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I have three kids in one big room. It works okay. I mean, we have unpleasant nights sometimes, where one kids wakes up the others, or all three of them get each other too wound up and they wind up being up too late, and stuff like that. But for the most part, when challenges arise they work themselves out without too much trouble very quickly. I think my kids are closer for being all together. I plan to keep them together until the twins are about 5, and then DS will get his own room and the girls will share. DD1 will be 8 then, and I think that's an age where she might want to stop sharing with her brother. I'm only guessing, though. It might turn out differently in reality.

I have a 5 year old and 3 year old twins. The twins slept with me and DH, or me OR DH , for most of the first year. DD2 moved in with DD1 at about ten months, and we moved DS in there at about 12 months.

I still keep an old crib mattress under my bed, to pull out for the occasional nighttime visitor. Usually this happens in cases of illness, nightmares, and bedwetting.
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We have all 4 of out LO's in one large room together. They are 5, 4, 4, and 2.

DS#2 wakes up regularly during the night and rocks himself back to sleep but the other 3 sleep right through it.

Our new baby will stay in our room for at least the first year and the we'll have to say goodbye to our guest bedroom and split the kids up.

If our kids are having a hard time settling down at night all we have to do is threaten that the noisy one will be moved into the guest bedroom by themselves and the whole room quiets down! The room sharing is working out really well for our family.
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When DD #2 was born, DD#1 was 14 months old; she was woken up by the baby a couple of times in the 1st 3 days, but after that, it didn't bother her. I did take the baby out to be changed in a different room, where I could turn on a light. It's pretty rare for 1 of my kids to wake the other - 1 can have a full-out screaming fit, & the other remains oblivious. I do have kids that can generally be picked up & moved when they're asleep, though, so they're pretty sound sleepers. We do like to run a fan in the room, just as a white noise thing, since both girls, DH & I all sleep in the master bedroom (with the bathroom off of it), & I usually take my shower around midnight, & DH often gets up to get ready for work around 4-5 AM. Anyhow, we've all been sleeping in the same room for almost 4 years, & while it bothers DH sometimes, the girls & I are fine.

We do plan to give the girls their own room together, across the hall, in another 6-8 weeks! (Renovation is under way).
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