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Originally Posted by lunarlady View Post
and I have a huge garden that I spend most of August and September preserving (not sure what that will look like this summer!)
I know, right? I like to do as much preserving as I can in the late summer/early fall with food from the CSA, farmer's market, and my garden...shoot that will be a little tricky this year!
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I love this thread

Our family is into the natural living thing,
We just moved from Hawaii to Colorado, Hawaii was a wonderful place to be to live as natural as possible, by default even, Colorado is great too, we did the raw food diet, love love eating like that, love it, but its hard cooking two meals especially since two of my kids came to us really malnourished.
I grew up attending my mother in her home births delivered by my Step D, I knew that when we had our first when I was 18 that I would have her with a MW, we ended up transferring to the hospital and having her, as well as the next one at the hospital, the last three kids have been at home and were wonderful births, I am planning on having this baby at hm,
I buy organic one because it tastes better and two because its good for you but I'm not really uptight about it, my ten year old son was recently tested for pesticides and all the foods that came up for him that were affecting him were foods I don't buy organic always ( potatoes,oranges,grapes, lettuce) and we don't use cloth, I've been kicking myself for 13 years and every baby I think it's our last, and then we adopted two babies, and my husband told me no way was he having three babies in cloth diapers.
We never have vaccinated any of our bio kids, our two sons were vax before we had them, growing up all five kids in my family were never vax, and then my brother and I got big ideas that we should all be vax, so we convinced my mother, and me of all the people has suffered since then from complications from the vax.
No circumcision for the three bio sons, and our two adopted boys are intact.
We are Eastern Orthodox Christians and that's a big part of our lives, in Eastern Orthodoxy we fast a good portion of the year ( the adults) so it's a pretty basic vegan diet and no alcohol ( or fun during the fasting periods, the rest of the time its cheese and meat and wine.
It's actually a pretty healthy way to eat, although some could get by on "fasting" eating twinkies and drinking diet coke, but most people learn that its better to eat healthy and they get creative.
The children don't fast as well as nursing or pregnant mothers, or anyone who is ill or has health issues.

I think its good to teach your kids about health, my mother is the one who instilled in me a mind for living healthy, although now she doesn't live like that, I am really grateful for the knowledge that she imparted on us kids, I am still learning daily.

We don't take our kids to the Dr. unless they have a health issue, and with seven kids usually someone is either swallowing a quarter or sticking a lego down their nose, or getting hives,I like to have my nursing friends take a look at whatever is going on first though, we've gotten quarantined for a week by the health department because they thought our son had measles it turned out it was a strep rash, the health nurse was bound and determined that all nine of us would be fully immunized, I just told her we would do the 21 day quarantine (or a year or whatever), she called everyday, she was really rude, and I was really nice, we've had our share of non dangerous Dr. visits over thirteen years, usually we just look at each other and go what the heck happened there??

We are a mutil racial family and its awesome I love my family and I love balance, I took my kids to MCdonalds just so they would know that it's ok to eat fast food once in a awhile, they thought I was full of it and didn't believe me until I had everyone out of the car and in line, and it was fun, and funny to be yelled at by my kids, I always ask them if they want to go back and they always say no.
I love having friends that do things the same and different I'm learning and growing ( literally as I speak) daily from my friends neighbors about living better, being kinder and thinking more healthily, a lot of health just happens in the mind and attitude.
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I'm mildly crunchy, in some ways I was less crunchy before I married DH and in some ways I was more crunchy- I now am becoming a bit crunchier everyday, with some exceptions.
I had a natural midwife assisted hospital birth with DS, this time around I am doing a hospital birth, likely with an epidural and with a high risk OB- the midwives insurance won't cover my twin pregnancy.
I use both traditional and natural remedies as well as acupuncture.
I breastfed DS and didn't introduce solids until 6 months, which I will be doing once again, this time I hope to do homemade baby food.
DH is against cosleeping but has agreed that I can sidecar a crib for the babies, at least for awhile as it will make nursing much easier.
I both Vax and Circ, making me quite the minority here, but I believe to each their own- I did my research and made the decision right for my family.
I CD'd DS and will be CDing the twins as well. I use mama cloth, actually sew my own and alternatively am a fan of menstrual cups.
I'd love to have a clothesline, and used to use drying racks for all my laundry as I had no dryer. We do try to choose energy efficient appliances and have discussed adding solar panels to the house.
I've been vegetarian or vegan for the past 8 years and as a family we eat a nearly meatless diet, I am planning on gardening next summer and this year will be buying a CSA share.
I try to use natural cleaners when possible and lean the same way for Health and beauty products.
DS is a big fan of duplo and watches too much TV. We will be buying the babies some nice wood toys as this time around I can actually afford it.
I did babywearing with DS but he wasn't into it, I'm hoping to wear the babies as long as possible- but realize double the baby will probably make weight an issue pretty early on.

