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Happy hump day, mamas!!! It's another beautiful day here, although we *really* need the rain. It's been a wonderful week, with the warm weather, lots of bike rides and just being outside

Max- YAY!!!!!!! I am sooooo happy he is well, I pray everyday for his healing, and for you We are getting ready to open up the camper in the next few weeks, can't wait!!

MCB- Wow, I didn't understand a word of that, lol!! I HATED math, and anything to do with math.

ecoteat- Sounds like an unusual deal with Phoebe's eye, I'll keep her in my prayers

Mamabeakely- Sending good luck vibes your way!!

Txmominct- Sorry about the sad delivery, one of my previous daycare moms is a labor and delivery nurse, so I've heard many of the stories Sounds like a fun birthday!!

Alaskaberry- Bummer about the pudding How is your weather??

I wanted to share this blog idea with you all, I'm going to make these as party favors for Alayna's birthday, so fun!!

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Sydnee--those are So. Cute. Wow! I haven't even thought about party favors yet, although I probably should, the bday party is in about 2 weeks! Also, apparently you aren't supposed to lick the spoon when making a cornstarch pudding. How was I supposed to know!

Max--I am making Gytha. Twist Collective Winter 2008. It will be in Cascade 220 wool(Green Mountain Spinnery wool is sooo expensive!). And purple. My sister bought the yarn for me, we are both planning on making it. This is the first of 6 sweaters. Or maybe I'll just end up with 2--I need some decent pullovers that don't fall apart after 2-3 washings!

Amy--eep. That sounds worrying. We'll keep you in our t&p.

Mcb--sending happy finals thoughts to you.

Mamab--Good luck!!!

TxMom--That does sound hard.

It's been in the 50s-60s here--finally! Some real weather! The mosquitos are back too. We went on a nice long walk yesterday, of course I wore flip flops and of course had to go through a giant mud pit. Whoops. Boots next time!

Thinking about the birthday party, but not really sure yet where we're having it (park vs house), or how many people we're inviting. Main problem is that a lot of my friends don't get along with dp, so they want to have a separate party for my birthday. I just want to go get my nose pierced and go to the vintage shop all alone! With no one else there to run out of the dressing rooms while I'm trying clothes on. Oh, not Orion, he's very good now in dressing rooms--but Tucker's a runner.
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Alaskaberry, that sweater is gorgeous! I am impressed!!!!

Sydnee, love those favors! I thought they were real fish at first. That will be very fun.

It's 3am & I'm up w/a coughing child.
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We had the most frustrating doctor visit today. We got in with an opthamologist to try to get clearer answers. Phoebe would not cooperate. She wouldn't answer questions at first about the basic eye exam where she just had to identify pictures. She eventually did some. Then she WOULD NOT put her chin on the eye exam thing so the doctor could look closer. We tried making it a game, bribing, holding her down, reasoning, etc. Nothing worked. It was awful. So the doctor used a different kind of light and lens to get a closer look, but it wasn't as informative for her as if Phoebe had just put her damn chin on the thing. DH feels like we must be doing something wrong if we can't get our kid to do something that should not be optional. I think she was scared and overwhelmed, but that she also just needs to do things she doesn't want to sometimes. So the bump on her eye is not red anymore, but there is definitely a bump. It is either a pinguecula or episcleritis, both conditions that no one really knows what causes them, but things that will clear up, especially with the drops we are using. If it is a pinguecula, there might always be a little bump there, but it won't cause any problems. What a fiasco.

I'm a little frazzled by the whole thing, so I'll do personals later.
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Oh, hugs, Amy. How totally frustrating. Can I just say I feel your pain? Where did my sweet, easygoing, good-natured guy go??? Is it the age? The baby? We have battles over stupid stuff every.single.day. It's driving me insane. I can totally picture DS1 doing something like what Phoebe did.

Anyway. I'm glad her eye thing is nothing serious. Have a nice cup of tea (or a stiff drink, depending on the time of day!) and try to relax...

No time for personals, but am thinking of all the May mamas.
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Amy- Ugh, how frustrating, mama I hope that you will eventually get things figured out.

Marylizah- I'll be in that club too, lol! Alayna makes me C.R.A.Z.Y. I love her to pieces, but honestly, is in a super hard age right now! I am so wiped out exhausted by the end of the day dealing with her whining, tantruming, etc.

Today is my sweet Emma's 7th birthday! We bought her an old pink wrought iron vanity set at a thrift/antique store in town. She LOVES it! It's not a big one, so it fits perfect in her room. Her request for supper was for me to make Monte Cristo's which is her favorite meal. But the naughty mom that I am, I suggested we order out. I know, how terrible of me, but I am EXHAUSTED today. Tomorrow is her friend birthday party, and I need to figure out what type of cake I am making, lol! Then tomorrow night she has her last dance performance. Busy day tomorrow! I think I will sit in the hot tub tonight with a stiff drink, lol....
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Hugs, Amy! DS2 is usually pretty okay in those kinds of situations - but NOT DS1. So I've been there . . .

I just found out DH has to work on DS2's birthday! Rrrgh. We are having a bonfire/fireworks party . DS2 loves those things and will be so excited.

Good thoughts & energy & prayers would be appreciated. I had a rough day yesterday for reasons I don't really want to share in public. But . . . yeah. Prayers.
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Hugs & prayers Mamabeakley.

Sydnee, Happy Birthday to Emma!

Amy, I'm sorry you had such a tough time at the eye doctor. That sounds like it was really rough on both of you. At least if there's a next time Phoebe will know what to expect & maybe you can talk about it/plan ahead of time.

