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Happy Valentine's Day Eve everyone! We had an early celebration today. Dh & ds came home w/chocolates and flowers for everyone. It was so sweet. The girls loved getting their own flowers. So then I broke out my gifts for the family - candies and a fondue cooking set. I told the kids, "This may seem strange, but you are going to really like it." Then we made a cheese fondue for dinner w/a chocolate fondue for dessert. And yes indeed, they all loved it. It was lots of fun.

Amy, that is so cool about Phoebe reading! That must be really exciting to see. I saw your thread about kids who have already achieved their kindergarten readiness goals, and I certainly think she fits that category!!!

Alaskaberry, I hope your sinuses feel better soon. I get that too. No fun. Heart shaped bagels - too cute. I wish we had some around here. My kids would love that.

Mamabeakley, your sledding trip sounds like it was lots of fun. Ds snow boarding is impressive!

Blue Lotus, good luck with all your organizing. I find it tough to get motivated in the cold bleak weather too.

Mary, how are you mama friend? I hope you are gets as much rest as possible. And please tell us more about your new baby. I'd love to hear all about him. How does ds like having a new brother?

Sydnee, hey stranger! Where've ya been? We miss you around here. What kinds of fun Valentines things do you have planned for the girls?

Have a wonderful day tomorrow everyone! :
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Hey mamas,

Max, thanks for asking. We're doing ok, baby is sooooo relaxed and easy compared to DS1! He takes long naps, he sleeps on his back, he sleeps a lot more than DS1 ever did! When he's awake, he has about 5-10 minutes of being very alert, calm looking around before he melts down and wants to nurse. He looks very different-- he's very fair, with blondish hair and blue eyes, whereas DS1 has his dad's coloring.

He's so sweet, and when someone else holds him (besides DH) he looks for me. I feel like we're starting to bond-- definitely didn't happen right away. In fact, the first 2 days or so I felt so sick and awful and wiped out I felt absolutely nothing about the baby. Even when he was crying. So we've come a long way in 2 weeks.

Other than that, today is DH and my 7th wedding anniversary! I doubt we'll do much to celebrate, but I do have a bottle of champagne in the fridge.

I hope everyone had a great Valentine's day!

Ecoteat, how cool about Phoebe learning to read!!! That's amazing!!!!

Alaskaberry, hope you're feeling better today.
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Happy Belated Valentine's Day mamas!!!!

I haven't been on much because my internet connection has been very spotty, sucks, lol! We are all good, knock on wood but we haven't had any of the nasty stomach/flu bugs here yet. If we're going to get it, I hope it happens soon because we leave for Mexico in 19 DAYS!!!!!

Max- YAY on the test results!! What a huuuuge relief that must be for you! I remember when we were waiting last year about this time for my Mom's test results for the same thing, very nerve wracking!

Marylizah- I'm so glad things are going better for you, make sure to REST! And also remember that it's ok to feel all sorts of emotions at this time

Mamabeakley- How fun to go sledding! We have a small hill on the side of our house that is perfect for sledding, and my oh my, what a workout it can be, lol!!

ecoteat- I'm glad you're feeling better! Isn't it amazing what they learn?! Alayna can write her name and can recognize most letters, but she just cannot grasp learning numbers, lol! We play a card game call Garbage that we thought would help her learn them, but so far it hasn't!!

Alaskaberry- We have about the same temps here, but lots of snow and wind! Hope you guys are feeling better too!

Blue Lotus- Sending you some motivation!! Husg to you!

Samantha- WELCOME!!!

Well, must scoot, I need to finish my daycare kids' Valentine cups, as we are celebrating today. We had heart shaped pancakes for breakfast, heart shaped cheese for snack, heart shaped pizza for lunch, and V-Day cupcakes for afternoon snack! I love Valentines Day! We didn't do anything special yesterday, except cleaned out our 4th level (which is unfinished, and the holding spot for any and everything that doens't belong elsewhere, lol!). We made half the room a storage room, and the other half we laid carpeting (extra stuff we had on hand) and I put all my craft/scrapbooking supplies down there. Now all my stuff is in ONE spot!! I cannot belive how awesome I feel having that done, it has been a depresser for me for about 10 years, lol!
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DD is not too pleased with me trying to work, so that's all for now.
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Giving us a

