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Vladimir Tod

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Because I just couldn't read Twilight. Vlad is a halfl-vampire who's going to school. He's also a total looser. He hasn't been trined to use his vampire skills and is struggling with his grades like a normal guy. He's not Edward (Thank everything that's holy) and he doesn't sparkle and he isn't 183 years old. He's just a kid who also happens to be a vamipre on a journey of self discovery. I've really enjoyed every book in the series so far. Unfortunately I've caught up to myself and have to wait unill Eleventh Grade comes out in papaerback (so it matches the rest of my collection, ya know?) AnyhowI'd like to know wha other people think.
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I picked this up at the bookstore last night because the cover art caught my eye and I read the first couple pages and thought it'd be a good way to spend an evening.
we'll see what happens
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