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Hi - sorry my message was short but my house was a bit crazy at the time!

I have two dds - my 5/06 girl and my 15 month old. We also homeschool and plan on continuing for as long as we can! My girls keep me very busy, I do have to say that!

Glad to find this board!!

ecoteat - haven't I seen you on the Parenting The Gifted Child board??
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Originally Posted by kgianforti View Post
ecoteat - haven't I seen you on the Parenting The Gifted Child board??
I poke my head in there from time to time. Which connects to Kathryn's question (or is it Catherine? I can't remember now.)...

We'll probably have Phoebe go to public K. She's at a Waldorf-inspired preschool and LOVES it. I fell in love with the local K-8 Waldorf school years ago and always imagined the possibility of being a parent there, but I don't think it's the best fit for dd. I think she'd really get a lot out of it, but the pace for how literacy is taught would probably frustrate and/or annoy her, if she's anything like dh and I were in school. So she'll probably go to the school I teach at. Our K isn't perfect, but the teacher truly adores all of her students and is excellent at academic differentiation. She's not the most creative teacher out there, but if Phoebe doesn't want her paper cut-out snowman craft to look like everyone else's, I'm sure it won't! Having my school as an option is a perk of teaching there since we don't live in that town. My town's school isn't really a consideration. They have been struggling in the past few years and I haven't heard a single positive thing about their K teacher.

We are on the fringes of a major rainstorm. DH is driving through the worst of it to get home from Boston as I speak. I just filled buckets of water, got firewood ready, and made sure the dishes were clean before the power inevitably goes out.

Max, a cross country road trip?! That sounds amazing. I've always dreamed of doing that. We are waffling about going to a weekend music festival this summer right here in Maine because we are nervous about how it would work for us--and we only have ONE kid! We are such wimps sometimes.
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Hello, new friends & old . . .

I am having a really hard time functioning with a broken ankle. We've asked for (and are getting) help from family & friends. But it's just really hard.

Okay, end of whine. We home/unschool. DH & I were both homeschooled up until we went away to college, so it's the normal thing for us. DS1 is "official" but DS2 (my May baby) doesn't have to be registered for another year & a half. And, DS1 is a strong-willed, stubborn, self-directed person so we're not attempting much parent-directed instruction. Basically, we observe what he's doing and how it fits into educational categories. I blog about it so I'll have a record of his "schoolwork" to show for his portfolio review. He's obviously teaching himself to read & write, and is interested in math & math concepts. He's athletic & fascinated by science. He loves to draw. I think we're good for Kindergarten!
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Well ladies, one week until our trip to Mexico!! I am super excited, and super NERVOUS!!! I cannot wait to have a week of relaxation with my hubs and some great friends But, I am so nervous about leaving my kids. They will be with all three sets of Grandparents, so I think that will be a good variety for them. I made up paper bags for them to open each day we are gone. I filled them with little things like coloring books, markers, gum, and little notes.

kgianforti- Welcome to our little group!!!! I love coming here knowing that the other ladies are going through the same things we are!!

TxmominCt- Welcome back, Kathryn!!!! So good to see you back here We public school here, our system is AMAZING! We got a brand new school last year, and the teachers are awesome. I love the idea of homeschooling, but it doesn't work for me doing daycare, we would never be able to go anywhere during the day.

Max- An RV trip sounds awesome!!

ecoteat- Stay safe in the storm!

I have a packed weekend, tomorrow morning I have a hair appt, then a meeting for LLL, then over to one of my girlfriends for the night, as all us girls are getting pedicures for the trip and going out for supper. The guys and kids are all staying at our house and taking the kids out for lunch and to the local sledding hill!
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Originally Posted by TxMominCT View Post
Hi mamas!! Welcome to our new mamas, this is an amazing group of ladies!! I was wondering if any of you have made any school decisions, I really want to homeschool but I will be working at least part time probably full time! Clara loves preschool, but I think she is pretty gifted and school might get boring. DH and his siblings did not do well in public schools. Any ideas? What are y'all doing?
I "accidentally" started homeschooling last year. We do a relaxed, child-led sort of thing. I asked my big girl what she was interested in learning and got resources based on that - "math, science and arts" (craft projects). She loves workbooks a lot! Sometimes I feel like all that I'm doing is getting more workbooks for her to tear through - especially in math!

I admit I like curriculum and I like my hand held. So that is what we are doing since she is very bright (I suspect moderately gifted - nothing off the charts or anything but noticeable to other people). I plan to start her this fall as a "Kindergartner". I am using her age for her grade level since I am in a strict state that requires reporting.

