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Ergo vs. Kozy Carrier?

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I keep seeing these two compared...I am trying to decide which to buy, and am leaning toward the Kozy b/c of cost. Here are things I'm wondering about and would appreciate if anyone could tell me more....

Which is better:
1- for nursing (how does it work/adjust to nurse?)
2- easy to put on alone
3 comfortable for 20+ pounds
4- puts weight on hips/waist
5-versitle (hip/front/back)

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I've never used the Ergo, but I can tell you about my Kozy...

1. We nurse in the Kozy all of the time...sometimes it's the only way to get my little 12 mo. old guy to concentrate and let himself relax, nurse, and fall asleep. I partially untie the front knot that's under his bottom and the re-tie looser to drop him down. I can then shift him up and tighten by myself easily even when he falls asleep nursing. (BTW, it helps if you anticipate the nursing BEFORE you tie on the waist strap and put on the carrier because the strap needs to be under your shirt if you plan to lift your shirt for nursing.) We've walked around shopping and nursing before and it's pretty discrete...it would be even more so if I wore a nursing shirt so my side didn't show at all

2. I always put Reid on by myself. It's easy, even the back carry. Kelley (maker of Kozy) has directions for putting them in the back carry two ways, but I always do it standing and have no problems. I can even shift him from hip to front without taking him off (or waking him) and have shifted him from my back to front both with and without help (probably not recommended).

3. My little ds is only about 17 pounds, but he's very comfortable to wear front or back. I don't like where the straps hit my neck in the hip carry, but we do it for short periods of time (it feels like the maya wrap hip carry around my neck only his weight is more on the waist).

4. I think a lot of his weight is on my hips, but it depends on how tight you tie the knot under their bottom. If I'm wearing him for a long time (sometimes for a 3 hour nap) I tie the knot across his back after a while so that all his weight is on my hips. And in the back carry you can switch from back-pack style straps to across the chest straps (really not flattering for your chest ) a couple of times to shift the weight. All that said, my back's tired after holding Reid for many hours at a time multiple times a day, but I'm sure it would be more tired if I didn't have the Kozy!

5. Kozy does all three. Additionally, I love how I can have him low in the Kozy so that he can nap and his head is even down in there OR I can have him high so that his arms are out. One note about the back carry, Reid never has enough head support once he falls asleep so his head just droops backward. I think it's because if I put him lower in the Kozy when we first put it on and he's awake he will balk because he can't look around.


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thanks so much for the thourough response....your info will really help me with my decision. Hopefully I will get some more insight on the Ergo too so I can compare. One quick question. When nursing then, he is tummy to tummy, just real low? Just trying to get a clear picture.


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yes tummy to tummy. he's always vertical in the Kozy. I typically use the crook of one arm to let him rest his head so that he can really relax and nurse upright and low in the front position...does that make sense?
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I have both the Ergo and the Kozy and often wear them both at once for my twins. The Kozy is easier to put on by yourself, IMO, front and back carry positions. The Ergo can be a little awkward to put on, lots of reaching and stretching. The Ergo is more fool-proof, though, in that once you get it on, it's generally put on RIGHT. The weight is well distributed on your hips. If you don't get the Kozy on right, with the straps tight enough and in the right place, it can pull on your back/shoulders. It took me a bunch of tries before I really figured it out, and I still sometimes have to reajust after I've been wearing it for about half an hour. I can nurse in both the Ergo and the Kozy, though it's certainly easier in the Kozy (because you can loosen the straps under the baby's bottom and slide him/her down so that the head is in the right spot). In the Ergo, it's hard for me to nurse because I have really big breasts. In order to get the baby's head in the right spot, I have to loosen the shoulder straps a ton, which makes the baby's weight pull against my back. If you don't have big breasts, then it would probably be just as easy to nurse in the Ergo, although not as discreet.

I much prefer the Kozy for a sleepy baby since it has more head/neck support. The Ergo does have this little flap of fabric that comes out and can be velcroed up to support the head, but I've never been able to make it work.

I think the Kozy is more attractive.

The buckle on the Ergo is not friendly towards post-partum loose belly skin. There was a thread about this at one point.

The Ergo can be more comfortable than the Kozy, and it is easier to get the weight distribution right with the Ergo. That said, if I'm only going to be carrying one of my babies, I use the Kozy.


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