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Breastfeeding and running/elliptical

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This is my third baby, and the easiest by far (so far) to breastfeed. I have had no engorgement, she nurses well, and she is up above her birth weight. (She's a week and a half old). This was my first unmedicated birth, and everything went really well. I had no tearing, and I feel really good physically. I have been running since high school and ran/ellipticalled up until a day before I gave birth. I really feel like I could start back up with exercising, but could this mess up my milk supply this early? I can't find anything on kellymom and thought someone here might know. I don't want to push it/overdo it, but for my mental sanity, exercise is a huge help for me. Should I wait a little while longer? Thanks!

ETA: I waited until 4-6 weeks with my other two because that is what I was told to do.
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I wouldn't worry about supply as much as pereneal muscle healing

Just be careful with bras and blocked ducts.
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I agree that I would wait at least on the running part for healing reasons. You might feel good but your body still really needs to heal.
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I started running around 3 weeks PP with DD. Obviously I didn't go right back into 5-7 mile runs(my usual). If my bleeding picked up or I had soreness I would just slow down, rest, not run as fast, etc. Then would try again the next day or 2 after.
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