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Add me to the crunchy Christian conservative list.

My sons were both born at home but I'm going with a CNM in a hospital this time because I had two NICU transfers and want to try to avoid that if possible. I've been pleasantly surprised by my CNM group so far.

I nurse on demand with no pumping or formula (ecological breastfeeding if anyone's familiar with the concept). My first son weaned with slight encouragement 5 days before his brother was born -- the day before his second birthday. My second son weaned at 2.5. I wouldn't say I do child-led weaning, but until they turn two, I nurse whenever they want.

We co-sleep for at least 18 months. My almost 4 year old has been crawling back into our bed in the middle of the night for the past year and we haven't tried too hard to stop him. He shares a double bed with his brother.

I love babywearing. I do own a stroller but only use it when I have to carry lots of stuff.

We've cloth diapered both kids and I sewed most of ds2's diapers and did elimination communication with him. I've also been sewing all their pj's and a fair number of their shirts. I also knit lots of wool covers and longies/shorts. DS2 pretty much only wore wool pants until he potty-learned.

We eat only grass-fed, happy beef and chickens. I'll occasionally buy other not-so-happy meat from the grocery store, but only if it's not available from the farmer where I also buy dairy directly. I believe it's not-certified organic. It is pasteurized.

I canned 300+ jars of tomatoes, jams, green beans, applesauce, pickles, and other things last summer and fall and we try to buy most of our produce through a CSA or farmer's market if we didn't grow it. I generally try to have whole foods and as little processing as possible, but I'm not super-strict on it, especially in the middle of winter when nothing's fresh anyway. We rarely go out to eat and have fast food even more rarely. Except for ice cream. I'm a sucker for ice cream.

We have 6 hens in our backyard who give us 4-5 eggs/day.

I didn't really do baby food, especially with ds2. If he couldn't pick it up and eat it, he had to wait until he could.

We use toilet paper and occasional paper towels for bacon grease, but generally use cloth for everything else.

We have used NFP throughout our marriage and do not plan to ever be sterilized. We aren't completely open to pregnancy at all times, but once my fertility returns, we feel that if we're going to avoid pregnancy, we need a good reason to do so.

We selectively do vaccines on a delayed schedule. My five year old was caught up enough not to need exemptions to enter kindy, but only barely, and everything was later. I made a point of getting my boys to a chicken pox party when they were 22 months and 3.5 and we spent Jan. 2008 sequestered at home waiting for pox, then dealing with them. We see a family practitioner and usually avoid alternative medicine.

I pretty much avoided plastic toys until we reached the age of Duplos. The wooden train set was the favorite toy for a long time. Now we have building toys of many sorts and I don't fight it. We don't have any action figures or plastic tv-based toys, though.

My kids watch TV but on a limited basis and nothing with commercials.

We don't circ.

My kids attend private Catholic school.
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I came to this website because I found myself defending my views on other pregnancy websites. Compared to most women I know, I've got some pretty "crunchy" viewpoints, but compared to some of you guys, I'm a total light-weight!

I will start by saying that I have no children, so I cannot speak from experience when it comes to child-raising; I can only speak from hopes and plans.

If the child is a boy, we will not circ.

We plan to use cloth diapers.

Obviously I'll breast-feed! I don't think I'd go much past a year and a half, though.

I am an academic (I'm working on my Doctorate in Literature and teach at a University) and I will definitely send my kids to public school.

I'm not sure where I stand on vax-ing; I'll probably allow some vax's but not others.

I'm a liberal atheist (please don't hate me, Conservative Christians!) , and I won't raise my children under any religion; I will surround them with my ethnically and sexual-orientationally diverse friends and family.

I fully intend to have an unmedicated birth--hopefully a water birth--under the guidance of a CNM at a "crunchy," natural-birth friendly hospital. There are no birth centers in my area, and techincally home birth is illegal in GA (where I live).

I hope to steer clear of jarred baby food and make my own.

