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any northeast tn mamas?

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hi, i recently moved back to my hometown in the tri-cities area after three years in southern cali. i'm missing trader jo's and the local organic farm. i'm married and have a 19 month old son who still nurses like a fiend. i've recently gotten into traditional foods/cooking. i would love to find a group of friends to meet with and possible start a co-op.
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Hello! I'm here- I have two grown kids, a 6 yo, and a 2.5 yo. We've only been here a few months.

There are at least a few more of us in the area.

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hi, quester! where are you all from?
we are counting the days until the farmers markets start back up. bristol is supposed to have agreat one.
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This is an old thread, but I though I would chime in.  We just moved here from Illinois and previously from Eugene, OR.  Missing Trader joe's too!  DId you ever find/start a coop?  We are just tartinf to find our way around.  I hope to find some like-minded people here!



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Hey y'all,


I just wanted to say keep looking! I know there are some natural minded folks in the greater tri-cities area. I have relatives in Abingdon and have spent quite a bit of time around Bristol and Abingdon — not so much Kingsport and Johnson City, but it's all a beautiful area. Did you know that Barbara Kingsolver now lives in SW Va? Her husband has a farm-to-table restaurant in Meadowview last I heard. I'm sure with the university in Johnson City that there are some crunchy granola types there, too. Boone, NC has quite a few as well.


best of luck!

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I know this is an old thread, but i am Early in my pregnancy and looking for some "crunchy" new moms in the Johnson City area. Just throwing this out there!
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HI Winona,


We are new to Johnson City too and it has been hard to find like minded families. 


I have a (almost) 5 year old, and a 19 month old.  I have thought about starting a "crunchy" moms group in Johnson City to bring together families who raise their children in healthy ways.  IF you are interested or if you want to meet at a park in town, let me know!



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Just wanted to let you guys know that there is a LLL and an API group that meets on the 2nd Sunday of the month which just happens to be this coming Sunday :).  LLL at 3:00 and API at  4:00.  Let me know if you have any questions!



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I will try to gather a list of crunchy mamas in the NE TN area. Some are clients that i have midwifed for (I am a licensed TN CNM) over the years. So, good to read & have the info of the LLL that meets the 2nd Sunday in the Tricities area.

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