Hope everyone is doing well. We're on Feb. vacation here, trying to keep everyone busy & happy. Dh is meeting w/a surgeom about his back on Friday. Surgery is pretty scary, but right now seems to be his only hope. He is in excruciating pain 24/7, the poor guy. He is such a trooper too. Still working as much as he can, trying to help out w/the kids wherever he can. I am now needing to do all the things that were always his responsibility - shoveling snow, taking the trash, laundry, etc. - along w/all my own stuff. Phew! It's a lot, and gets overwhelming. But I am trying to stay as positive & supportive as I can.
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Bless your heart, Max! I feel your pain, although not even close to what you're going through. DH has been having stomach issues for about 4 months now, he has had any and every test done, with no answers. So he basically feels sick 24/7. It sucks because he is the positive, easy going one in the family, so when he is down and out, it affects all of us. Thankfully he does have good days too, so it's not like this ALL the time, lol.

I am 100% in Spring cleaning mode! I have my list of what needs to be done in every room of the house so I can do a little bit everyday. Brad and I completely cleaned out our 4th level, which is unfinished. It is basically our "junk room", so we went through every box and put everything into labeled bins, made half the room a storage area, and the other half my craft area. We had some leftover carpet that we laid down, and hooked up an old TV in there too. It's SO nice to finally have that room organized, this is stuff that we have accumulated in our almost 12 years of marriage!! Yikes!! Along with junk came some mice too, ugh We have caught 5 in the last few weeks, DH thinks that a pregnant mouse got in and had her babies, as 4 of them were small, but one was fairly large. I am sooooo not used to this, being a city girl that has never had a mouse in the house before!

Anyway, sorry to ramble, hope everyone is well!
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Ai! I fell and at least sprained my ankle yesterday. DD was in her mei tei wrap at the time and was totally fine. She didn't even cry (I did). I was in a parking garage and two very sweet men helped me get up, walked me to my car, gave me $2 to make sure I could get out of the cash-only garage (I had enough for 1 hour but thought I was over it because of the fall). Then I had to drive an hour to get home (and this is my right ankle, of course). Thankfully, the boys were NOT with us, and thankfully, DH was home by the time we got home. I don't think I could have made it into the house at that point, definitely not with DD. I am home alone w/all three kids today which is going . . . okay . . . so far. I have my ankle splinted and wrapped so I can hobble with a stick to the bathroom, etc., and DS1 is almost 6 and quite capable of moving DD around, fetching me things, etc. Only 5 more hours to go till DH gets home!

I am trying to decide whether to go to urgent care this afternoon and get an x-ray. We have health ins but it's a high-deductible plan so it will cost us if I do. And, as long as I don't move, it doesn't feel too bad. But . . . I guess I will see how I'm feeling by this afternoon.
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Mamabeakley, I hope your ankle feels better soon!

Sydnee, I hear you on spring cleaning! Wanna come help me over here when your done?

We have a snow tubing birthday party for ds today. Wish me luck! Me, 10 kids, and no dh!!!
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My ankle is broken :-(

I am so tired right now I just want to cry.

I know I will feel better tomorrow, though.
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Mamabeakley, I'm so sorry! DH broke his foot a few months ago and he was miserable until he got one of these. He hated wearing it, but it made a world of difference--he was able to go about his regular day for the most part without excrutiating pain. Do you have something like that? Or a cast or something? It sounds like a splint isn't going to cut it, is it?

Max, how did the party go? We were at a party with sledding last week and it was SO much fun. Do you even have enough snow? Or did you get some with the storm last week that was supposed to give us 8 inches and ended up missing Maine almost entirely? (I was really disappointed. We are mostly melted. The ground is soft and is starting to smell like earth again. This isn't supposed to happen for at least another month! ) How was yout dh's visit with the surgeon?

Sydnee, I know how nice it is to have a crafty space of your own--enjoy it! I find the hardest part is keeping it tidy since I don't use it that often. So piles of clothes and toys that need mending, works-in-progress, random bits of fabric, paper, ribbon, etc, end up all over my table and chair. The whole idea is to have a space ready to go when the crafty urge hits!

