for all of us.

I'm from chico, ca, so dry and hot is no surprise to me. are there places to go swimming -- rivers and pools and such?

I think financially, ABQ would be a good move for us -- though we have no idea what the job would pay yet, still waiting on that bit...

once we know more, I'll ask about neighborhoods to look at... I'm drawn to the rural outskirts, but it's much easier to make friends and participate in community in town. do you know anything about the homeschooling community there? the HS'ing laws seem good...
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great for home schooling - lots of public pools (a little waterpark in a hotel just opened this week also) - some boating/fishing/river stuff but the better stuff is not in the city but a few hours out.
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Welcome to the thread, Tiffiani! Good luck on the job front and also with your adoption! Hope it all works out for you! I moved to ABQ almost 6 years ago and really love it. It is strange at first to not have much green, but you quickly get used to it. There is something special about this area. If you know what area your dh would be working in, and if you are wanting to be closer to his work, we might be able to better help you with places to house hunt.

Blue - I'll pm you

Seeing as how we aren't quite as active on this thread as we used to be, and seeing as how we are still posting in the Feb thread - maybe we should start Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter threads instead?
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thanks for the warm welcome!

today is a pro-albuquerque day, we waffle on a daily basis. a friend sent us an ABQ propaganda film, and it really does sound pretty awesome in a lot of ways. truly, if I weren't so looking forward to finally living near my family and friends in CA, I wouldn't think twice about living there. I have been worried about the kids we're adopting as well, being the only black kids around, but there was a black guy in the propaganda film and he loves it there and said it would be a great place to grow up, so that made me feel better. If we need to move in a few years, so be it, but the chance to actually own a home (my husband is in the film industry -- any Sony mamas here? -- and we're ALWAYS in the most expensive cities around) and have a bit of land or a pool or dogs or even horses or just some space of our own... pretty tempting!!

I think the Sony building is "downtown" somewhere... we'd likely just rent an apartment nearby until we found where we really wanted to be... is there anywhere we could live that's a little bit greenish, where we could have a bit of land, but within 20 minutes of downtown?
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Tiffani, one think you'll come to appreciate about ABQ is how it doesn't take long to get around town. Almost everywhere is within 20 min of downtown. Seriously, even the furthest reaches of the city will be no more than 25 min - 30 min or so of downtown.

Forgot to add the greenish part. . .there are some sorta greenish parts around the river (Rio Grande), but those tend to be large lots with room for horses and other animals. The only real green part I can think of is in the North Mountains (on the other side of the Sandia Mountains from ABQ), like Cedar Crest. It's beautiful up there almost like another world. It's a straight shot on I-40 to get to/from downtown and while it will take more than 20 min or so, it shouldn't be too much longer. . .like 30 min maybe? I don't drive that way much so it's hard to say, but they've recently redone that stretch of I-40 and traffic now flows pretty smoothly through there. If you like green, that might be a good compromise.
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thanks for the info! we're having fun looking at ABQ rentals and real estate (even though we're not in a position to buy... the cost of buying seems so much more in reach than everywhere else we've ever lived or considered living, so it's more fun to at least look) but still don't know what we're doing...

it's good to know what areas to look in though. anyone have a favorite area? we want a yard we can have a garden in, maybe a dog... grass would be nice. are there areas that are walking distance to downtown or funky areas with a library or pool or something fun with older homes, mature trees, etc?
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Hi, welcome.

I have a nasty head cold so parden the foggyness. It's an intresting place to live, we are transplants and it was a MAJOR shock. I won't lie I still miss seasons, rain, grass, water..........

It is very much live and let live here, which is a nice draw for us. Your kids won't stick out any more than mine do (just in an opposite way).
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Older homes, mature trees, funky area - that would be the Nob Hill area and surrounding area. It's really cool around there, but pricey. Worth checking out though because I know some people have stumbled on some good deals. But there are other pockets all over town. As Leila said, the biggest areas of trees and grass are along the river - Rio Grande and Los Ranchos areas. That's not to say you can't find a house with some grass and trees anywhere around town, they are just not as plentiful and probably won't be as "green" as you are used to. At the moment, I can't think of anything that's within walking distance to downtown. Don't know that specific area very well as far as housing goes.
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Hello Ladies,
I have been living in the Abq area for almost 3 years now. I am originally from LI, NY and spent 1 year in Portland, ME and 9 years in Denver, CO prior to moving here. NM captured my heart & here is where I belong.
I'm 35 and TTC #1 as well as being a F/T student at CNM and caring for my myriad pets and partner.
I just wanted to introduce myself & start making friends.
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Welcome Granolafish and Tiffani!
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Welcome Granolafish!
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thanks so much for the welcomes!!
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ok, you knew it was coming...

I don't really put much stock in these statistics, knowing that often crime is isolated to certain areas/demographics, and not necessarily indicative of a city as a whole, but what's all this I read about Abq having a high crime rate? It's not on any of the lists *I* can find, but then I read it's #3 in the US for crime? how do you ladies feel about the levels of crime there?

thanks again!!
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