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Tail wagging

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We have a large dog, a lab/ great pyrenees cross. His tail is the perfect height to slap the baby in the face if I'm sitting down anywhere nursing, and to slap my 14 mo old DD in the face if she's walking around. I've been hit before, and it's definitely enough to make my eyes water so there are a lot of tears involved. So far we've just been getting him to sit whenever DD is waking past, but he's never processed that command very quickly (he does it, it just takes him a few seconds to get his feet positioned properly or whatever so he can actually sit down) which leaves plenty of time to hit whichever child repeatedly. Is there any way I can train him to NOT wag his tail if I give the command? I don't know how to teach him tricks, we think on very different wavelengths and he gets confused and frustrated and I get annoyed and give up.
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I can totally relate, we have two large lab mixes who are constantly hitting the kids, furniture, knocking things over with their tails. DH and I joke about docking their tails every time they hit something or someone (we would never actually do it) but aside from that I have not figured out a way to keep them from occasionally slapping DD or DS in the head.

I know trying to teach our dogs not to wag wouldn't work and they are relatively smart and know quite a few commands. Maybe try teaching the kids to avoid the dog's tail? Have them wear helmets? Sorry I don't have better advice but I know what your going through.
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yeah, really my kids have just learned to avoid the tail if possible. The dogs do know "watch the baby" in that they look around and dont run into them (or at least try not to) but tail wagging is just avoided best we can.
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We have a huge Chesapeake and that tail can do some damage! We just had to teach the kids to avoid the tail and once they got a little bigger, it got much better. Other than the tail wagging, he's great with the kids so we've just dealt with it.
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Ugh, that's what I was afraid of DD is pretty good when she's walking past him (puts her hands over her face and goes fast, or grabs his tail to hold it still) but if he walks past her or decides he wants to join in whatever game we're playing then she doesn't have time to prepare and he gets her. Sometimes knocks her right over just with his tail. It's frustrating that she can get hurt so many times a day and I can't do anything to fix it. And with my daughter still being so young (well, and DS too, he's only 9 days old!) she doesn't understand if I try to warn her about the tail coming.
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Hmm, I think that would be pretty tough to do. I'd work on improving his response to the sit command. Unless he has joint problems that cause him to be sore it's definitely possible. I'm sorry that you get frustrated with training, have you considered taking a training class? Having an outside person observe and give you tips is very helpful, plus they usually have some good ideas for how to work on things. Just make sure you get a trainer with positive approach to training.
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I just had to laugh 'cause we constantly joke that our big girl doesn't have a clue what her back end is doing. And yeah, ds gets the brunt of it sometimes, but he is learning to be more cautious of her. Our godson learned to walk with his arm straight out in front of him for this reason.
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