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My 2.5 year old nurses anywhere from 2-4 times a day... morning, nap, possible afternoon meltdown and bedtime. I am now pregnant with number three, due in late September when she'll be 3.25. I nursed my oldest through my second's pregnancy and was game to tandem after birth. I struggled a lot physically and emotionally with the creepy crawlies when I nursed in my last pregnancy but my oldest was just a year old and I was very committed to making it work and did. In the end, she self-weaned a week before her sister's birth.

This time I know I am not game for tandem nursing. When this next child is born, assuming my second nursed throughout this pregnancy, I will have been nursing for five years with several years still to go. The idea of nursing two just is not an option for me emotionally and I know that a stable mama is more important than anything.

All this said (and thank you for reading this far) is I am trying to figure out how to lead myself and my 2.5 year old to wean. I want to figure out a path that is respectful of her desire to nurse and my need to end that before the birth of this next child. I think it needs to happen gradually and with as much recognition of the principles of CLW as possible. But I also know, as I said, that for my functionality and ability to be the best mother I can be, I need to nurse this next one solo. She is very verbal and we talk a lot about respecting mama's body and I am able to say on a day to day basis, we aren't going to nurse right now and she's okay with that. I'm just now looking for how I extend that conversation.

I'd love anyone's thoughts or been-there-done-that experiences if you are willing to share. Also, if this is more appropriate in another forum mods, please move it, I am sort of stabbing in the dark here. Thanks