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best babywearing option for long hikes/travel?

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We're currently using a homemade maya ring sling which I love and works great for short (e.g. under an 1-3 hour) walks/hikes but I am looking for something which we can use this summer for much longer hikes when DS is older (he will be 6-9 months)... We are planning on doing 5-7 hour days in the mountains.. . and lots of camping..

but I'd like to buy something we can use for everyday babywearing as well as hiking.. is there anything out there like this?

The ring sling really starts to hurt my shoulder after a few hours, so something which puts the weight on my hips and evenly on my shoulders would be preferred ..

I have been looking at the babyhawk mai tei (the Oh Snap! version) as well as the ergo and ergo sports.. .


DH is 6'2 and 180lbs.. , I am 5'8 and 130lbs.. . DS is in the 98% for everything so I expect him to be quiet heavy by summer. .

I posted a similar question a while back which I received some super helpful answers but now that I have narrowed down our options a bit I was hoping to get some feedback from the experts
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I think the Ergo is a good choice. I also like the Pikkolo (w/waist belt). My Freehand Mei Tai is nice as well. I think that you'll be fine with any of those choices. The problem is that there are so many. I'm not familiar with the Oh Snap or Ergo sport. My DH likes all of them as well. Some say the Ergo's back is too low if your kid leans out but that's all I had with DS 1 and it was great!

The mei tai is the most adjustable and you can get the Pikkolo's waist support belt which will fit any mei tai but I tend to grab an ssc when I'm hiking.

The Ergo does have a nice little pouch attached to it and you can get an optional backpack that has a water bottle holder - I have a klean kanteen holder sling thing that I strap under the carrier and can fit a diaper change in the small pouch but that's it. I didn't buy the backpack but wish I had it.
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We have the ergo & love it. I can wear ds for hours & hours (he's almost 30lbs now). I just purchased the backpack that attaches to it recently & so far like it.
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My LO is 6 mo. and 20 lbs. We have an Ergo which I like but don't LOVE. I actually prefer it for front carry than back carry. I feel that the back carry option with the Ergo puts the weight much lower on my back, which, after 2 hours is too long. I do use a Moby wrap around the house for a high carry. I prefer this and my LO likes the high carry better b/c he can see out. I am looking for a more sturdy comfortable carrier for hiking and gardening specifically. Spring and summer are coming soon and we will be active!
Here is a link for a company who makes their carriers here in the US. Don't know if that is a concern but the Ergo is made in China.
another frame carrier I have been looking into is here:

Good luck!
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We have a Beco we use for extending walking.
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Another vote for the Ergo. When DS1 was a little younger we had no problem putting him in that for much of the day when we would go to places like the zoo. That is DH's favorite carrier as well.
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the ergo is made in china?
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My babies were huge and I used a Storchenwiege wrap. We traveled overseas and hiked 8hrs at a time with 1yo daughter strapped to my back. I also was able to easily nurse her in the wrap and she could nap in it. Having owned every type of carrier (not every brand, of course) I can say that the wrap was by far the most comfy and practical. Not to mention, it is gorgeous and we still use it as a blanket, fort, shall, etc, now that my youngest is 5.5yo. I can still carry her in it but haven't done that in a while.
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We love our Maya-Tie for long days of babywearing. DD2 will be 3YO in one month, and she still drags it out when she wants to be slung. Both DH and I can wear it comfortably, with plenty of room for adjustment.
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the ergo is made in china?
They have full disclosure of this and the condition of their factory site on their website... http://www.ergobabycarriers.com/baby...ategory/about/
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I would def. go SSC for the great support. For a tall kiddo, I opted for an angelpack/beco over ergo b/c the body is several inches taller. I found that vital for my toddler so she couldn't lean enough to throw off my balance.
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I found the Ergo comfortable but it got pretty hot.. the body is heavily padded and thick. I loooove wrapping but an SSC will probably be more convenient for hiking and camping, and it allows for a little airflow between you and baby so will keep you cooler than most wraps. Is there a store near you that sells Ergos or Becos that will let you try them on before buying, or a local BWing group that has carriers you can try? Either of those would be a good place to start so you can get an idea of what you like. There is a mind-boggling number of different SSC brands that all have slightly different body sizes, waist and shoulder styles, etc... so if you don't like the Beco or Ergo there are definitely other options if you search for them.

If it's going to be warm, you might consider finding an SSC with a solarveil panel to keep you and your DS cooler. Bamberoo makes awesome mei tais and SSCs with solarveil panels, but you may have to do some searching to find one (like many of my favorites, they're made by a WAHM who does custom slots, she occasionally has in-stock carriers but they typically sell out pretty quickly). Check out the FSOT board on thebabywearer.com if you don't mind used carriers, you can get some great deals there. You can also put up a post in the In Search Of forum on TBW, but you have to meet a 30 days/30 posts membership requirement to access it.

Another option if you're looking for a carrier that's easy to buy new: a solarweave Connecta (here: http://www.connectababycarrier.com/c...php?category=2). You have to buy the lumbar support separately for the Connecta, and I'd probably spring for it for a big baby/long periods of wearing.

Olives and Applesauce is another brand that I've heard wears similarly to the Ergo, but it's prettier and the body is not so thick. You can buy through O & A directly or through one of the vendors linked on her site.

HTH some! I'll come back if I think of anything else
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I love, love, love my Boba carrier so much. It is awesome for hiking! It is similar to an Ergo but has foot straps for your LO's feet and IMO much better back support. It is made by the Sleepy Wrap folks. Here's the site:
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I have an Ergo and a Babyhawk. I prefer the Babyhawk because it's easier to share with DH (nothing to readjust even though I'm small and he's tall) and DS sits higher in it which is more interesting for him in the back carry and more comfortable for me. Plus, I think it's cuter!
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