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herpes simplex aka fever blisters - how to treat?

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I am having an outbreak of fever blisters on my lips. I also think I have some around my eyes and on various spots on my face and forehead. I put in a call to my naturopath for advice but have not heard back. I'm wondering if there are foods and/or drinks I should avoid in the meantime.

And NOW I read online that they are very very contagious and I have a 5.5 month old. It said avoid contact with infants. Can't do that!

Advice please! I'm worried and very very uncomfortable physically. Help!!!
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L-Lysine - start with 5000mg a day for a few days, and you may want to take 500-1000mg regularly thereafter. Eat foods high in L-Lysine and lower in L-Arginine.

Melissa Essential Oil (true Lemon Balm) - mix about 20 drops with an ounce of carrier oil (fractionated coconut or sesame or emu...). Apply to sores a few times a day, NEVER redipping. Used neat (no dilution), it can be too strong.

Oregano Oil p73 - can make a dilution similar to the Melissa.

Both of those would sting badly if they get in your eyes so I would use the Melissa even more dilute (one drop per ounce of carrier), or not at all in that area.

I have only had them on my lips and cannot imagine the torment of more widespread sores. This regimen cut outbreaks down to 2-3 days instead of 7+ for me. Icing at the onset of sores can help too.
Wash your hands frequently and definitely before touching your child.
No kisses or face cuddles. As your baby gets a little older, his immune system will be better able to handle getting herpes which some kids will inevitably get from their parents.

Good luck. I hope you feel better soon.
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I agree with PP's advice.

Wash your hands even more than you already do, and try as hard as possible to avoid touching your baby with your face until you are 100% healed (no kissing, which sucks).

If you had the cold sores before your were pregnant, I believe you are at less risk (but not 100% safe) from transmitting it to your child if you are nursing.
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I've never had them anywhere except on my lips, but Herpecin-L works like a charm every time I've had an outbreak. It's available OTC.
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