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Things that are GREAT about a summer pregnancy and baby...

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I saw something like this in another DDC, and it got me thinking. She suggested keeping it marked so in the heat of summer, they had something to remind them of the good about a late summer baby!
Then, our very own MJB made this comment in another thread:

Originally Posted by MJB View Post
(winter ... w[as] awful... maternity pants, maternity sweaters, maternity coats... ugh!)
And I wanted to send a big THANK YOU to MJB for shedding some light on a great fact. I was originally thinking, "How nice would it be to be all big and pregnant in the winter so I can cover up and not sweat to death..." and then you said "maternity coat!"

wow- I am so glad to not have to buy an entirely new wardrobe for this summer babe!

And, I already started to plan my weekly trips for italian ice that will begin sometime in April! woo hoo!

I can swim in my in-laws pool when big, hot and possibly achey.(maybe even during lunch hour some days!)

So, what are some other GREAT things that we can enjoy with a summer baby, despite some of us being in 98% humidity just days before our due dates?
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I had DD in late October in Boston, which meant that she was born during the most beautiful weather here in New England... and 2.5 weeks later it was freezing cold and unpleasant to be outside.

So I think one of the best things about having an early August baby is that I will have 3-4 months of being able to be outside before getting cooped up in the house for the winter!
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Yeah, after having my boys in January and December, I've been wanting a summer baby for years!

I'm thinking sundresses, swimming pools, lemonade, and popsicles for the last 2 months of pregnancy. I might birth outside, depending on our new house (we're moving from Ann Arbor to Louisville in May).

And then for the baby:
-not having to squish a newborn into a snowsuit, coat, or other winter gear
-being able to skip the infant carseat (necessary in winter, IMO)
-learning to crawl during pants weather (for little knees)
-not missing the kindergarten cutoff (this is a big deal for us)
-birthday parties at the park or swimming pool

I'll probably add more as I think of them. I'm VERY excited to have a summer baby!
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I had the exact same due date with my first DD, and I'm pretty pleased to be having another summer baby!

No maternity coat is a huge plus!! No slipping and sliding, brushing snow off the van etc. while pregnant either. And no threat of icy roads during labor!

I think dressing a summer infant is simpler, too.

Christmas comes along at a pretty convenient time when baby is starting to have different needs/interests.

Swimming in late pregnancy is sooo heavenly. True, I'm not thrilled about public appearances in a maternity suit, but then again at least I have a valid excuse for being big!

No bulky coats and boots to deal with for the other kids either, which is nice. And preschool will be starting up again just a few weeks after babe is born, which is pretty perfect.
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I am looking forward to the not having to bundle up a baby while taking it home from the hospital aspect of things. When I had DD in late October, the day she was born was cold and rainy. The day we went home was cold and windy. The day after we got home it was freezing out and our power went out and I had to warm up the truck, bundle her up and leave the house because it was getting cold in there. I also love that I will get to wear summer maternity wear again. I love clothes when I am pregnant (not so much when I'm not LOL). I love doing all the fun summer festivities while pregnant. I feel so great when I am pregnant.
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A good excuse for eating lots of ice cream and fresh fruit! Mmmm watermelon.
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I have never thought about this. To be honest, after being in the South the last few years and being miserably hot when I am NOT pregnant, I wasn't exactly looking foward to being a hippopotmous in this heat. However we are in Colorado this time so it's not quite as bad and....

Swimming actually sounds really nice (yay for buoyancy!)
Watermelon (which is also hilarious to watch DD eat)
Comfy flip-flops for my swollen feet

We don't have AC in our apartment though so that might suck. i picture a lot of cold meals so I don't have to stand in the heat of the kitchen.
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I have an image of me working in the garden during labor. I can almost smell the tomatoes.

(I wonder if that will happen.)
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I love August babies!!
We live by the beach, and FAR better a balloon belly than a post partum beach body.
Sure it can be hot, but I'd rather just worry about me overheating than worry about dressing a new babe properly for the temperature.
You're not supposed to put sunscreen on a newborn, but there's no way I could stay indoors or out of sun all summer- we're farmers and we live by the beach!
My maternity clothes never actually fit me by the end, and I can be in a sarong and bather in summer, not so much in winter.
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Originally Posted by megan sacha View Post
A good excuse for eating lots of ice cream and fresh fruit! Mmmm watermelon.

We live in southern CA & DS2 was born late Sept of the hottest summer weve had in MANY years. I think the hottest day we had was 117, but we had many days over 110 Our a/c broke that year too. It was aweful!!! As long as it isn't that bad this year, it will be a piece of cake.
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DDc crashing...

