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To all Babywearin' MT mamas!

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Well as far as I know, the BabyWearers of Bozeman is the only babywearing group in all of Montana. If there are any others, I would LOVE to hear about you! Right now, we would love your help if you are willing.

Please read about this fundraiser hosted by Sakura Bloom ringslings.

We would love to win a "box full o' slings" from Sakura Bloom which would actually be dispersed among other groups trying to form in Montana. Even if the BabyWearers of Bozeman doesn't win, Sakura Bloom is still donating 60 slings to each babywearing group which is a wonderful way to spread the love!

You can also visit our blog to see what we are all about! http://bwbozeman.com

Thank you so much for your help!
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There is only two days left of this fundraiser. Thank you to those who helped support our group.
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