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When I told my midwife (she had just arrived and hadn't checked me at all) she said in a loud voice, "well push woman, push" I was nearly crying in relief and DD2 was out very quickly after that!

It was fast and quick and overpowering. I was lost in the moment which never happened at the hospital. My DD2 didn't cry at birth just made a few noises to say hello and latched on.
We had some very similar experiences with our births. I had been secretly pushing with each contraction before the midwife arrived. I didn't tell anyone because I was afraid it was wrong...but it felt SO GOOD!! When the midwife arrived - about 10 minutes before DD was born - I told her I was pushing. She said "OK". I said "Do you need to check me to make sure it's ok?" and she said "I can if YOU want me to. But I think you should just trust your body." It was all the permission I needed. My labor too was very fast and overpowering. I totally got lost in the moment and surrendered to the whole thing. Amazing. From start to finish. Amazing.
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WOW! I am loving hearing all these snippets of your HB experiences. I have to say one of reasons I'm so excited to be pg again is to have a HB. I've had 4 hospital births (inductions, pitocin, 1 episiotomy, 1 forceps, internal monitoring, external monitoring, 4 epidurals flat-on-back hospital bed deliveries with timed pushing.

I would love nothing more than the chance to do the exact oppositve of all that. I would love to be in my own bed when it's all done and sleep with my baby next to me, not in a plastic box next to my bed. I'd be so happy NOT to have nurses coming in ever 20 minutes and waking me and a baby up to "check us". I'd be delighted to eat my own food whenever I want to. I be thrilled to avoid any and all unnecessary intervention. With the going rate of c-sections in the US and 4 vaginal births so far, I'm sure in the hospital's eyes, I'm over due for my c-section!

My DH and I watched the Ricki Lake movie and less than 1/2 way through it we were hooked on the idea of a HB if we were to get pregnant again. When those statistics are presented to you, how can you NOT be?

We have a brand new master bedroom and master bathroom suite (that my DH singly handedly build from the ground up) and I would LOVE to have the memory of labor and delivery in OUR space.

Thanks sharing everyone - very powerful words!

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I loved not having to go anywhere. Walking to the car and sitting in a car would have been hell. I loved eating and drinking as needed, and not being checked for progress unless i wanted to be. I loved watching the birds. I loved my own music, and I loved not worrying about anyone but myself.
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i loved being i complete controll at all times. everything was as blissfull and calm and tranquil as i wanted it to be. i could just let those wonderful sensations take over and really give in to them ... everything was perfect!!!
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It was laid back and simply being at home. The experience itself was not 'amazing,' though. It was too short for it to be amazing (if amazing means beautiful/serene, etc.) I only recall having about 10 contractions once active labor kicked in, 5 of which occurred right before his birth. From the time active labor started to birth was 15 minutes and only about 1 minute of really intense back to back contractions (those 5).

I had been hanging out at a stretchy 4-5 cm and 80% effaced for a week. We knew to expect a fast birth, but not that fast. There really was no 'labor.' It was just a birth. Went from 6 cm, 80% effaced w/swollen cervix and -2 station to birth in 1 minute. Those contractions were coming about every 10-15 seconds. Absolutely bizarre and chaotic.

It was a classic case of maternal-fetal ejection reflex. My body just heaved him out.

The experience was amazing in how it played out. It was absolutely crazy. Quite the experience and I was on a high for a couple weeks following his birth. It took some time to process, though. I still am processing it. My midwife had never seen anything like it and her intern was shocked. I can't wait to do it (give birth) again. My only hope is that I make it to the tub in time.
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