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Help me with my tooth!!

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So I am stupidly uninformed about dental things. Stupid stupid stupid.

I went to the dentist shortly after giving birth to my son, 6 months ago. I had my first (of my entire life! probably from all the puking while pregnant even though we follow a TF diet) cavity on the top of one of my molars. I am very natural with everything, but I guess since I had never had a cavity I didn't know anything so I stupidly just let them fill it- with an amalgam.

Which I am guessing was NOT a good idea because I probably gave mercury to my wee nursling, right? Ugh. They didn't even tell me what they were putting in. I should have known better with how informed I am about birth procedures.

So... I have not been able to chew on that side of my mouth since they put the filling in. I went back once and they "adjusted" it and still... I can not chew or I get a sharp pain. I can definitely not put hot or cold on it either. I have to brush my teeth with lukewarm water. So, I've been chewing on the other side of my mouth, which is not good because that's the side with a tooth that is a baby tooth (I was born without that adult molar) so my teeth don't match up well, making it hard to chew.

So now I don't know what to do. I was looking into stuff and realized I should not get it removed will nursing, but I can't freaking chew and it's getting really old after 6 months, I don't know what my options are.

I appreciate any advice you can give me. Please no flames for my stupidity about all this, I'm already upset enough at myself.
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First and foremost don't call yourself stupid. They probably did the right thing by putting an amalgam filling in there sometimes a composite ( the white fillings) on a molar tooth where decay is semi deep can create more discomfort in many cases I have seen. I think it is the chemicals in it, this is just what I have seen. I was a dental assistant before I became a stay at home mom for a root canal specialist and we saw a lot of that.

I am very natural too but on a molar I would personally ask for amalgam.

It sounds like you may need a root canal the pulp sounds like it is inflamed since you can't chew on it and the fact that you cannot tolerate hot or cold so the tooth is alive but irritated and after 6 months it probably won't get better.

If this is the case don't worry about them removing the amalgam a good Endodontist or general dentist will use a dental dam which will protect you so to speak from the mercury. And upon the final filling ask for composite.

Good luck and I hope this was helpful!
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Thanks for responding!! I think my insurance only covers amalgams. They actually said it was not a very deep one and originally didn't even give me novacaine (but then it started hurting a lot so I did end up getting some). They seemed really confused when I came back in because they said it wasn't even that deep so it shouldn't be sensitive. Ugh. I'll have to go back in one of these days... I've been avoiding it because I'm so frustrated with them.
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If you don't want to get the tooth removed try gargling salt water a couple times a day. It always helps me with mine.
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