Right now, she pulled out her pattern blocks and is making patterns. She is a pattern-lover too and sees patterns all over the place!

We also read A LOT!! I just ordered a bunch of books from Amazon and she chose to start the Ralph S Mouse books for a read aloud.

Even though I say "relaxed", I am always exhausted by the end of the day!
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Re schooling: I really, really want to send Orion to the local Montressori charter school. It's K-8, 20 kids per "class", multi-age classrooms, community-oriented, and supposed to be wicked awesome. However, to attend any of the good schools, your child must be entered in a lottery...so here's hoping, we'll just sign him up for every magnet and charter school in town. Gotta win one of 'em, right?
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hi, would it be OK if i read and chat with you? we are officially nine days too early to be May 2006, but i have always looked for April 2006 threads, and never found any. my DD started preschool in January and loves it. i was going to wait until she was four, but we had a new baby in September, and since then it's been harder for me to find the time for as many enrichments in her life. she loves her baby brother, and all is well... even as she is a super high energy kid, wearing her mom out completely!
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Hi everyone,

Kathryn, great to hear from you! And welcome to the new mamas. This is an amazing group-- they've been a lifeline for me for more than three years now!

We're doing ok here. DS1 had bronchitis last week, which was scary. He also has been having sleep apnea when he's sick (which seems to be pretty much all the time this winter) and his ped was extremely concerned. He told us it was one of the few reasons to consider getting his adenoids removed. We need to make and appointment with an ENT specialist soon to get him checked out. So that's been fun, with a newborn and c-section recovery on top!!

DS2 is doing well. He caught the cold I had and we had a snuffly, snorty few days. Newborns scare the crap out of me, to be honest. Every time he coughed I would go to a dark, scary place! I can hardly wait for toddlerhood, lol!

Mamabeakley, so sorry to hear about your ankle. I hope you feel better soon and that this time passes quickly for you.

Sydnee, I always love to hear about your life! It sounds like you have such an amazing community of friends and family around you.

Max, how's your DH doing? I'm sorry to hear his back is giving him so many problems.

Re: schooling, DS goes to the local public school. There's a Waldorf school in our town that we considered, but between tuition and the bus-ride to get there it just didn't work out. I'm pretty pleased with his school, though it isn't perfect. One of the major pet peeves I have is the emphasis on conformity in artistic stuff. Now when DS1 draws something and messes up, he gets mad at himself. Sadly, that's pretty rampant in French culture, and it also exists at the Waldorf school. I do wish we had a Montessori nearby....

There's sun today! We have a playdate at the park planned for this afternoon. What a nice change of pace!
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Yay for sun!

I'm hanging in there. I am now "allowed" to put some weight on my ankle - but it doesn't feel like a good idea to me yet !

Thinking of you all . . .
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Phoebe woke up this morning at 5:30 in a puddle of vomit. It has been a pretty pukey day--she can't keep anything down. Thankfully I don't think there is anything in her stomach as she's asleep right now, so hopefully we'll be puke-free at least until after breakfast. Poor thing. She said (between dry heaves) "I wish I could be sick with no one else in the house." When I asked why, she said "so my germs don't make anyone else throw up." She is so sweet. Off to bed--I'm not expecting an uninterrupted night of sleep, so I shouldn't stay up too late! I'll catch up with everyone later.
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Hi all. Sorry to hear about all the sicknesses. Mary & Amy I hope your little ones are feeling better very soon. Mamabeakley, I hope that ankle heals soon for you too!

Welcome ElliesMomma. We won't hold those 9 days against you.

Status quo here - regular winter allergies/colds going 'round. Dh's back is still in a bad way, but some progress is being made w/PT. We are sooooooooooo looking forward to spring. I set up the spring/Easter decorations, so now it's gotta come, right?

Have a great day all. :
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Well Phoebe woke up this morning yelling "MAMA! I'm not sick anymore!" and then was PISSED that I wouldn't let her eat everything in sight like a vaccuum. But she did have some cereal, a scone, and some milk about an hour ago and is happily reading to MIL on the couch with no signs of nausea. So I'm thinking this 24 bug has run its course. Thank goodness.
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Hi mamas! I figured I would post one last time before our trip to Mexico! We leave at 9 am Saturday morning. I am sooooo excited and nervous! I cannot imagine 7 days doing nothing but sunbathing and reading, lol!

