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Still nauseous?!?!

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What's up with this? I'm 14 weeks today; surely it should have worn off by now? I want to get back to being somewhat normal - but I'm still constantly nauseous and exhausted. I'm now definitely in my 2nd tri - calling 'no fair'!!!
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I'll be 14 weeks in a few days and I am still very nauseous too, mine is all day. Some days I start off feeling fine but than it kicks in. I am hoping it goes away soon. You are not alone!
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AT 12 and a half weeks my nauseau has let up but I still have some serious food aversions. I am still very tired though. If I try to do too much one day I am useless the next!
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I was sick as a dog for 5.5 months with my daughter. I really recommend trying acupuncture. I haven't puked once this pregnancy and I rarely have anything other than mild stomach discomfort..
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With my first, I was sick until 20 weeks. With my second, I was sick up until the day I gave birth.

Right now I'm at almost-13 weeks and I'm still sick. Hoping it ends soon.
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I guess I shouldn't complain really, but I thought once the 2nd trimester hit that would be the end of the sickness and tiredness. Naive, I know!

s to all us sick and tired preggo mamas.
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I'm 13 weeks and still sick too. I've lost about 10 lbs. with the pregnancy, which isn't making anybody happy. First time in my life I've actually had a doctor tell me to drink more milkshakes, eat some potatoes, and get some sleep!

I'm hoping there is a light at the end of this tunnel, but I'm also sort of learning to live with it. I guess after three months it is just sort of becoming a habit to force myself to eat, not feel hungry, and avoid any and all nausea triggers. Bleh!
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sorry but hitting the 2nd trimester doesnt magically take away the nausea and vomiting. If only it did! I am on #4 and with 1-3 I was sick the whole time. This time around it isnt as bad and I have days where I feel fine. I am 11 weeks now, but am not anticipating feeling good anytime soon...
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With my first I was sick through 20 weeks. I had a IRL friend who was sick until the day she delivered. Sadly, hitting the second trimester is not a cure all.
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With my first, I had no problems, #2 I was slightly nauseous, this time around at 11 weeks, I'm worse than the other 2 times. I'm gagging horribly when I'm cooking almost anything. Hope it will be over soon, but I'll deal with my cinnamon and ginger candies, which seem to help a bit.
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Homegirl, I'm 14w2d and I puked this morning! you're not alone. But I do feel like the times of sickness are getting farther apart....
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Totally there! I feel like crap! I'm exhausted and have major food aversions! Gagging all the stinking time. Boo! I hate complaining, because I feel so blessed to be pg, but man oh man!

Hoping we all start feeling better soon.
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Yep, me too. But I am having some days of respite, in which I don't puke but am only nauseous, with no appetite. Quite disconcerting for a gal that loves to eat! No appetite, so weird.

Has anyone tried the Hypnobabies session called, "Eliminate Nausea Now!" ? The link is here: http://www.hypnobabies.com/mylink.php?id=4058
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Dry heaves yesterday morning, and I am 14 weeks today.
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I'll be 16 weeks on Saturday and I'm still sick, nauseous daily and puking every 2nd or 3rd morning. With my son I was sick every day up until I delivered him (I couldn't stop throwing up during labor until I got some Zofran in my IV) so I'm hoping this time it lets up sooner. Not really counting on it though, and if it does I'll count it as a blessing!
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