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This is the 2nd year in a row that I've gotten a letter asking me to participate and phone calls from them. I think it's intentional. We don't vax, and have repeatedly ignored the postcards from the tennessee dept of health reminding me to "get aboard the vaccination train". I won't talk to any of them. None of their damn business. In fact, they called 3 times last month even after we told them each time that "we dont wish to participate". They know damn well we don't vax...
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You could always say that you will only respond if the questions are sent to you in writing, and that you do not consider anonymous surveys to be in the individual's or country's interests.

Either that, or tape the whole call anonymously.
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My first post. I wasn't even going to register , I just enjoy reading the wisdom you ladies and gents have to offer. But this thread title really upset me. The CDC calls you and harrasses you to vax your kids ? Did I get that right ? If so , tell them to put your name AND number on their 'do not call list'. Any future calls you will consider harrasment and will sue them. I've had to do this , not with the CDC , and it works like a charm.
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no jen, they arent calling to tell you to vax, they are calling to conduct a "harmless" survey:

(then if they find out you dont, your counties probably get targeted for more vaxing etc.) eithere that or they find out the dr name and push them to covince you, or the health dept to send more "reminders" to you etc.
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They ask curious questions so they can inundate the media with junk and propaganda based on the answers gathered. :

Ps. I'm beginning to think having a tape recorder next to the phone may prove beneficial in many instances. In some countries you must inform the other party that the call is being taped.

Find out your local laws.

Or use taping as a ruse to see the response.
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I just have to jump in here and say I WORKED ON THAT SURVEY LAST SUMMER!! Its the National Immunisation Survey for the CDC. But I wasn't working for the CDC directly, I was working for a the social-science-research firm that is running the survey for them. And actually, I wasn't even working for them. I was working for the temp company that provides telephone interviewers for the research company that collects data for the CDC. :LOL :LOL Did you get all that?

So anyway, the person you talk to is not a doctor or a member of the CDC or anyone with any agenda beyond earning their $8 an hour and living until the next 15 minute break. :LOL

I can tell you for a fact that the phone calls are TOTALLY random, computer generated, NOTHING to do with whether or not you vax. Why do you get repeat calls? Becuase *once* your number has been randomly generated, they will keep calling that number to try to get the data. All you have to is say "Do not call back. Take me off your list." Say those exact words and you will not get a call back. But if you just say "I'm not interested," you will be called back and someone will try to persuade you.

The study has been going on for more than 5 years (maybe 10 years?) and will likely continue for several more years.

It was a BORING survey, I have to tell you, because it was totally random numbers- you had to hope you would get 1) a working number 2) of a residence 3) where someone was home who 4) would like to do a survey and 5) just happened to have a toddler between 15 and 35 months!!! What are the odds?

It was very very common to go an entire shift without getting a single "complete." My record was 5 shifts in a row with no complete. Verrrrryy tedious!!!

I had no worries about working (indirectly) for the CDC, btw. The data they collect is released to the public where it can be used to bolster arguments both for *and against* vaccines.

It was nice talking to other moms, when someone actually did talk to me. :LOL
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. . . you had to hope you would get 1) a working number 2) of a residence 3) where someone was home who 4) would like to do a survey and 5) just happened to have a toddler between 15 and 35 months!!!
#6) Where said toddler wasn't trying to wrench the phone away from frazzled Mom whilst screaming "I wanna talk to Grandma! Nowww!" :

But, seriously though, just how "anonymous" was the info?
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Laila, LOL, exactly!! If the household actually had a toddler, they were either screaming in the background *or* sleeping/ playing quietly and then what mom-of-a-toddler is going to waste their precious alone/ quiet time taking some dumb survey on the phone??

To answer your question, I sincerely believe the info is totally, completely 100 percent anonymous. As we told callers over and over, the data is studied in *summary form." The fact that one particular household is not vaxing holds *no* statistical or scientific interest whatsoever. Its the summary info, the percentages, that are published and studied. Ex: *ten percent* of households in XYZ state have skipped at least one vax, etc.

The CDC is also *legally bound* to keep the info totally private and totally anonymous and all participants were protected under federal privacy laws. We had the actual number / text of the laws to read to callers who were worried about that aspect.

OK, so why then does the CDC want your name, addy, and doctor's addy as part of the survey? Because, part of the survey collected vax info- by getting the actual vax records they can see if the parents' info matched the doc's info. (double check for accuracy.) The only way to get the info from the doc was to get permission from the parents- and we needed their name and addy to make a legal document stating we had permission. (It was verbal permission, of course, and then the telephone interviewer who took the survey would sign the document.)

Now, according to what I told callers (and I do believe this is true, because of the legal safeguards put in place to protect participants)- the info was collected from the doctor and then *separated from any name or identifying charactersistcs and used in summary form only!*

So, the name was used to collect the records only, then once the data was gathered, the participant goes back to being "Anonymous 22 month old from XYZ state," lumped in with all the other toddlers from that state.
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mamacrab... I agree with your assessment to a point which is why I willingly answered the questions. I refused to provide contact info for my doctor because that would, for a brief time anyway, identify me to the feds on an issue I have no interest in getting into it with them over. And like I told the pleasant young man I spoke to... "Have you read the Patriot Act? Because I have... and quite frankly it renders all your assurances meaningless." I didn't mind the survey at all. I made the guy laugh a couple times and when Bonnie got antsy for attention I nursed her so I could finish talking. I was very pleased to report to the CDC for inclusion in their statistical model that my 28 month old daughter was nursing.
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Kama, I do take your point.
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I never received a call either...
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