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Area rug free?

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Is anyone rug free? I think I would like to get rid of my rugs but I'm wondering if this will make things look too cold or if there will be other issues. I hate rugs.
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Our house is all hardwood floors and we don't have any area rugs. I don't think it looks too cold, but they are all small rooms so they look cozy anyway.
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Why do you hate rugs? Maybe focus on working out the problem you have with them, rather than getting rid of them?

Our old home was fully tiled and I had a love-hate relationship with it. Very easy to keep clean yet very cold and a little on the dangerous side with children around. My middle child's two top front teeth chipped when she fell onto the tiled floor face first. She was only one and it was a horrible experience. While our current home has really unappealing carpet covering most all of it's floors, I am somewhat thankful because of the safety aspect. They run around and there is no need to panic.
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Our entire main level is cork flooring. It is so beautiful I haven't wanted to cover it up! I have one round 100% wool rug (2 ft diameter?) in the foyer (about 4 ft square) to catch anything missed by the outside doormat. The next rug (100% cotton) is all the way through the house in the kitchen in front of the sink to catch any spills and splashes. That is it right now.

We use a beautiful grass woven yoga mat with cotton embroidered edging in the living room when we play games on the floor or use the Wii Fit balance board. It gets rolled up and stored in the front closet when not in active use, but it does a nice job of protecting the floor under those circumstances.

We used to have bound carpet pieces (small) in front of both sliders. They got ruined in the flood and I decided not to replace them. Instead, I purchased these really cool doormats for outside each slider. They are made of flip-flop material and have links of tiny flip-flips. They do a great job of getting "stuff" off people's feet/shoes while providing a nice open weave so icky stuff doesn't grow underneath them. Our back patio doesn't have eaves like the front door, so anything out there is subject to full weather conditions.
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He, he, I just got rid of the rug in our dining room. (We don't use it for dining anymore.) We have no carpet in our house.

I have a wool area rug in the living room, a bathmat in the bathroom, a cheapo rug that's mostly under the bed in our bedroom, and a soft little shag rug in the little kids' room. Oh, and a rug that looks like a city under the playstands.

I'll never buy a big rug ever again. I like being able to toss little rugs in the wash.

I don't think it looks cold at all (most of our floors are wood) but my mom does.
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I hate rugs! More to the point, I hate vacuuming rugs. We moved to house with all hardwood floors last year, and I haven't put down anything. I love how easy it is to sweep! It may look cold, but at least the floors are clean.
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personally, i love floors without rugs. i think it looks great.

of course, if it is cold, then the use of a rug is helpful. i consider rug use to be seasonal. it's a great thing for the winter right where you get out of bed and such.
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I have a tile and Pergo floored home and I only have 3 rugs: one for the front door, one for the back door, and one in front of the shower. I can take all these and wash them if I need to.

I love being able to sweep and mop; that feels really clean to me! Carpets and rugs that just stay down all the time seem so nasty.

I don't have a vacuum cleaner.
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Originally Posted by FloridaBorn View Post
I have a tile and Pergo floored home and I only have 3 rugs: one for the front door, one for the back door, and one in front of the shower. I can take all these and wash them if I need to.
We have this, and love it. There is a noise issue, but with a dog and two preschoolers, I just couldn't keep a living room rug clean.
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When we bought our house our diningroom/great room had a hug oval green rug(somewhat out of the 70s) and the previous owner left it(my guess not wanting to move it) It got thrown into the rented dumpster as the first thing to go! Along with the green carpet in the bathroom

I have 2 small rugs in the kitchen. One at the door and one where shoes are put.

