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I agree on both parts. I grew up spanked, as did my cousins and friends. I chose not to go down that road. Partly because I don't like it and partly because I'd be afraid of spanking out of anger.

The problem is, you can not shelter spanking 100%. BUT pulling a child's pants down and spanking repeatedly?? I think this parent took it way over the top. Scares me what would happen if the child ran into a road or did something over the top. The parent was spanking out of some extreme anger... and that is scary

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I'm not as offended by parents spanking (mostly because of the culture that I grew up in), but I do think it is completely inappropriate to spank children at a playgroup.

For me personally, I don't plan to shelter my kids from everyday injustices, because I think it's better to explain to them that not all parents and children are the same, and they don't all get treated the same way. I won't be able to get my cousins to stop spanking, but I can explain their behavior to my kids (as age permits), and tell them why I choose a different path.