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I read and understand what you mean. I spent many years looking for a Mommy and pretending my father was more of my Daddy to me then he is.
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Thank you, mamas. It is so nice to be heard. This kind of revelation is one I have never had before, so I was feeling both nervous and excited to share. Someday I want to share this post with my mom, but that day won't come for a very long time. Maybe never. We'll see.
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I read. I was adopted within the family... had a daddy and knew my bio-father. I loved them both and hated them both. It's such a convoluted world, sometimes.

Love to you, mama. My eating issues still persist to this day (Goddess help me, I just got off the scale ). I have always wondered if my problems with self-perception are related to my early-childhood abandonment. I have to say... I feel somewhat better, deep inside, knowing I am not the only one with problems stemming from that feeling. I hope we can both heal.

So many s to you...
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I read it.
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I have been exploring some somewhat similar issues about my mother. And I do have a dad, but he stopped being Daddy when he started drinking.

Thanks for sharing your blog.
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I'm sorry mama .

My daughter is 8 and struggling with her father's abandonment right now. She has a 'dad' she's known since she was 1, but still mourns the abandonment of a father whom she remembers but won't see her since age 3. She talks about it a lot even to strangers, teachers.
If you can save my child any pain, mama, please tell me what I can do for her.
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I read, Kris.

You deserve to be loved. You are loved. Saving a big hug for the next time I see you.
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I read it, too. *Hugs*

I was an angry child, as well, though didn't have any younger siblings to take it out on (and the older ones where TOO much older to do so... I was adopted, too). I still haven't figured out what all happened in my childhood to lead me to who I seem to be now.
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I read too, and just wanted you to know that you aren't alone. (((HUGS)))
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Another mama sending you hugs and healing thoughts. My son is adopted and I live in fear that he will not handle the news well when he's older. His story is full of abandonment and drugs and mental health issues and I pray I can help him process it all when the time comes.

Lean on your hubby. I hope he can understand and support you through your healing.
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I read it too.
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Read it, and wow are you brave to do that kind of soul-searching and growth. I am really proud of you, even though I don't know you!
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I read it and heard you. You're on the right path.
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I'm so sorry to read about what you had to go through.

Sending you Positive vibes and Big hugs to you from Toronto!!
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