Oh make that three ds has one of those car rug mats in his room
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We have bath mats in the bathrooms but I suppose that doesn't count

In all the rooms with hard flooring none have an area rug, the thought has never even entered my mind. I love the hardwood and laminate we have and wouldn't want to cover it up.
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I have always hated rugs. I feel like they're just there to harbor germs and dustmites. They are linked to respiratory issues, asthma, allergies and other ailments. That said, we have to get a rug for one of the bedrooms in our new-to-us antique home. The floors are ancient and this one room needs some major restoring. We're looking at natural untreated ethically produced wool and it's a fortune

I love hardwood floors and always have.
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I love how they look but way too much work to keep clean in this house. We do have a few small rag rugs around that can be tossed in the washer if need be.
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We have a couple of rag rugs that we occasionally put down... the small kind that you can throw in the washing machine. Other than that, we're entirely hardwood floor. I like it, and it doesn't feel really cold to me, because the colors in our house are really warm, and the upholstery on the furniture gives a sense of warmth, too. And, like a PP's house, it's a small house, so it's cozy with or without rugs!
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"look" cold, or "feel" cold?
i'm not a fan of "throw rugs" except i guess in front of the doors through which you enter the house, so you can wipe and then remove your shoes.
we have hardwood floors throughout much of the house. i love them.
however we also have hardwood floor in the kitchen, and found that it was becoming scratched (not outright scratched, more like dented) from the movement of the kitchen chairs in and out from under the table. we got a large braided rug for under the kitchen table. it's ok. a PITA to vaccum, but to it's credit, it hides stains real well.
then my husband, who has trouble with his feet, wanted to get matching braided rugs (small sized) for in front of the stove, the sink and the refrigerator.
i like these even less. they are always getting knocked out of place, and you have to keep kicking them back to their spots. similarly a PITA to vaccum (so i don't) and now i have to sweep the kitchen floor all around all of these throw rugs. they also hide the stains, though, so for example you drop some blueberry juice, just walk away and ignore it, don't even try to clean it.
the living room is completely empty of any throw rugs, and it's very nice, very "neat" looking. i would not say "cold." upstairs bedroom also just wood floor. we put a small colorful rug in DD's room, mostly for our own benefit, since you wind up sitting on the floor to play kid's games with her, and it's much more comfortable sitting on a rug than on the bare floor. that's like a large throw rug. easy to vacuum.
ps: we have a golden retriever, who drops hair everywhere. easier to sweep and vacuum it up on the bare floors, versus vacuuming it out of carpets. same goes for our staircase. also recently stripped of carpeting. way, way, way easier to sweep with a broom versus lugging a heavy vacuum all connected with a cord up and down the staircase. easier and *safer*.
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We were rug free as you put it for a number of years. It was just easier when the kids were babies/toddlers. I quite liked it at the time, but I much prefer it now that we have a couple area rugs out. Its softer for the kids to play on, toys dont roll under the furniture as easily lol, but most importantly it really helps with accoustics. The house doesnt seem as loud or like a hall with the rugs down.
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I've slowly been getting rid of our rugs for a while. We still have one in the playroom and a runner in the upstairs hallway, but other than that we have all bare floors. And the only reason we have the rugs we do is they were passed down to us. No getting rid of those.
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I don't care for rugs, either. We have hardwood, tile, and pergo on our main floor. I have one low pile area rug under my coffee table and a thick wool rug in my daughter's bedroom. But I'm thinking about getting rid of that one or changing it to something low pile. Oh, and I have a bathmat.

We have dogs and getting the hair out of the carpet is just too hard. It's far easier to vaccuum this way.
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The look of a space without rugs is very clean. We have hardwood and tile floors and as much as I like the idea of no rugs we would freeze our feet off in the winter if we tried it. Our favorite place in the winter in sitting on the rug in front of the fire. Also the small rugs just inside the doors collect a lot of dirt from outside I don't know if I could give them up.
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We have laminate flooring, one day to be cork flooring , and we only have one throw rug by the front door. (And it's very thin and easily washed).

The only other rug we have sits in our family room over the top of the DISGUSTING berber carpet we haven't had a chance to replace yet. It's an 11x13 wool rug and I love, love, love it. When the carpet back there comes out and we re-do the floor, we'll keep that rug.
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