My babe was born in late July. The advantages I noticed:

It was easy to keep the house warm enough for a newborn during the birth. I was kept cool with wash cloths and fans.

The house was warm enough for skin to skin contact once he was born. We both wore nothing but diapers for the first few days!

When he got a little jaundiced, it was easy to take him outside in just a dipe for a little sunshine therapy.

Less layers on the baby means easier diaper changes

Less layers on me meant easier nursing access

Sunshine helps my mood a lot, I was glad I had it during a time with so many hormonal ups and downs.
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OOOH, flip flops! YES! I won't have to figure out how to get socks and shoes on!
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It won't be in the middle of cold and flu season!

Fall will be coming and it will be so nice to get out and walk off that baby weight before the cold sets in!

I'm looking forward to wearing dresses...I already ordered a couple cute ones from Old Navy!
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~no need to hide the adorable little cds under layers of clothes
~ sundresses and barefeet and braids instead of boots and down parkas and scarves
~from my garden veggies for b'fast lunch and dindin
~ floating around in bodies of water~ lake ocean pools
~ line drying
~ the festering and angry flus and viruses that hold buildings hostage are looong gone for the most part
~ my anxiety is far more controllable with sun and warm weather and longer days

I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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DD was born in November, and I HATED being cooped up in the house because of the cold, and I DETESTED the short, short days. I was going mad, I tell you. I'm so HAPPY! that with this babe we'll be able to stay outside until 8 pm in the sunshine without a coat. And if this babe is like my daughter, we'll need to go outside in the middle of the night, too, because that's the only thing that would calm her down when she really got fussy.

And everything else mentioned. Especially that we won't need one of those blasted humidifiers for the first few months, at least. It will be plenty humid in the house.

BTW, even though DD was a November baby, we had the hottest summer on record in these parts that year, and I was plenty pregnant enough in the summer to be miserable.
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We don't have air conditioning in my house, so I haven't been looking forward to that part. This is a great idea for a thread though, because when I think about it, I really am excited to have a summer baby.

I went through my first trimester during summer last time and I felt like I missed out on a lot from being so tired and sick. By the time I felt better, I was cooped up in the house in the cold of winter. This time it is just the opposite so I get to enjoy the good part of the pregnancy getting out of the house. I'm exited to go to the beach and bum around in a swim suit or sun dress every day. It takes so much less effort in the summer to get out of the house. No bending down to put boots on with a big belly. No warming up the car and scraping the ice off my windshield. In fact, no car period. We get to walk and bus everywhere

I'm also looking forward to not bundling up the baby. Lots of skin to skin. I'm assuming babe will be nakie a lot that first month. Oh, and the house we are renting from has a fenced in back yard that is pretty private. I can see it now, DD playing in her blow up pool and me lounging with my preggo belly in a lawn chair reading a book and sipping ice tea or lemon aid
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What a great thread! I'm so excited now!

My husband and I seem to make a lot of Summer babes, LOL! DS2 and DD1 were both born in central California at the end of July and mid August..sheesh...it was very very hot...like over 100 each day. We lived in an old, poorly insulated house with crappy AC. However, it's worth it, of course.

Our last babe was born June 3rd, 09' and I really missed out on Summer last year! He was very needy that any spare time I did have (he didn't nap without being latched) was to clean up or prepare meals. Sooooo, my usual outside in the garden self, missed out!

I'm looking forward to having him in the pool this year while I float around! Hanging out in moo-moo style clothes, and BBQ'ing healthy stuff..ahhh...lots of fruit and lemonade, and some red raspberry leaf iced tea!

I love putting a newborn on a beach towel or sheet on the grass in the shade, and letting them have their nekked baby buns soaking up the warmth!

I don't enjoy nursing as much in the heat, though...the sweaty boobs and babe wear on me a bit..but, that's what showering is for! I'll take my babes in whatever season I get them!
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My last DD was born mid-September, so it still felt like summer. Here's what I loved.

~flip-flops- I completely wore out my favorite pair
~walks- I took 2-3 a day in the 3rd trimester because it was always warm enough to be outside
~sunning diapers and baby stains out of clothes
~getting outside to help with baby blues
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Thanks I love this thread too! It's my first and I'm living in a new city in Europe. I am excited about the walks, flip flops, less clothes. Good idea pointed out about less anxiety and better moods in summer. Sweet!
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We purposefully planned this baby's summer arrival so that I wouldn't be combining post-partum depression with winter depression.

You all have said my favorite things but for those of us who don't deliver at home... we won't have to worry about snowy, icy roads whilst in labor.

I think summer maternity clothes are cute!
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