These are my hopes, and I also hope that I don't lose too many of them in what is sure to be the overwhelming experience of new motherhood!
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Originally Posted by MJB View Post
Wow, MDC is really leaning heavily towards the Christian conservative demographic these days.
I'll add that my husband and I are both pro-choice feminists, we don't believe in gender roles, we are a multiracial family (black/white), we believe in evolution, global warming, and birth control. We're atheists and raising our kids as such. We're anti-Weston A. Price, I don't eat dairy or beef outside of pregnancy (and no pork ever).
In college I majored in women's and gender studies and minored in pan-African studies and my husband had the same, but with major/minor reversed. We both participated in many of the anti-globalization protests of 2000-2003. We're crazy radical punks.
It's not all of MDC, our DDC just seems to unexpectedly have a large percentage. (Which is ok. I'm all dandy-candy with whatever works for people.)

That said, I didn't even think to talk about being a flaming liberal. I guess I took it for granted. I've been super active in the alternative sexuality world for more than ten years. My husband is extremely feminist and atheist whereas my relationship with God is kind of fuzzy. I think we (God and I) get along just fine but no organized religion I've ever heard of would approve. We definitely intend to introduce our unschooled little heathens to evolution and global warming. And he's getting snipped before this kiddo can crawl.
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Hmmm, food wise we have been slowly moving towards healthier options. Once we move to our house I plan on having a garden.
We do avoid beef and chicken unless it's from a local farmer/meat market.

We co-sleep.

I will be nursing this baby and we have no problem with extended breastfeeding. Nursing did not work out with my DS due to a serious lack of resources, support and people to encourage and help.

We totally love the idea of babywearing but DS HATED being worn so maybe this babe will give us a chance to practice it.

Our DS is circed but next time around we'll definitely be putting more thought into it before deciding.

We cloth diaper.

We do baby lead solids and I mash whatever needs to be mashed.

Our kids will more than likely go to public school. I love entertaining the idea of homeschooling but I'm not sure if I have it in me or not quite yet. We'll see once the time comes.

We do vax.

I stay at home because our home just runs better when I'm here to keep everything in order. We also both strongly believe in the benefits of having a stay at home parent. Also, it's what I feel is my "calling".

Our parenting style is based very strongly on our faith/beliefs.

Our DS does watch television but only PBS at home. When at his grandparents I know he watches other cartoons but we're okay with that.

I'm really passionate about homebirth and natural childbirth and a natural, non-medical/non-intervention approach to normal pregnancies but this came about shortly after my DS' birth. I'm pretty fanatical about it and I'm sure I drive my family and friends crazy.

We're video game geeks but do a good job of keeping it balanced with other activities and not allowing it to consume too much time.

When I first came to MDC during my pregnancy with my son I thought everyone here was crazy and that all the ideas where weird. Then for some reason, I kept coming back. The next thing I know, I'm one of the weirdos with a newborn baby and all these "crazy" parenting/family ideas and practices.
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I used to be more crunchy... I was a combo of vegetarian and vegan for almost 12 years (I was veg with las pregnancy and suprisingling, I had better iron and b12 levels than this time around!). I used to produce very little waste and eat mostly whole foods, in season. I ate so little processed food that my naturopath told me I had a sodium deficiency in the past.
However, since becoming a parent, I have let down my guard due to time and money contstraints. I actually broke down and gave my son ibuprofin (infant) while he was teething (and I said I'd never do that), but homeopathy just wasn't helping!!! I also swore I wouldn't let him watch TV, but now I let him so I can keep him out of my hair while I'm cleaning or cooking). We eat more processed and packaged food and drive our car a lot more than I would like. I feel guilty about theses things all the time. I am aslo a stronger discipinarian than I thought I would be, but I feel comfortable with it most of the time)
But... we do co-sleep (even at 3 yrs), I pretty much exclusively nursed until 1 yr (son wasn't interested in food, so I followed his cues), breastfed until 2 years. No Vax, no circ, cloth diapered and baby-wore. I had a natural hospital birth with an amazing midwife - and I'm doing it again (and looking forward to it!!!). This time I will request that I get baby as soon as s/he is born and no cord clamping or vit K shot.
Diet wise, we eat mostly local and organic when possible. We have a huge garden and tonnes of fruit trees, so when properly organized, we could probably be self-sufficient.
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Oh fun thread

I think I'm relatively crunchy. We co-slept with DD until just recently (she's almost 4) and will do the same for this babe. I breastfed DD until almost 3 and I was upset when I had to wean her before she weaned herself. We AP, GD, babywear, possibly cloth diapering this time around. We don't circ and we do delayed vaxing. I will homebirth with this one and consume the placenta one way or another. I try to parent by instinct and not with power. I think my children are just as valuable as I am, and their opinions and feelings are just as important.

