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Root canal

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my dentist said I need a root canal. I have been having the tooth ache. Finally I broke down and went to see her. She said the only solution is root canal (or a tooth extraction!). I am 32 week pregnant. I don't want any kind of medication and X-Ray! But how can I live with the pain and a possibility of infection for the next 2 months?
Any previous experiences? Advice?
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Leaving an infection to fester, only inches from your brain, especially while pg, does not seem like a good idea. I would do the root canal or extraction ASAP.
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Well, she did clean it up and put a medicated filling in it. Right now the anesthetic is wearing off and it does not hurt too bad. I actually did not let the tooth ache get too bad.
The dentist said she would keep her fingers crossed that it works and I won't be in pain.
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I hope you feel better soon. I've moved this to dental where you might get more advice.
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Ask them to do a pulpotomy (take the inflamed nerve out and place medication) and fill it for now. And ask if you can do the finishing parts (x rays and root canal filling) after you deliver.
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There isn't a reason to xray before extraction really. A root canal they would though.

Local anesthetic if you aren't allergic isn't too bad at this stage. It's much beter than an infection which could cause all kinds of issues. I had an extraction while pregnant.
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