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plugged duct

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was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for me . . . my little one has had a cold and hasn't been nursing well. I have what I believe is a plugged duct, on the very center of my nipply I can see a white dot below the surface and milk can't come though. Once in a while a little bit of clear mile come out but that's it.

I have a sore spot on my breast too. I've been applying heat, manually expressing, but I just can't seem to get the plug to "pop" out if you know what I mean. Baby is not getting it out either.

Any suggestions on how to soften it and get it out? I'm worried it will get infected if I dont' get it out but nithing is seemig to work.
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Sounds like a milk bleb/blister. Kellymom has great advice:


Just scroll down for the treatment. Hope you can get rid of it soon!
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I just had a plugged duct. The things I did that seemed to help were soaking my breast in the hottest bath I could find, followed by nursing while doing breast compressions and applying a hot washcloth, followed by "popping" the white dot with a sterile needle, followed by pumping until no more came out. I had to do this a few days in a row. Also I nursed frequently.
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