We have fallen off of the organic wagon because of finances, but we do try to eat healthy. I also try my best to be green, but I still give into practicalities. I find myself much more crunchy than anyone I know IRL, but I know around here I'm probably only relatively crunchy.
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Hi everyone, really loved reading this thread.
I, too, used to be more crunchy before, when I lived in Oregon. But it was in different ways than I am now, here in Paris.
Food (and everything else) is very expensive here, so sadly, we've cut down to only occasional organic foods. On the other hand, we eat mostly culturally french & non processed, buy from the local market (this is not a direct farmers market =( but does have fresh regional foods) and local bakery.
We mostly cloth diaper while at home, and I love to sew the covers. We don't own a dryer.
We do extended breastfeeding and I homemade/froze most of her babyfood & purees.
We co-sleep then move on to a crib around 16-18mo. Never let my newborn or young infant cry it out.
We delay vax, and gave all of the legally required ones.
We won't circ any boys.
Up until 6 mo preg with DD, we had planned for a natural water birth in a beautiful Italian clinic. Circumstances changed, we suddenly found ourselves in France with our options highly limited to a medicalized hospital birth. Looks like we'll probably go the same route with this pregnancy, simply out of my loss of a desire to fight the whole system here in a country where I still don't really speak the language well enough.
Love baby wearing, and its essential for metro transportation anywhere in paris, but use the stroller tons too for groceries as we dont own a car.
Love love love wooden toys, but I'm not against plastics either, we will take them as gifts but prefer to spend our money on mostly wooden or educational/craft supplies when we do purchase the occasional toy.
Not against limited educational videos for DD but we haven't owned a TV for years. (getting one soon though.)
Used to be a big organic gardener, but to have a garden here,is a rediculously expensive luxury so I'm just managing to try not to kill my few potted plants in the apartment. Here, I still make homemade jam, but we usually have to buy the fruit from the market, which seems wierd to me.
In all, I feel like I pick and choose what works best for us, but can't subscribe 100% to any strict philosophy. Not sure if I would be considered truely AP or not, but I think at least some of the ideas work for me some of the time.
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Originally Posted by rightkindofme View Post
It's not all of MDC, our DDC just seems to unexpectedly have a large percentage. (Which is ok. I'm all dandy-candy with whatever works for people.)

That said, I didn't even think to talk about being a flaming liberal. I guess I took it for granted. I've been super active in the alternative sexuality world for more than ten years. My husband is extremely feminist and atheist whereas my relationship with God is kind of fuzzy. I think we (God and I) get along just fine but no organized religion I've ever heard of would approve. We definitely intend to introduce our unschooled little heathens to evolution and global warming. And he's getting snipped before this kiddo can crawl.
I never thought liberal vs conservative as far as crunchy, but I would say I am definitely a liberal, I am raising my son to be a liberal, as far as God, I really don't know where I stand with him, I am not sure I believe I guess Agnostic best describes me at this point in my life, there was a time I was a devoted practicing Catholic as was DH. DH is now a non-believer. We are raising our children to question everything, and come up with your own set of beliefs.
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I'm a growing crunchier with education kind of person I guess. When I had my first 2 I didn't really read anything or know anything. Didn't know what AP was. Had no one around who understood the bit of crunchiness (sp?) I naturally had.

I wanted to homebirth with my first 2, but didn't know I actually could and didn't have the support I needed. But I did hb with my 3rd and plan to with this one as well.

My first 2 are vax'd. Although they stopped getting the flu vax when #2 was a baby and the nurse "mistakenly" asked me if we were getting it that day, instead of telling me which is what had always happened before. A light bulb went on in my head saying "Wait, I have a choice?!" and I said no they weren't. DS is vax free. I haven't decided if that will be something I leave for him to choose when he is older or if we will eventually start vaxing. I don't plan to vax at first with this baby either.

I didn't have cloth or know where to get them with dd#1. Tried them with dd #2 but she outgrew hers so quickly and I couldn't afford to buy more. Used them for the 1st year with ds. I want to cloth diaper this one as well, but I don't have any so we'll see if I can slowly start stocking up.