I'm looking at a late night (again!) since I am not at all ready to go back to school Monday after a week off. I know I'll pull it off, but I'm kicking myself for not pacing out the work I needed to do this week.
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Mamabeakley, I'm sorry to hear about your foot. Take good care mama & get lots of rest.

Amy, the party was at a mini-mountain/"ski resort" place. They have a special snow tubing park. It turned out well. The kids all had fun & were great. Ds was happy and I am relieved that it is over. Dh's appointment w/the surgeon got rescheduled (by them) and they cannot see him for another month! I feel so badly for him. I wish I could just fix it somehow. Our weather sounds pretty similar to yours. Yesterday actually felt like the start of spring - the birds were singing, the sun was shining, I took the pup for a nice long walk. And I am soooooooo ready for spring!! Good luck w/the first day of school after vacation.
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Mamabeakley- Oh no I hope it heals quickly, I can only imagine how frustrating that must be now.

Max- What a fun party! I have to get busy planning Rachel's, her birthday is the 14th of March, and we are in Mexico that week before. She wants a birthday party at the Humane Society.

ecoteat- You are so right, I have an office that has always been the go to for everything so we will see how clean the 4th level stays, lol!

The kids stayed overnight at my Moms as DH and I went to the Mn Gopher Men's Basketball game. Very fun, and they kicked Indiana's booty! We drove down with 3 other couples and they ended up staying here until 1 am, I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Super fun people!
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Hi Mamas!! I've missed you! I am so glad to see so many of the same faces!! We moved back to Texas in June. I am now a L&D nurse, and a certified lactation counselor and work for our lactation office also. We are living with my parents, which is actually working out great. Of course there are the normal annoynaces, but overall it's been wonderful. Clara is so fun right now, she is in 3 day a week preschool for half a day, she also loves that! We are still having potty training issues due to all the regressions, it is driving me absolutely crazy! She was completely potty trained before at 2!!! She is trying to learn how to read, and we are also trying to figure out weather or not we will homeschool. Anna is 15 months old and so much fun! She is so different than Clara! Well I'm hoping to be on a little more since I've missed y'all so much!
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MamaBeakley, so sorry about your ankle!! Sending you love!!
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Welcome back Catherine! So good to hear from you. I'm glad things are going so well for you in Tx. Congrats on your new job & your lactation counselor certification. They are very lucky to have you!
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Originally Posted by TxMominCT View Post
Hi Mamas!! I've missed you!
We missed you too! So nice to hear from you. I'm glad you made it back to Texas--time to change your username!

I enjoyed my vacation week so much, but it feels REALLY good to get back into the school routine. I miss my kids over breaks! Phoebe was excited about preschool today too, but it knocked her out. She came home and slept for three hours before we finally woke her up and she's been groggy ever since.
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Cool! I just found this thread!
My dd is a 5/16/06 baby!
So, hello and I hope this thread keeps rolling!
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Welcome, kgianforti! My dd is just one day older than yours. We've been keeping threads going for 4 years now (WOW! I've "known" some of you a pretty long time!), so we'll surely stay at it. We love hearing from new May Mamas! Tell us about yourself. Do you have any other kids? Am I the only one here now with an only?
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Hi mamas!! Welcome to our new mamas, this is an amazing group of ladies!! I was wondering if any of you have made any school decisions, I really want to homeschool but I will be working at least part time probably full time! Clara loves preschool, but I think she is pretty gifted and school might get boring. DH and his siblings did not do well in public schools. Any ideas? What are y'all doing?
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Hello May Mamas.

Welcome kgianforti. Our dds share the same b'day.

Catherine, we go the public school route. I have found both a fabulous co-op preschool and an amazing charter elementary school. I feel like the uniqueness of these schools really helps me to feel comfortable w/their school & home environments meshing. If I only had one or two kids, I would seriously consider homeschooling. But w/4, I truly do not think I could meet all their needs. So far, I've been very happy w/their school experiences. Although, at some point we do have a family goal of homeschooling for a year and going on a cross country RV trip!
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