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Found a great (cheap) gluten free bread mix!

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Hi - I just wanted to pass this on. This bread mix was in the diabetic section of the regular grocery store, go figure. My non-celiac kid even says it is the best bread we've ever made! It does call for butter and milk (we are also dairy free) so we just use oil and almond milk. It does have some soy-lecithin in it, if you are sensitive to soy.

We added 3 eggs instead of the called for 2 plus egg whites. It rose wonderfully and was great warm and cold. We baked it the old fashioned way, but it says you can use a bread machine. So glad to find this! Last, but definitely NOT least - It was about half the price of the g-f mixes in the natural foods section or the HF store.

Hope you enjoy it, too! It is Hodgson Mill gluten-free bread mix.
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Glad you found something your family likes!

I looked up the ingredients, and it has corn starch, which rules it out for a lot of people here (including us - we have GF friends who could eat this, but we can't do corn). Also, it's main flours are bean flours - garbanzo and fava.

If you find that it starts bothering you over time, just know that bean flours are incredibly difficult to digest (which sucks, because they make for tasty baking!). They grind up raw beans for them, I think is the problem. My DS did fine on them for a week or two, then started getting tummy aches .
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I wonder if it would be more digestible if soaked in water overnight like the WAPF (Weston Price Foundation) advocates for beans.... I bet so.

(My sister in law just told me about their products yesterday... They sell them on their website. I hadn't noticed the bean flours in the bread mix, but didn't order anything yet.) I tend to make my things from scratch so probably will continue doing so gluten free.... (cheaper usually)
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