We have co-slept from the beginning. We tried to use a bassinet with dd#1 but she was NOT having it. When she was about 4 or 5 months old we tried to move her to a crib. She would only sleep in it in our room (which was very small) and usually she wouldn't stay in it very long. Dd#2 would sleep in the crib some, but then dd#1 broke it and we just never bought a new one. Right now DS is the only one co-sleeping with us and we're slowly trying to shift him to his own bed.

All my kids have nursed past a year. Ds has actually made it past 2 thanks to the information and support I've had. He also pretty much exlusively breastfed until after a year.

We pretty much only go to the dr for the yearly check up or if there is a real need to go like when DS had severe croup and stridor. And when dd#2 broke her wrist. I do go to a cnm for prenatal visits though.

We really don't take over the counter medicines either. We prefer more natural ways of dealing with health.

We're working on being greener. We compost. We try to reuse stuff for the kids' art projects at least. I'm planning to use soap free bath water for watering the garden this summer. We have our own food garden. We love shopping locally and at the farmer's markets. At our next home we plan to put up solar pannels. We'd like to live at least somewhat off the grid. We planted a tree with ds's placenta.

We homeschool.

DS is intact and any other boys we have will be as well.

I love wooden toys, but we do also have plastic toys.

With ds I finally had appropriate babywearing stuff. (i.e. not the little snugglie that baby only fit in for maybe 3 months.)

We do watch tv here. I'd like it to be less. And we're working on that.

We love going out and hiking and stuff though, too.

I believe that all children are a blessing and have never had the opportunity to plan a pregnancy. I have the attitude that if God wants to bless us with more so be it. If God feels that we have our fill then so be it. I'm cool either way. DH doesn't exactly feel that way so we do use contraception.

I am a Christian but I don't know that I'm exactly conservative.
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I find it fascinating that you find those all the way to the right and all the way to the left and in the middle, in one place, with as much harmony as there seems to be here at MDC.
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Originally Posted by KempsMama View Post
I find it fascinating that you find those all the way to the right and all the way to the left and in the middle, in one place, with as much harmony as there seems to be here at MDC.

I think we can really learn a lot from each other in coming months and I'm looking forward to it
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very interesting thread, indeed!

we are also moderately crunchy people, I guess.

I was a waldorf student for 13 years plus kindergarten, so that is basically my background in terms of crunchyness. DH is an organic gardener and had his own vegetable farm in austria for 15 years.

DS is not circed (which is not unusual in germany, rather the other way round) and was breastfed until I weaned him last christmas (at 18 months) because this pg just made my milk dry up entirely and bfing literally became a pain. we started off CDing when we still lived in Thailand. here in germany we have relatively eco-friendly diapers available, so we are doing that now.

When still in Thailand we only had a wrap and a couple of slings for DS. We bought a second hand stroller when we came back to germany which has been great for shipping around our toddler. With baby no2 I am saving up for a manduca and will keep him/her as close as possible again. strollers for toddlers, carriers for babies - that's my philosophy.

DS has not been vaxed yet, though we are still debating whether or not to get one or the other vaccine sooner or later.

We eat as little processed foods as possible. Going only organic would be our ideal, but is financially not possible at the moment.

We are not strictly AP, I guess. There are some ideas from the waldorf movement I really like and some other authors, like Jesper Juul I have found inspiring. A PP said, she tried to parent by instinct. That's well put for me too. I try to raise my child/soon children to become social being, not little egomaniacs who have never learned that other people (i.e. parents) also have needs.

There is no TV in our household, though we like to watch the occasional movie on DVD.

we are non-christian people with our own beliefs that don't exactly qualify us as atheists.

I am a strong believer in natural birth and UPd with DS, though a homebirth was not in our cards, since he was malpositioned. at least I tried. I generally question everything that sounds too mainstream for me. I guess most of my friends think I'm uber-weird crunchy mama, concerning my parenting and birth choices

we have a family bed and DS will stay with us as long as things work out for everybody.

Oh, and what's the story about believing or not believing in evolution or global warming? wow... to me that's really weird. Absolutely no offense here! But I guess that's europe and the US too...
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We live simply (in an rv), eat vegetarian (organic when we can), cloth diaper, don't circumcise, selectively vaccinate, cosleep, breastfeed, mostly AP, babywear, have mostly natural type toys and plan to unschool. But we love our tv, movies and computer and I'll probably have another natural hospital birth. I think most people here are in different places on the crunchy spectrum but we can all ay least share or views here without being mocked as hippy freaks.

