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I happened to catch a report on the NBC Nightly News
tonight entitled "Improving Childbirth Outcomes in Afghanistan." Tom
Brokaw did the reporting, and it was interesting and informative.
However, his painfully mainstream take leaves the viewer to conclude
that the reason so many women and babies die in Afghanistan is
because they give birth at home.

You never know what effect a little note from a nameless person in
the middle of the country will have, but it'd be great if all
of us and anyone else we know could just write a little note pointing out that it's the
trained "medical help" that improves outcomes, not the medical
location. The original story is at

You would send an email to

A few things to note: maternal mortality in Afghanistan IS abysmal!
They really do need serious help. But, for example, the woman
featured in the segment walked for 3 hours in labor in frosty
conditions to get to the hospital, and rode a donkey home 12 hours
after she gave birth. Now is this really better than birth at home with a skilled
attendant? Keep it short - 3 or 4 sentences - and put the name of the
report in the subject line of your email ("Improving Childbirth
Outcomes in Afghanistan").