We took our first family hike today since dh's injury. We're going along, having a great time, & come to the big rock the kids like to climb. I'm helping LO on one side. The girls are on top & dh & ds are on the other side. I hear ds start to panic, then dh slightly panicked, "It's OK, I've got you." I get LO down race over, dh had been spotting ds on a very high tricky part & ds fell. To break his fall dh went under him and caught him on his shoulder. Yes, dh who just had surgery & is not supposed to lift more than 5 pounds! He was all, "What was I supposed to do, let him fall?" And I gave him the, "How about not being in that situation in the first place?! You could have just said, sorry (ds) we can't do that climb while I'm still recovering." Men! I feel like I have to follow him around so that he behaves. They are both scraped up, but seem OK overall.
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Just giving us a bump! How are my May mamas doing???
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Sydnee, nice picture!

We do need a bump, eh?

Let's see. I found out this morning that I have a job interview week after next. I must get some clothes that fit! I am at that stage of bf where weight is kind of melting away and certainly nothing from last summer fits! I do not like shopping, either.

DD has a cold, poor baby! The rest of us are healthy so far. MIL & FIL are here this week and MIL is insisting on fixing up our house so we can sell it She's sweet.

Yesterday I found out that a woman I'd corresponded with, a mom of a 7 yo & a 4 yo, a wife, birth activist, and member of one of the congregations I work for, was hit & killed by a vehicle. I'm so sad for her family.

Aaaand - tomorrow is my May babe's birthday! We have fun plans for his party but a hectic work day before-hand - so I hope it all goes well!
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Mamabeakley, happy birthday to your ds2!!! Good luck w/your job interview. i'm sure you'll be amazing. And I'm sorry to hear of your loss.

Not too much new on our front. We attended a family game night at our church last night - it was fun for all. The kids did great, even LO was having a grand time playing Candy Land & Go Fish.

We are having a strange thing going on w/dd(age 6) that I'd love to get your thoughts on. For the past couple of weeks she has been super-sensitive, crying at the drop of a hat, feelings very easily hurt, everything is a tragedy, and always focusing on the negative. At first I thought she wasn't feeling well, maybe on the verge of coming down w/something. But nothing has happened. There is no extra stress going on in her life that I am aware of. In fact things are great at home now that dh has had his surgery. We've tried talking to her about what might be troubling her. She may site an example of something minor w/kids at school, but that's all. (We have good communication w/her kindergarten teacher, so if there was an issue I know she would let us know.) We try to redirect her & empowere her to change the way she is thinking. It works in the moment, but the sensitivity soon returns. It's got us a bit . I do remember going through a phase like this last year, and she bounced back after a bit. She is an very kind, sensitive girl. I think sometimes she just gets overwhelmed.
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Happy Birthday to my May boy, and to Alayna! And happy Birth Day to me and Sydnee!

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Mamabeakely- Happy Birthday to your little man! What are your plans for the day? I'm feeling a bit sentimental today about her birthday.

I cannot believe that our May babies are turning four! Unbelievable. I am so happy and lucky to have all you mamas in my life. Really. I love that you all "get" me, when others don't, lol. I so hope that someday we can all meet, wouldn't that be fantastic??!!!

I just finished making Alayna's Tinkerbelle cake, I'll post a pic later. We are having DH's family over this afternoon for supper and cake. Lots of stuff to get done.

Have a wonderful day, and Happy Birthday to Mamabeakley's little guy and Alayna's!!!!
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Happy-happy day to Alayna & Mamabeakley's ds!!!!

(We love you too Sydnee! )
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Max--this is just my experience, so feel free to regard or disregard. Basically, children's chakras are more open than adults'--that's why they feel things so deeply. It can be hard for them to block out negativity. You could practice with her, how to put up an energy shield around her body. Visualize white light from head to toe, all the bad stuff going from her body as you count to 20. You can do this in the name of God of course. Then when she is comfortable with it, she can put the shield (white or blue) around herself in situations where it's necessary (peers teasing, disturbing situations on TV, etc). I hope that helps.

Happy birthday to Mamab & your little guy! Do you guys share the same birthday too?

And happy birthday to Alayna!
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Max, I have no idea what things upset 6 year olds. I hope she's happier soon.

Happy birthday Alayna and Mama Beakley's LO!

Phoebe CAN'T WAIT for her birthday. I love that she has enough of a sense of numbers that I can say it's in 12 days, and yesterday it was 13. As we get closer she'll really be able to understand a countdown. My parents are coming that weekend, so it will be pretty exciting. It's pretty fun that this is the first year she knows that she will get gifts specifically for her and is making requests--a dress made by me with flowers, polka dots, stripes, and lots of twirling and a toy semi truck that she can put things in. I LOVE the dichotomy.

I made us a new thread over here.
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good afternoon amazing ladies! only thing i have left to do is a spanish final on thursday! i havent even had a chance to open mdc let alone read anything in over a week . soooooooooooooo ready to b done with this semester. talk soon!
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Hoping that this will send an e-mail to all my fabulous May 2006 Mamas!! Where are y'all! Hope things are going great! Can you believe they are almost 5?!?!? Plus fun news, we are going to have #3 in August!

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Hey TxMominCt - good to hear from you! And CONGRATULATIONS on your wonderful news! How very exciting. I am so happy for you. How's all been in your life?


(Oh, and this is the old thread. There is a newer one somewhere if you can find it. That will give you some more current updates on the may mama clan.)

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