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Does anyone have any exact wording for state law regarding all or nothing? My 3 dd's are entirely unvaxed. Ex and new wife want to partially vax children now that they are almost 6 and 9. I informed them of the all or nothing thing and we do use a religious exemption for our public school. They had not heard of that and didn't realize that the girls would need the entire schedule. So I'm looking for some specific wording about not being able to use the religious exemption if you begin partially vaxxing. Thanks!
There is no wording in the law about partial vaccination and not being able to claim exemption. Some people have religious objection to certain vaccinations and not others. However, if I partially vaxed, I would just sumbit the exemption, no records.

Here is the wording from the statute:'
§ 130A-157. Religious exemption.
If the bona fide religious beliefs of an adult or the parent, guardian or person in loco parentis of a child are contrary to the immunization requirements contained in this Chapter, the adult or the child shall be exempt from the requirements. Upon submission of a written statement of the bona fide religious beliefs and opposition to the immunization requirements, the person may attend the college, university, school or facility without presenting a certificate of immunization. (1957, c. 1357,
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I think the issue is that now we have a registry and if we're using the exemption, begin to partially vax (which I'm 100% opposed to anyway) then someone checks the registry and sees that we've begun to vax after using the exemption but aren't entirely up on the schedule we would be forced to get the entire schedule. One of the issues with the ex is that they want proof of everything which is why I would like to find some sources of clarity on the use of the exemption. I haven't been fortunate to find any but am hoping someone knows something I can use.
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Perhaps, offering information about the risk/benefits regarding specific vaccinations could help the ex? Which vaccines are they interested in vaxing? The easiest to skip, imo are the oldies which are "safer" than the live virus and brand new multidose vaccines. Polio, tetanus unnecessary. Also, depending upon age, there are fewer vaccines needed, which helps. Would they be vaxing in NC?

Also, the risks for different diseases decrease significantly beyond age 2. So, many vaccines are unnecessary exposures to toxins. Perhaps, providing information about the individual toxin exposure could help?

Here is a bunch of information with links which you could select bits to share, perhaps?


The other thing about sharing the law is the ex questioning your "religious" objection. I'm not so sure I'd open that can of worms. I'd almost rather they choose to vax "against your wishes" and state that to the school.

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Does anyone have a sample/template of a religious exemption for NC?

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Originally Posted by abc3210 View Post

Does anyone have a sample/template of a religious exemption for NC?

Multiple options: http://www.mothering.com/community/forum/thread/1030947/nc-vaccine-exemption-letter



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I just read through this thread and am wondering if anyone knows if the NC registry is just for kids vaxed in NC.  What if I vaxed my kids in a different state (NY)...would the NC public schools still have access to the records?


I have a 27 month old and a 7 month old, both currently unvaxed, but we were considering starting a selective schedule with my toddler (and then my baby when she is older).  However, we also want to send him to public school and I know that can be a hassle when you partially vax.  We're currently in NY, and have an awesome ped who was helping us navigate everything here, but now we're moving to NC and the kids will, more than likely, start public school in NC.  I was thinking we may still have them partially vaxed by our NY ped when we come back to NY to visit.  Would NC schools have access to those records if I did not submit them?  I hope that all makes sense!

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To all wanting to work out an exemption to vaccs. There is a natural practicing MD in Wilkesboro, who is also a chiropractor and naturopath, and he has two MDs working in his natural/holistic health clinic, too. He is very efficient at helping parents get their kids into school w/out vaccs. He & his wife did not vacs & all 4 of their kids have gone through the public school system. His name is Dr. Cohn & he owns/runs the Holistic Clinic of the Carolinas. he has clients/patients coming to see him as far away as Africa.

Karen Benfield, CNM & owner of BirthTender, a homebirthing, well woman, family planning nurse-midwifery practice,

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