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vomitting 12 month old

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sorry this is long- I'm trying to gauge whether or not this is Ped worthy, considering that today is sunday and his regular practice is closed. I'd love your input!

We have had almost no experience with sickness with this kiddo- we all got what I think was swine flu back in july, but he never threw up from it.

Last night we spent 11pm-1am with a throwing up baby- then he nursed and fell asleep and woke up again at 5am and threw up milk. he went back to sleep until around 730.
he hasn't thrown up again this morning. he pooped and it was normal until the very end when it was very watery, but he hadn't had anything but milk since he threw up all his solids.
he is active, crawling around playing with his toys, laughing, not feverish, ate a banana for breakies.. in good spirits overall. He didn't cry or anything during the vomiting.

here's a bit of TMI for you.. friday pm I had a sour stomach (with those nasty sulfury burps) and then that turned into diarrhea. I didn't end up throwing up, though I thought I might. I think it was something that I ate (DS didn't have any) and DS had none of the symptoms I had.

yesterday he didn't eat anything abnormal.. he ate what he normally eats and what I ate, which was mainly bland things like fruit and yogurt, since I was recovering from a stomach episode.
he ate two things that he has had before but doesn't always eat- strawberries and dried cranberries.

we have had him nursing as much as he'll sit still for and also drinking water mixed with gatorade (I don't have any pedialyte- is there a huge difference in formulas? should I go get some pedialyte?)

I have a feeling this is teething related. he seems to be getting a canine on the top- the gum is very swollen there) each time before he throws up he sort of coughs once or twice- like he is swallowing a bunch of saliva and then gags on it? but I haven't seen evidence of extra drool.

any ideas?
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Sounds like he may have picked up whatever you had even if your symptoms are different. I've never heard of vomiting being related to teething.

How many times total did he throw up? I'm not sure you need to do the pedialyte or gatorade. If you're nursing him, that is MUCH better. If he doesn't seem lethargic, he's probably not dehydrated. I would say he's probably over whatever he had and is doing fine.

Does your ped's office have a 24 hour nurse line that you could call? You could call them, but to me it sounds like he's fine already ... just take it easy today and encourage him to nurse as much as possible. And go easy with solids. Maybe a little bland white rice if he'll eat that.

I know it's hard not to worry but it really sounds like he's doing better now.
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thanks for your response!
I feel like he's doing better as well.

Last night he threw up about 5 times between 11-1am, then once more at 5am.

Before I posted this I did a search of old threads and found plenty of anecdotal evidence of teething related vomitting- I think teething affects individual kids in all sorts of weird ways!
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shoot! he just puked up his banana. it was going on 5 hours with no throwing up. now I'm calling the nurse line.

ETA: she said nurse him, only on one side, for 3-5 mins every half hour and no solids at all.
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Sorry to hear that! Poor baby. Ds had stomach flu a few months back, and he barely ate for 3 days.
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As long as he doesn't seem dehydrated I don't think it's an emergency.
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I've had my 18 month old and my 13 month old going through a similar thing since Tuesday night. Serious sulfur smelling farts and burps since with diarrhea. Each started their incident of sickness with the vomiting followed by another bout of it a couple days later. Myrtle vomited Tuesday night and midnight on Friday night, Odin vomited Thursday morning and again this morning early. No fever and no other indicators of being sick. Both have been playing and normal acting for the most part other than a bit more clinginess.

I've fed them if they were hungry. I've kept clear liquids available to them at all times. Yes, I have even given them "some" pedialite but only because it has been several days and I didn't offer it all the time. I think they are almost over it but now I think I am starting to come down with whatever it was as well as the teenager in the house.
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Does he have a fever? I've found it wise to not give fruit to babies with fevers.

Sounds like he has a little bug. I'm sure we can't dispense medical advice here but IMO that nurse gave out very strange advice about breastfeeding that really says "dehydration" to me. If it's a bug, a little or a lot is going to come up as long as the body is not prepared to digest. If he is throwing up repeatedly a bit of flat soda like 7up might do the trick.
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he does not have a fever.

She said no solids for 4-6 hours, and to keep nursing him frequently but in small amounts so as not to overwhelm his tummy with too much milk all at once? I guess?

so I kept him off solids all day- he had breast milk and water until just about an hour or two ago. Then I gave him some low sodium chicken broth which he seemed very glad to have. I also gave him a few bites of banana and chicken breast while I was having dinner. he nursed and fell asleep afterwards. here's hoping he keeps it down tonight. I am concerned about dehydration.. I read that banana (potassium) helps the body absorb water better. I also gave him a warmish bath hoping to get him to absorb some more water through his skin.
fingers crossed. I hate having a sick baby! its very unsettling.
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I have a sick baby here too.
She's my second, though, so I've been through this before.
The big deal is if they are lethargic. It sounds like your baby isn't.
I wouldn't worry but just keep watching. Easier said than done, though!
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My DS went throught this a few weeks ago - although we do not breastfeed.

We syringed a 1 tsp of water or Pedialyte every 10 minutes for the first 2-3 hrs. Then occassionally do 1 tsp of Heavy Peach Syrup (it coats their tummy). I actually had to write down the time and what I gave him so that I didn't give too much or go too long.

After 2-3 hours with no vomitting, increase the liquid by another tsp. every 10 minutes. So wait 10 minutes, 2 tsp, wait 10 minutes 3 tsp. When they go 6-8 hrs without vomitting, then you can breastfeed a limited amount - every 30 minutes for 2-3 hrs.

If no vomiting after 12 hrs then try solids. Toast, rice cereal, mum-mums - rice chex, crackers.

If they vomit again - start over.

common mistakes: feeding too much, too soon.
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thanks marispel- next time I'll try this!

we're going on 23 hours vomit free... fingers crossed!
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Hi Maddie!

We have a sick baby too, and ended up in the ER at the children's hospital yesterday for her fever. There were lots of parents bringing in kids for vomiting. The triage nurse gave them all a syringe and cup of pedialyte and instructed them to give 5 mls every 5 minutes, so long as they kept it down. If they vomited, then she told them to wait ten minutes and start again.

And no gatorade, too much sodium for small kidneys, even watered down.

My mom (a nurse) swears by the B.R.A.T diet after a spell of vomiting ... Bananas, Rice, Applesauce and Toast. Easy on the tummy.

Glad to hear that Phoenix is doing better! Esmé is on the mend too. She had a tummy bug a couple of weeks ago, and now this viral infection and ear infection and heavy duty fever. Poor wee sproglets.
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oh yuck. its so scary when they get sick!
I'll file this all away for next time.. he seems to be all better! yay!
Glad Esmé is getting better! hope she recovers from her ear infection and fever soon.
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