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Very light period, normal?

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I'm used to very heavy periods because of a long cycle, with (sorry TMI) 3 days of heavy bleeding, followed by 2-3 days of medium and then it tapers off. This period started off with brown spotting in the morning, then it got a little heavier but I'd still characterize it as light. I've only used light tampons and haven't bled AT ALL at night. Isn't that weird? I've never had this happen before; not once! I even took a pregnancy test yesterday because it's so weird (negative). I only had two periods between LO1 and LO2 and two between LO2 and LO3 so maybe this is normal (this is my third since LO3). I'm still nursing so maybe that would affect it as well. If this happened to you, did it drag on for weeks and weeks? It seemed questionable if I even ovulated so I was quite excited to see AF because at least that meant a normal LP so I'll be heartbroken if this doesn't even "count" as AF but it has been heavy enough to wear a tampon and it has been red. Right now, I'm on Day 3. I at least want to count this!
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I am not sure about having one light period, but my periods are always light, so that is normal for me. I rarely bleed at all at night, I think it is due to gravity because when I get up there is a lot of blood right away.

However, like I said, one very light period all of the sudden does seem strange to me, if that is not normal for you.

Sorry, I guess I don't have any advice. Maybe call the dr.?
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Maybe you didn't ovulate then?
I had normal length cycle while nursing and I'm sure i didn't ovulate and had a very light period (not spotting, more than that but just lighter than usual, no cramps, etc).
Are you temping? I think when my light period happened about 14 months pp, my cycle was 30 days but my LP based on EWCM only since my temp never really went up, was only 5 days - so I doubt I Od that month at all...
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I'm temping and had a good spike following EWCM. My temp dropped back down when I started bleeding and that would've given me a 10/11 day LP.
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I used to have average flow periods (not heavy, not light) that lasted about 5 days. Once I got into my mid-30s, though, my periods changed to become very light, and they stayed that way. Sometimes I would have some brown spotting before my period was due, and then my actual period would last only about 3 days. I would bleed so little during the day that I needed little more than a pantyliner and wouldn't bleed at all at night.

I became concerned and checked with my doctor. She said it was nothing to worry about and told me to consider myself lucky, so I stopped worrying about it for the most part. I know that I was still ovulating because my husband and I were having trouble conceiving, but tests revealed that I was ovulating regularly and had no blockages or other identifiable problems.

It doesn't hurt to check with your doctor on this matter, but in my experience, menstrual flows can change with age.
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I have very heavy, long periods too, but my first few cycles following the return of AF while still nursing, were very light. I'd have all the symptoms of ovulating and then a very light AF. The one time it was nothing more than a few spots, and another a few days of very very light flow.

My guess would be it's related to your nursing and your body regulating. Mine took a few months, but sadly, I was back to the "big mess" of heavy periods, before I knew it.
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Thanks for the responses everyone! I think maybe this is just how "normal" periods probably are so I'm not used to it. I'd really be fooled into thinking I was pregnant if my temps had stayed up. As long as there's nothing wrong, I wouldn't mind them staying like this! That said, I hope I'm pregnant before the other ones return
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