Will eventually reach the moderately crunchy point, but don't think I'll every make it to fully crunchy.
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Soul76-We have good friends that are Eastern Orthodox, and I struggle with entertaining them on their fast days. They themselves don't eat much on their fast days, and haven't gotten creative about it yet. Do you have some ideas or a resource for recipes? Would love to have some for when they are over. We are Roman Catholic, but our fasts work differently (we are still allowed dairy and fish).
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Originally Posted by KempsMama View Post
Soul76-We have good friends that are Eastern Orthodox, and I struggle with entertaining them on their fast days. They themselves don't eat much on their fast days, and haven't gotten creative about it yet. Do you have some ideas or a resource for recipes? Would love to have some for when they are over. We are Roman Catholic, but our fasts work differently (we are still allowed dairy and fish).
Do they tell you they are fasting?
Ive served priests dairy on fasting days, whatever you serve at your home most people will eat regardless of fasting days, just check out any vegan cookbooks, some people modify the fast to meet their families needs, my priest in Hawaii, only asked that we refrain from eating meat on fasting days and eating small meals, I had another priest who was crazy about fasting and he was die hard about it!!
Honestly I think most Orthodox would welcome a non fasting meal at someones home that they are the guests in, I don't think you need to modify your families eating for them, unless you really care to do so.
Just stick with lentils, pasta, salads, beans, tofu, veggies, fruit salads, mexican food minus the cheese and meat but put meat and cheese as options for their kids and them if they choose.
mom to 7 due with 8 August 8th
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I always just assumed that everyone on MDC was somewhat crunchy. It would be a lonely, confusing place for one who isn't at all.
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Originally Posted by AmyKT View Post
I always just assumed that everyone on MDC was somewhat crunchy. It would be a lonely, confusing place for one who isn't at all.
That's what I was thinking too.
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I'm only mildly crunchy.

I'm a first time mom so many things I just don't know yet! I'm birthing at a hospital with OB in attendance. I have a lot of new information that I have woven into my ever evolving birth plan that I consider a little crunchy. I plan on cloth diapering and baby wearing (at least part of the time - my husband will be home with the baby while I work outside the home, so it'll be up to him if he's comfortable with that). We will vax selectively. Our baby will sleep in his/her own room in a crib (if that works out). I will probably only breastfeed up to a year and a half.

I will not circumcise if we have a boy. We recycle. I love fresh veggies but can't find the time/space to grow much more than some herbs and tomatoes. I'm a southern girl with a midwest husband so our meals are all about taste rather than content (though I've been making continuing efforts to introduce organic fruits and vegetables whenever possible). I love to cook and am intrigued by the idea of making rather than buying my baby's food.

I have no idea how things will be with toys - I've requested that the grandparents not go too far overboard as far as quantity, but I doubt I will limit based on quality. I don't make any detergents or soaps - I just don't have the time or energy with a full time job. We try to be energy efficient but we do use our appliances for convienence sake. My kiddo will probably be TV and DVD crazy - my husband loves the TV and playing video games (I myself am a computer gamer when time permits) so I imagine our little one will end up having an interest in the same.

I was raised Southern Baptist and my husband Catholic - but neither of us subscribe to any organized religion anymore. I am personally very spiritual and have my own relationship with God that doesn't really require me to be up early on Sunday, though I do see the benefit in having a church family and remember how much I loved attending as a child. I grew up in a very Republican household and now find myself somewhere right in the middle.

MDC is quite a bit crunchier than I am - but I love the opportunity to learn from others' lives and experiences. For example prior to MDC I definitely planned on circumcising, but now am totally against it after learning about the process!
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okay, I feel like a dummy for asking this--and I know ideologically what "crunchy" signifies--

but why the word "crunchy"? Why do people use that word?

Don't laugh!
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Originally Posted by lindsayb View Post
okay, I feel like a dummy for asking this--and I know ideologically what "crunchy" signifies--

but why the word "crunchy"? Why do people use that word?

Don't laugh!
Now, I don't know for *sure but I think it has something to do with Granola?? Since it's a universal "health food" ( haha, and I don't even agree with that!!) I believe I've heard "granola loving hippy" or something like that. That sounds so ridiculous, though lol!! Typing it out makes me think I must be wrong.
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We're cloth diapering and baby wearing. I'm into natural foods and plan to start our own garden and obtain meat from local sources once we move back to the US.

Selectively vaxx, non circ.
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Actually, he's a priest, married before he entered the priesthood. And they take fasting super serious-I've forgotten it was a fasting day and served Tuna casserole and they will watch us eat. Very uncomfortable for everyone, so I'm making an effort to accomadate their needs. She just found out she's expecting, and therefore isn't adhering to the rules as much, but still gives it her best shot.
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I thought I was more crunchy before coming on this board! Ha! I think I'm really just a basketcase.

