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Now THAT Was Unexpected

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I had posted a few months back about my son being ill and in the hospital. They had done the bone marrow aspiration and biopsy and it had come back clean. Well, apparently, that doesn't mean a whole heck of a lot. We've been in the hospital since Tuesday the 26th of January, fighting for his life because it was in fact leukemia.

So, ladies. I'm asking for any kind of prayer, well wishes, thoughts...whatever you have...please throw it at me.

The kind of leukemia is called JMML. It's a rare form of leukemia that apparently makes up for less than 1% of ALL leukemia. His oncologist has seen only 4 cases of it his entire 24 year career. We're speaking to top specialists in San Francisco and at St. Jude's and collaborating.

I'm trying to stay strong. I am no longer working, nor am I going to school, I am a 24/7 hospital resident so sometimes that little switch in the back of my head goes off and I just completely fall apart. They had given him a 30% chance of survival two days ago but the guy is a fighter and his chances of survival have gone up. so Please Please PLEASE pray for him, or well wishes, or whatever you can.

And I will try to keep updated.
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Keep fighting little sweety. My prayers are with you mama!
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Sending your little guy healing vibes, and you strength to deal with it all...
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I'm so sorry! Keep fighting, little man. You and your son will be in my thoughts and prayers.
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I'm sorry your little one is ill. Many prayers coming your way.
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I'm sorry. Hang in there.
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My deepest and sincerest prayers are with you and your dear son. Stay strong and keep your faith.
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My prayers to you and your LO.
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Praying for you and your little guy.
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Praying for you both!!!
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praying for you and your son. sending you strength.
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Oh MM, I am definitely praying for both of you! Big, strong, healing, loving hugs to you Mama, I can't even imagine what you must be going through! Sending you all love!
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Lighting a candle for your sweet little fighter and his strong mumma
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I'm sending positive, healthy thoughts your way.
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You and your son are in my heart and mind. I wish you both strength!
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My prayers are joined with others for your son's healing and your strength!

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I am so very sorry. I am praying for you and your little guy.
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I'm so so so sorry, mama. Hug your baby tight for all of us, and be strong when you can, and cry when you need to.

And for the rest of us, there is something, something real, that we can do: http://www.marrow.org/ is the website for the national bone marrow registry. You can register online, they'll mail you a cheek swab kit, you do your swabs and mail it back in, and there you are, possibly able to save someone's life. Please join.
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I'm so sorry your little boy is sick mama. I hope you are doing ok - mamas are a tough bunch. Hang in there, I'll be thinking about you.
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I am so sorry you and your DS are going through this. Sending you good healing thoughts.
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