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Originally Posted by holz View Post
We're horrible at names. Or rather, horrible at agreeing on them. Not that DH has shared any for to me to agree to... It's me making a huge list, and him vetoing Every. Single. One.

The only two we can agree on are

Caleb Adai C____
Bethany Mary-Ada C____

I do love both names, but have little misgivings I need to get over- in Hebrew, Caleb translates to "dog," and I just don't know if I can live with myself over that. And then, as much as I love the name Bethany, I don't like the nickname Beth. I'd prefer Bet, Betsy, or Bess, but I'm already getting a hard time about those.

I tend to love Hebrew names, and the hubby shoots them down as "too out there..." I want a little girl named Tovah in the worst way, though.

I've been totally open about sharing names, but I think I'm going to stop doing it in "real life." Don't want to open it up to criticism
Crazy!! Tovah is on my short list!! I absolutely love it and the male version Tovi .
My dc are all Hebrew names but the girl name dh has his heart set on is not, which is I'm hung up on them not 'going together'.
Tovah and Tovi work well though. So does Ezra ~ my other top pick . I have a few but dh gives EVERY ONE a hard time .
Honestly, when it comes down to it, I do the naming so I'm not allowing myself to get ahead of myself and over argue ahead of time .
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Originally Posted by MJB View Post
If you'd think it was cool if someone stole your name, of course you don't understand the point of keeping it secret. I'd be pissed if someone stole our names, so we keep them secret.
Ditto on this. I'm telling everyone IRL the names, but it's places like MDC that I worry about. I've heard rumors that unique names can go viral very quickly on this forum.

I won't reveal our boy's name for that reason...because it's classic, not too common, and it's been on the rise for the past few years anyway. Don't want to contribute to wearing out the name already.

If it's a girl, the name we have picked out is Annemarie Justine. Or, Anne Marie Justine. I started a whole thread about the two words vs. one word name issue lol. She will be called Annemarie so I think spelled that way makes the most sense, but at the same time Anne Marie is more traditional. However, if we spell it out in two words it will appear that she has two middle names and I kinda don't like that. So...we'll see. What do y'all think? I'll probably end up calling her Annie in any case, which we all think is real cute.
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I have a hard time picking a name because I am a teacher and have taught approximately 1,000 kids. There are some I REALLY don't want to be reminded of!!

I'd like to name our waiting bean after my first horse, but DH says no. We are having a hard time this time around. DH named our DD, and DD's middle name is his mom's middle name, and she has his last name, so I sort of feel like it's my family's turn. He is hoping for a boy and wants to use his idiot g'father's name as a middle name. I want nothing of it, so we (DD and I) have been referring to the bean as Najawooody. We'll see if it sticks.
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For a girl, we'll be naming her Elizabeth Rose. Rose was chosen by our oldest as we were having problems with a middle name and it fits perfectly. I'll probably end up calling her Rosie. It's too cute.

For a boy, we're kinda goosed. We have two boys already, Nelson Jame and Alexander Emmanuel, we've used up all the names we liked. lol Nelson suggested Thomas. He was looking at his train when he thought of it, so I don't know if it counts. DH keeps changing his mind on names he likes though.
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Originally Posted by rlandnl View Post
Our son is Alexander Richard, and we call him Xander- sometimes I wish we had gone with just Xander because too many people call him Alex, even after asking them not to (think grandparents) and it's been a fight EVERY SINGLE YEAR in school. Every teacher in the 3 years he's been there has REFUSED to call him Xander and they call him Alex. And now he writes Alex on everything. It really really really upsets me. When he was in pre-K I corrected the teacher time and time again and she just out and out refused to comply. In K the teacher had a Xavier and she thought that was too close and couldn't handle "remembering them both" and this year I haven't fought her on it. I have been fighting for other things (IEP stuff) so I just don't have a name fight in me.

But that in and of itself is why I am leaning to Katie being a DD given name instead of Kate. I don't want any confusion on what I want her called.

That's so frustrating. We have an Alexander. So far everyone except one person is great at using his whole name. The one person who doesn't, has a son of her own whom she has been calling Alex for the last 30 some odd years. She gets a pass. *G* Teachers mucking up the name is so not cool. My guy will be going to school next year, and already his potential teachers refer to him as Alexander, I think one tried to call him Alex, and my 4 year old corrected her. *G* Hasn't been a problem since. Hope you get some better luck on the name front, you're due!
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