Mary- I hope everyone is feeling better soon! How are YOU feeling? Hugs to you

ecoteat- I'm so glad Phoebe is feeling better! Knock on wood, but we've been lucky so far, and that's all I'm gonna say, lol.

max- Hope you all are feeling better too, nothing worse than seasonal allergies, ugh. And I also hope your DH's back is better. Is he able to work?

Mamabeakley- I'm glad you are able to bear some weight on your ankle, I can only imagine how frustrating that would be. Hugs!

Elliesmomma- Welcome!

Well, wish us luck. I have to finish packing and getting things ready around the house, busy busy!
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Elliesmomma & kgianforti -- Welcome to the thread! Like ecoteat said, it's been 4 years! I hope it lasts for awhile to come

Sydnee--woohoo! Have lots and lots of fun!

Txmom--I hope you enjoy being a lactation consultant. My mom has been one for over 20 years and it seems very fulfilling.

max--Wow! That sounds really exciting! Will you hit up every state? If you go to VT, I know all the best places to go in the southeastern & northern parts of the state (it's where I grew up/went to college)...and don't let anyone tell you to go during foliage, because there are too many tourists "leaf peepers" then (besides, the foliage is just as beautiful in other states with maples...).

Mamab--I hope you feel better soon. Being laid up is no fun unless someone is waiting on you hand and foot...and even then it gets boring (at least for me).

--I'm glad Phoebe is feeling better.

Doing ok here. Orion isn't sick anymore...but now the little one has it. And you can't give cough strips to a 14m old, but it's really torture listening to him cough. I'm so glad I'm still bf'ing. You know, I never thought I would still be breastfeeding--and tandem nursing!--but I've had to eat my words. It's happened...I'm turning into my mother (eek! well just in that regard). I nursed til I was 5...now Orion is 4 and still nursing. Now I just have to become a lactation consultant and a lamaze teacher and I really *will* be my mother -- that's not gonna happen! (Although I'd like to become a doula at some point) Alright enough of me talking about my mother.

This summer we are building our new house -- yay! I'm getting a craft/office room and a *washer*! The only thing I'm sad about is the fact that dp wants to build it on my "sacred grove"...I guess it's ok, as long as he doesn't cut down the aspens I love too. He already cut down the birch & willow circle in the front of the house because it was annoying to drive around, but I really miss it. It just seems so empty out there now...at least I'm not backing into trees anymore (I guess I could have learned to back up better). He wants to cut down the willow tree in front of the house cause it's covered in lichen even though it's still alive...I love that tree. Ok enough whining!

Is anyone gardening this year with the kids?
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Hey all!

Just popping in to say that Mamacatsbaby just had her second baby late February! Another boy!

Sydnee: have a GREAT time, mama, and safe travels!

Ecoteat: glad that the bug has gone. Big knock on wood here, too, but we haven't had a stomach bug yet this winter. (Am now praying I didn't just jinx myself!!)

Max: thinking of you, hope everything is ok at your house.

Alaskaberry, I hate it when people cut down trees, I feel your pain. I would be very, very sad to sacrifice my favorite trees. As for gardening, aside from our terrace garden (which is mostly geraniums, I'm hoping to grow some herbs though this summer) not much gardening goes on. We do have a tiny garden on the other side of the apartment, but it's full of hydrangea bushes that need very little intervention.

It was my birthday on Thursday, we had a nice day. DH is a wonderful husband, but not so great on the organizing birthdays front. (Or organizing anniversaries, Christmas gifts or anything at all like that.) But I did get a delicious cake, a nap by myself, and my gift will be a trip to the garden supply store to get some pansies and other flowers for the terrace once it warms up a bit.

Speaking of warming up, it was feeling pretty spring-like last week, but today we're hovering around 0 again this morning (0 celsius, that is). Hope everyone is well.
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MamaBeakley, So sorry your ankle is still not doing well!

Syndee I hope you are having tons of fun!!!

Marylizah- Happy Birthday

Alaskaberry congrats on the new house! It sounds great, my SIL just moved up to Alaska, she will be there working as a nurse practitioner for 3 months!

Elliesmomma & kgianforti Welcome!!!

ecoteat-hope the storm wasn't too bad

Thanks for all the schooling advice! I can't wait to really start teaching Clara, I think it will be fun, but I am nervous! Lots of work next few days, hope you are all having a great week! Clara wanted to send a message with stickers!

:jo y
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Hi, ladies!

I have had so much help from family & friends, and I've even got an auntie here today playing with DD while I work (DS1 & 2 are at MIL/FIL's house). I should be out of my cast in another week, and it's starting to hurt a lot less.