Originally Posted by franjapany View Post

Oh, and what's the story about believing or not believing in evolution or global warming? wow... to me that's really weird. Absolutely no offense here! But I guess that's europe and the US too...
Um please don't lump all of us in the US in with that boat, because I don't understand it either.
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I would consider us mildly crunchy.

DH and I both have tattoos (he even has his neck tattood) and I have piercings, so we are pretty much considered wierd in our community already LOL. We drive a big, loud, flashy truck and are really into stock car and drag racing. We own a big TV, laptop, iPod, Blackberries, Wii, etc. I really like technology LOL. We are also athiests and believe in evolution. So thats the super non-crunchy part of us.......

We co-slept with DD and she still sleeps in a crib pushed up to the side of the bed. I did breastfeed but ended up giving it up (lack of resources). I UP'd with her and strongly considered a UC but due to pre-e had to be induced. I had a fairly natural labor until they pushed morphine on me at the end. It was a 45 hour labor that ended in a c/s. This pregnancy I am seeing an OB and having a natural hospital VBAC and I plan to breastfeed for as long as this baby wants. We also won't be moving DD into her own room when this baby is born. We will all be sleeping in our room. We do babywear somewhat but also own a stroller. If this baby is a boy we will not be circ'ing. Everyone keeps bugging us to pierce DD's ears but we believe that is something she should be able to choose for herself (which people think is totally wierd for us to say when they look at us LOL). We own cloth diapers but they get used rarely. We try to use the most eco friendly disposables that we can find. We are trying to recycle more and I have been starting to compost. DD has a lot of plastic toys. We try to eat as healthy as possible and buy as much organic as we can. We do eat fast food once in a while and I do cook out of a can/bag/box on occasion. Our parenting style works for us. I'm not sure what you would call it. DD is vocally disciplined (not yelled at) and never hit and she picks her own bedtime. We are pretty laid back parents. Oh and we don't vax except we did give her a half dose of the H1N1 vaccine thanks to a lot of pushing from family and friends. I also got a bit scared when my cousin ended up in hospital on an ECMO machine an almost died from it.

Forgot to add that I made ALL of DD's baby and froze it from organic fruits and vegetables.
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I posted my reply at like 1am last night, and didn't get to read all the other responses. So after reading and getting a little sleep, I'm back to add a few things I forgot.

DP doesn't eat meat, only fish, so I'm usually meat free as well. Although this pregnancy has been demanding more meat eating of me.

We also selective vax, not just delay. We don't do things like chicken pox vax and we never get flu shots. We also don't medicate or go to the doctor unless completely necessary. We use herbs and take vitamins.

We recycle pretty vigilantly. We only own one vehicle, and use public transportation or walk a lot.

I read the continuum concept when DD was really little and it is very similar to the way we parent.

And I say we use GD, but we do use time outs if needed so I guess we're not totally there. I think my daughter needs it sometimes. There are times when she outright disrespects me and that is punishable, but not much else is in my eyes.

Also, I'm not sure how religion plays a role in being crunchy, but DP is agnostic, as am I although I'm way more spiritual than he. So we believe in evolution and global warming and we think it is our responsibility to take care of our earth.

Oh, and we do watch T.V, but not excessively. Mostly movies. And I my laptop.
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Originally Posted by franjapany View Post
Oh, and what's the story about believing or not believing in evolution or global warming? wow... to me that's really weird. Absolutely no offense here! But I guess that's europe and the US too...
Well, since I was the first to mention it... There are many scientists who doubt this theory and there was quite a bit of scandal when the scientists and politicians in the global warming camp were found to be falsifying the research to skew in favor of gw...I thought this was common knowledge. My parents recall the "Cooling trend scare of the 70's". IMO, it's similar to the swine flu "epidemic" of the 70's and bird flu scare this time around. I tend not to accept the party line on most things, so...