I was a vegetarian for almost 20 years before taking up eating chicken again (before 1st pregnancy). I'm not very good at eating chicken, but I try.

We don't CD, which I've felt guilty about, but I work FT and then freelance at night. No time for more laundry then I already have.

We try to grow veggies and herbs, but I have a tendency to forget to water things. They eventually die, so off to the farm-stand I go.

We selective/delay vax, no circ (should this LO be a boy), co-sleep on occasion (though I make no habit of it, I'm a very light sleeper as it is), use a MW and our fabulous doula...

We use re-usable shopping bags for all shopping, not just the grocery store. They're taking over my backseat.

I won't homeschool, since a) I'm a workaholic (I love what I do), and b) I'm totally discombobulated.
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Well, I'm definitely not nearly as crunchy as some of you!!

Things that really aren't crunchy (soggy??) :

- We watch TV (far too much IMO) but I can't get DH to give it up or even limit it, so I've given up on that battle for the moment.
- We eat some processed / convenience / fast food. Not a huge amount - I cook dinners mostly from scratch 5-6 nights out of 7 but on the others I'll throw on an oven pizza and oven chips, or something like that.
- I eat far too much sugar; lots of fruit, juice, biscuits, cakes and sweets, though I'm trying to gradually cut down.
- We own a car and a pushchair, though I mostly wore DD until very recently. She's over 30 lb and my back just can't take it any more. We use public transport for the most part - the car is just for longer journeys to MIL's and such.
- We use toilet paper, kitchen towels, and some conventional 'cleaning products'.
- We have plastic toys, and even a Dora computer! But also some lovely wooden toys.

Things that are reasonably crunchy:
- I planned a HB last time (ended up with a transfer) and planning one again this time. I'm pretty militant about birth choices for women and hate the unnecessary forced medicalisation of most births.
- Though DD had some vaxes they were against my will and I stopped as soon as I could. This baby will not be receiving any vaccinations.
- I am still nursing DD (and overcame many many obstacles to do so) and plan to tandem nurse if she hasn't weaned herself by then. I plan to nurse the next LO till at least 2 as well. I like the idea of CLW, but am not against instigating weaning gently myself if I feel it would do us all better in the long run. I practised ecological BFing (though still got AF back at 6 weeks PP) and didn't introduce solids until DD was clearly ready - about 7 months - she loves her food!!
- We co-sleep and have done from the beginning. Hoping to get DD into a 'big girl bed' before new LO comes, but if not she'll be able to co-sleep with daddy while I co-sleep with the new LO. (No way we can all fit into our small double bed!!)
- I have never let DD CIO and as a baby tried my utmost to meet all of her needs. As she was a very HN baby that ended up taking up all my energy and more. I'm hoping to get a bit of a break with this one.
- I switched to CD with DD when she was 10 months old, but she was fully PLed by 18 months, so I didn't get to use them for very long! Hoping to CD from the start with this LO.
- We recycle everything that there's recycling facilities available for here, conserve water, try to buy second-hand where possible and sell/give to charity shops things that we no longer need.
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Originally Posted by JamieFay View Post
Now, I don't know for *sure but I think it has something to do with Granola?? Since it's a universal "health food" ( haha, and I don't even agree with that!!) I believe I've heard "granola loving hippy" or something like that. That sounds so ridiculous, though lol!! Typing it out makes me think I must be wrong.
You're right Jamie.
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Originally Posted by AmyKT View Post
I always just assumed that everyone on MDC was somewhat crunchy. It would be a lonely, confusing place for one who isn't at all.
Me too, but I think it's been so interesting to learn so much about each other this way. Can you imagine what the average fully main-streamer thinks of all us crazies???
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it's so fun to read the variety of responses here.
we're somewhere in the middle of it all.

we CD. DS is intact, but has all of his vaccinations. it's great, circumcision (thankfully) wasn't even presented as an option here...it never came up -- not from any care provider we had during the pregnancy/birth and he was born in the hospital. this baby will be born in the hospital as well with our amazing doula and midwives. DS's birth was a bit too scary for us to consider a home birth, but i hope things go more gently this time.

DS is still nursing at 21 months (but I have to admit that i'm a bit scared to find out what tandem nursing will mean for us. i don't see any signs of weaning in our near future!!). we wore him a lot when he was younger, but not so much any more as he's heavy! he mostly walks now, but we bring the stroller along for when he gets tired. we're mostly AP but he sleeps in a crib...we all get better sleep that way!