I am really sad though, that my MIL & FIL are selling their house (this month) and potentially moving cross country. We've been really close to them for the past 6 years - it's going to be a huge change, and necessitate some huge changes in our lives . . .

TxMom, I like Clara's "Stickers"!

Mary, I like that you got a nap

Alaskaberry, I can't bring myself to cause the cutting down of trees, either. We have a huge sweet gum in our yard that is a menace in all sorts of ways and ought to come down . . . I just can't do it.
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Hi Mamas!

I so rarely check in on MDC anymore but when I do i always look for you guys!!

I will say that i am SO GLAD to be almost done with age 3 !! It was a very hard year of us and I am praying that 4 will be smoother!

Lucas is doing great!! He loves numbers and letters he can multiple and subtract small numbers and reads sight words!! The other day I told him to hold on one min and he said "but thats a 60 seconds!" of course this was said in a whiny voice and followed by a tantrum

Anyone else homeschooling? (Sorry I didn't read the whole thread as its way past my bedtime but I will try to come back later and read it!)

Take Care!

-Jackie and Lucas 5/3/06
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Hello May Mamas!I haven't been on in a few days. Just been super busy w/all going on here. Dh's back is still in a bad way. He sees the surgeon in a little over a week. We are really hoping he has something to offer, as nothing else is helping. It is so hard to see him in so much pain. He is still working. He works mainly out of our home, so he can lay down, move around as needed. I have been a bit overwhelmed w/all the worry & added responsibilities I now have. Plus dd(6) has been super ill w/a chronic sinus infection and is up coughing for most of the night. I have decided to simply prioritize taking care of the kids and making nice meals. Anything else I can fit in is a bonus. We really don't have anyone to help right now, so that's been tough too.

On to you all! Ducky, good to hear from you!! What a smart little guy you have. Are you still doing your WAH business? I always loved looking at all your beautiful handmade things.

Mamabeakley, I am so glad you are getting so much help & support. That's sad that your inlaws are sellling their house. I can tell how close you are to them. I hope it works out that you can still maintain a close relationship w/them.

TxMominTX (there's your new name - !) You will be a wonderful homeschooling mama! Your LOs are very lucky.

MaryLizah, Happy Belated birthday! I hope you had a wonderful day. How are the babes doing these days? And how is your c- recovery going? I hope you are well.

Alaskaberry, yay for the new house! That sounds exciting. Will your dp be building it himself? I'm sorry you'll be losing some of your special trees though. I can tell how important that is to you.

Sydnee, I hope you are having the very best, most relaxing & rejuvinating vacation ever!I can't wait to hear all about it.

Amy, how'd you make out w/that rain storm? It sounds like it was going to be a doozy. I hope dh made it home safe & sound. Is everyone well in your home? No more stomach bugs?

We are visiting another new church this weekend. Things didn't work out well at the Unitarian Church. It just wasn't a good fit. Dh would like to be involved now, which is a really nice thing. The kids are excited about it. We're looking for something more Christian focused. We visited an Episcopalian Church and we are checking out a Congregational Church tomorrow.

Have a nice weekend all!
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Our last storm was CRAZY. There were 95 mph winds on the coast. We are a few miles inland and got winds about 75 mph. We only lost power for a few hours, but other people were out for days, including my school. So there's another day to make up in June! This Wednesday was the worst day I've ever had teaching. I had to break up a fight, and I'm so emotionally invested in these kids that I've been teaching for 6 years now that it totally broke my heart to watch one kid completely fall apart and not be able to do a damn thing to help him. I haven't seen him since he was hauled off by the principal and I'm a little nervous about how Monday will go for him (and me!). But Thursday was my birthday and that was nice. Dh got me a serger and I can't wait to start using it.

Jackie, how nice to hear from you! Phoebe is starting to read a few words too and it is so cute.

Mama Beakley, I'm glad to hear that you are getting closer to being healed. What a hassle! It's great that you have plenty of helpers around you.

Max, good luck finding the right church. I'm glad you are moving on--it sounded like the other church was causing more grief than it was worth a while ago.

Phoebe, when we were prepping our land to build a driveway and cabin years ago, it was pretty funny at first how every tree dh would cut down I'd ask, "but do you really have to cut down that one?!" And he'd laugh at me because he knew that if we didn't cut that one down we wouldn't be able to drive a car to the building site. When we finished all the clearing we needed to do at the time, one day we were hanging out around the cabin and saw a bald eagle perch on the top of the one big tree we left in the middle of the small clearing. I assumed he was probably pissed that we cut down so many of the trees there.

Happy belated birthday, Mary!
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