Disclaimer: These are based on my own research and my own feelings and not intended to upset or bring discord into our DDC!
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And I think the religion and political spectrum is brought up because it seems to be a common stereotype that crunchy people are always secular liberals. I've been on message boards (not here) before where some women seem shocked and even offended that anyone other than that could be crunchy. But obviously that's not the case, we're all over the place!
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I'm nowhere near as crunchy as I was 5 years ago. Since then I have married a man who's very meat-and-potatoes and traditional. Being with me has opened his mind to a lot of new concepts and I've changed some things about my lifestyle too - our relationship is one big compromise!
We're planning a homebirth for this baby. We have delayed/selective vax'd DS and this baby may be non-vax'd, still haven't decided. I CD'd DS for a while but stopped after about 6 months for various reasons. I am hoping to breastfeed this baby longer than I did with DS (and I have a good LC to help me this time). I'm starting to learn more about homeopathic remedies and supplements, as well as cooking "cleaner". Otherwise I'm more liberal minded in almost all things, have an outlook of general spirituality but not one particular religion, and though we are in traditional roles now (him working, me at home) it wasn't always this way and will change again in a few years.
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Wow, well... Midly crunchy here.

We Co-sleep (although we finally moved our 6 and 3 year old into their own beds this year). I exclusively breastfeed and have very strong opinions about formula. I've breastfed both of my children until they were 2.5, when they weaned on their own. My youngest is 16 months and still nursing and co-sleeping. We'll see what happens. I have had 3 hospital births with OB's, all of them with epidurals. Obviously I hope to change that this time around. I have cloth diapers and use them, but not all the time. I do hope to exclusively cd this child. We are no-vax, no-circumcision. We have a stroller and our chilren LOVE it. lol, I don't like putting babies in a stroller, though, so we also have slings. We're AP in the sense that I do what I think is best for my kids. Even if that means choosing something less than "crunchy". We don't use play yards. I don't even own a high chair...not that I'm against them, it's just that my babies were always on my lap during meals, eating from my plate. They are pretty much allowed to explore at will, as long as I keep an eye on them and know they are safe.
As far as diet is concerned we are transitioning to TF. However, we still eat fast food sometimes. I love to sew and knit but don't rely on it for everything. Yes, I love Target.
I don't do well-baby checkups. My children haven't seen a dr in over a year, lol. When they're sick, I take care of them using natural remedies. If they needed to be looked at I'd take them to the dr, but they're healthy and just don't need it. I prefer natural cleaning methods. We are planning on Homeschooing.
Here's where I have to be realistic. I married a nerd. He loves electronics, gadgets, video games and toys. He collects Transformers and Masters of the Universe toys (has for over 10 years) and we have a large TV and every video game system available. We also have iPhones. We love the TV and my kids play age appropriate video games. They're of course supervised. My children have lots of plastic toys. I know we look "alternative". lol, DH purchases all his tshirts (his wardrobe must) at Hot Topic, and I dye my hair and tend to cut it weird. I <3 makeup. Not that this has anything to do with being "crunchy" but I think we break a few stereotypes. We probably look like a bunch of young punks, but I was raised a republican. I have recently aligned myself more with the Libertarian party, but still take a more conservative stance. I believe in God, but don't have a religion that I "belong" to. I guess I'm all over the place...but I'm crunchier than 99% of my area. I do what works for us.
I think what's great with MDC is that as long as you aren't blindly following what the mainstream thinks is "right" than you're accepted. Even if you end up choosing to go a more mainstream route, almost everyone here does it with knowledge.
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I guess I'm mildly crunchy, which is pretty far off the norm from where I live.

We eat organic when we can, belong to a CSA, and I have a huge garden that I spend most of August and September preserving (not sure what that will look like this summer!) DH was raised by vegetarian hippies, and we joke that I've brought him over to the dark side of eating meat, but really we only eat meat about 2 times a week, and even then only a few ounces each.

DH is non-circ'ed, and any boys we have will also be.

I'm a scientist, and believe in global warming, evolution, conservation, and the power of positive thought as well as the power of critical thinking. We cloth diaper, buy local, cosleep, breastfeed, and homebirth.

We do eat some fast food, watch TV, have electronic and plastic toys, and I work full time outside the home. DD had all her vaccinations on the reccomended schedule, but we are considering a delayed schedule for our new addition.

All in all, however, I love my Mothering Community because it is filled with women who are not afraid to make their own life choices, research their options, voice their beleifs, and support other women in their choices. I find it such a comfortable place to be, and I'm gald you all are out there!
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