DS doesn't have that many toys, period. he prefers kitchen utensils...anything really that isn't a proper "toy" is the perfect toy for him! he has a few small plastic ones, but mostly wood. for xmas last year i told my parents what i wanted to get him (a wood play kitchen) and firmly directed my inlaws to wood accessories for said kitchen. he really didn't watch any tv (except for a 10 minute cartoon i dvr'ed for him that we watch when i cut his nails!) until this past week...we're trying to sell our house and simply needed to occupy him while we were prepping. the damned television worked like a charm. yuck. we're back to avoiding it again, but i'll admit that i pull out that 10 minute animation more often that i like!

recycling is a given, no? DH has a bit of a costco addiction which means that he buys a lot of things with waaay too much packaging, but i gave up that battle. we try to conserve where we can, but do have a car. we use the occasional paper towel (things like cat gak demand something disposable in my mind!), but no paper napkins.

we eat as healthy as we can, but can't always afford organic. i'm picky about what i buy organic and try to stick to things like the "dirty dozen and clean fifteen." three days of the week DH and i both work outside of the home and sometimes end up eating something that is just fast, but we try to keep those options as healthy as possible and i try to do a lot of cooking on mondays so we have real food to eat during the week.

we're left of left politically and don't follow any organized religion. that said, we're not anti-religion either and plan on expsoing DS to may belief systems.

i'm grateful that we live where we live...it's pretty crunchy all around here, and a decent (though not perfect!) maternity leave is what enabled me to establish such a long nursing relationship with my son.
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We're in the middle somewhere. We're aiming for another homebirth. We cd, babywear (but not exclusively-I love my stroller too), selectively vax, don't circ and try to eat all organic. I doubt I'll homeschool but ask me again after I'm done with the public kindy tours in a couple weeks! I would love to send my kids to Waldorf school but its just too expensive right now. We're not fans of plastic toys but we do have some and I really dislike character stuff. We have a TV but no cable and no antenna-we get stuff from the library on occasion. DH and I usually watch a couple things on the computer.
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I am expecting our first so I have real definition of where I fall but for me I fall in between in my thinking..lol

I plan on breastfeeding but also pumping after a certain age so DH can enjoy feedings as well.

I thought about CD but for me I will have a few on hand but mainly use disposables. For me I have a hard enough time staying on top of laundry the way it is so it seems better for us.

Still researching vaxs but plan on doing most of them just probably on a delayed schedule. I don't buy into flu vax though so that one is one that won't happen.

If its a boy we will circ. Have discussed this a lot and I have brought up conversations with DH about it and he has heard me out I have never been against it so we have had learning type conversations about both sides. For us we are ok with doing it.

We run our house in a traditional sense as in man of the household type line of thinking.

discipline we are not anti spanking but not pro spanking either if that makes sense. I think each child responds differently to different types of discipline so it will be a learning process. But spanking is not something that will be used as an all the time thing either its situational and again depends on the child.

co-sleeping I am not sure how that will go right now we both said no we don't want to do it. Although in the event of DH deploying I can see me doing it with him gone. When hes home I know he has no interest in it so I will respect that.

I primarily cook anyways so thats not going to be a problem and eating out is a treat as well so again not an issue.

But I know a lot can change so we shall see how it all pans out after the baby is here...lol
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I'm a lot more... natural-minded, I guess... than most people I know IRL, but I'm probably pretty mainstream by MDC standards.

I keep mostly organic inside the home- it's important to me that meat, dairy, and produce is organic, and most other things end up organic by default- Whole Foods is on my way home from work, so it's the most convenient place to shop. I can be such a hypocrite, though- the idea of buying non-organic veggies while grocery shopping now icks me out, but I'll wolf down McD's fries without a second thought.

We're pretty fanatic about recycling, but I leave too many lights on in the house.

I don't use harsh cleaning chemicals, except maybe once every few months in the bathrooms. We're cutting out paper products, but won't budge on TP.

I plan on using cloth diapers and breastfeeding, delaying solids and child-led weaning. I hate the idea of vaxing, but might end up doing some down the road.

Would love a homebirth, but it isn't going to work out this time, and I'm actually going with an OB rather than a CNM... for now.

I'm pretty AP by nature (this will be our first, but I currently teach in a preschool and have nannied in the past)... won't CIO, will co-sleep as long as it works for all of us, already building up a stash of slings. But I can be sort of strict, too, not in a way that's "un-AP," but I think in a way that many APers aren't. If that makes any sense?

Oh, and plastic blinking noisy toys? I hate them, but mostly because they're all annoying and tacky-looking to me. With the exception of Legos, of course, and that adorable Little People farm (the classic one)... heh.

I'm Jewish, and while my tradition is important to me, I likely won't circ if it's a boy. Isn't it weird, though- after years of "intactivism," I get pregnant and suddenly start second-guessing myself.
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