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Anyone used this? Can you give me any info on how it worked for you?
At about 6 weeks, my WONDERFUL breastfeeding son started crying at the breast and carrying on. We tried for another 7 weeks to keep him at it. It ended up that we were spending his entire awake time trying to give him a full feeding and he wasn't getting it. At 13 weeks, I caved and started supplementing. DS is 5.5 months now and I still get to breastfeed him some, and I pump as well. He seems to be over whatever it was and I was looking into Domperidone to help up my milk supply a bit more. I work full time, so I can't just nurse him on demand constantly. I don't expect to go back to a full time breastfeeding situation, but if I could get my supply up enough to drop some of the supplementation, that would be great. Anyhow, was hoping to find some real life experiences with women who've tried it. Please let me know!
Thanks Rebecca
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I've been using it since my son was about 7 weeks old. I currently supplement about 6-8oz a day with an SNS. Just taking the dom isn't a magic cure. You still need to fit in pumpings and nursings to stimulate your breasts.

For me, it's very worthwhile. If you order, get a good supply so you'll be covered in case of shipping delays.
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Hi, I was interested too. Where did you order from? My midwife told me I'd have to order from Canada. I've tried everything and nothing is helping! Thank you!!
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Thanks so much! My lactation consultant told me to order from inhousepharmacy (dot com). I saw in the faqs about domperidone that site is listed also.
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I tried Domperidone after I went back to work when my daughter was six weeks.  Before that though I tried motherlove more milk plus, fengreek and blessed thistle and they worked but I didn't get the results like I did with domperidone.  I started taking three pill 3X's  a day and saw an increase after a week.  I ordered mine from www.clickremedy.com at $15.00 for 100 (motillium) blistered pack.  It takes about two-three weeks for them to arrive.  I would re-order after a week and half if you decide to stay on them.  The only side effect I saw was weight gain which I hated but from my research not everyone gains weight from it.  I did a lot of research over the internet to make sure this was safe to take and researched the possible side effects.  I don't like that I gained weight from taking the domperidone but I'd do anything to supply my baby with my breastmilk instead of formula.  It really does work. 

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Hi Momma,


I don't have a real-life experience with domperidone but I just did a research paper on it!  The studies that have been done were on pumping mothers of preterm infants though.  The mothers in the domperidone group had 44.5% increase in milk supply within 7 days and the placebo group had a 16.6% increase.  Studies have also shown that domperidone transfers into BM is very small amounts.  So it was concluded that it is safe for babies.  


Domperidone is a dopamine blocker.  When dopamine is blocked, prolactin surges.. thus increasing milk supply!


Report back on how it works for you!  I am interested to hear!  Good luck :)

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I am currently taking it. I had adequate supply until I went on a hormonal therapy for something else.  For me the dom worked over night, I mean, instantly I was having enough milk again.  I actually hardly ever take it 3 times a day as prescribed and still have plenty.  I pumped 6 oz in one sitting at work yesterday.  That's amazing to me.  However, my LC did say that her experience with it is that for some women it works and for others it doesn't.  So I feel like I'm one of the lucky ones. 

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