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Baby Anya Gisele

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Anya arrived Friday night (41 weeks) Jan 29th at 10:38 pm. She was 9 lbs 3 oz 21". The two weeks before her arrival seemed to take FOREVER, but I was blessed with a super short labor and second beautiful home birth -- 1.5 hrs total (quite the opposite of my 1.5 days of labor with my first). My sister who is a midwife in training arrived 10 minutes before Anya came and was able to catch her! The senior midwife arrived 20-30 minutes later. I had only been home for 30 minutes before Anya made her presence (we had been over at my sisters having pizza and planning on watching a movie when contractions started - then began transition in the car on the way home)!
Big brother Vaughn (23.5 months) is delighted to have a baby in the house and loves having milkies again!
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Anya Gisele

Enjoy your babymoon!!
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(BTW, love the names you chose for both of your children!)
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sounds wonderful, congrats!
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/congratulations on your new little girl. Sounds like a wonderful birth experience too.
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Congrats! I love her name!
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Enjoy your babymoon!
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Beautiful name! Congrats!
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Yay! Congrats!
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Welcome to the world, Anya!
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Congrats, Mama!
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Congratulations mama! Enjoy your babymoon!
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What a great story! Congratulations!
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