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the point is - who are the party favors for? the kids or the parents?

are all the kids invited into this? does your child find this a great idea? i myself have yet to meet a child who hasnt gone thru that stage.

i would definitely buy that for the kids. however little time of fun they have with it - even if its a few minutes before it gets taken away, i would be happy with. however i also notice 6 and 7 are when they are kinda getting out of that phase too.
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Count me in the minority. I have two boys and hear quite enough fart jokes, thankyouverymuch. It's natural, I know. Farts are funny. But my kids don't need "help" to engineer artificial ones.

To me, fart jokes are something that kids do, a phase. Not something that adults should encourage them to persist in. So that kind of party favor would strike me as crude, vulgar and tacky and would probably color my opinion of you, and not for the better. Sorry, I'm snobby that way.
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I'd probably do something of more general interest, in place of the fart doll. Not every kid loves fart jokes, and some might be ready for a break from it by the end of the show. I also agree with pp that the show and the book is an awful lot, and a bag with some candy and stickers would be plenty.
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We don't use the word "fart" in our home. It's passing gas, around here. And I wouldn't let my five-year-old keep a whoopie cushion.
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I wouldn't like it and neither would my kids. They think farting (we call it tooting) is funny but, it's not something they would consider funny in public. Nor would they find talking about it funny in public.

But, they also don't care for Junie B. Jones. They find her really rude.

But, I do agree with the PP who said the farting toy is way over kill. There's a play, cake, theme party, book etc... that's enough Junie B Jones. You don't need to add a farting toy on top of that. A book is great - if you feel you need more how about some stickers or a book mark?
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I'm not too big on gift bags myself - mostly because parties seem so expensive even without them. Yours sound very generous. My DD would be thrilled to get a book. It's her favorite type of gift.

And for the person who mentioned "Walter the Farting Dog" - we have 3 of those books plus a little plush Walter that makes noises. It was a gift from a friend of mine. The books are funny and have crazy illustrations.

I would've loved to have read one for the kids at the co-op preschool but I didn't feel comfortable doing that with other peoples' kids I didn't know that well. While we have very open boundaries about farts and all at our house, we are aware that other people have different values and we do teach DD to use manners.
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Originally Posted by ollyoxenfree View Post
For full disclosure, I'll admit that I dislike Junie B. Jones and wouldn't be thrilled with the book either, lol!
Me too. Junie B Jones is not allowed in our house.

The fart toy I'd be fine with it because she would play with it for 1 night, then forget about it, and it would go into the bottom of the toy box.
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Originally Posted by lnitti View Post
fart is a bad word? I have never heard of that. I thought everybody farted? Isn't it something normal and natural that we generally have little control over? Do they really get in trouble for saying fart in school?
I thought it was pretty common to be an unacceptable word. If you ever need to discuss it, though I'm not sure why you would, there are other words to say.

As for control, I think most people can unless they have some gastrointestinal problem or have a really bad diet. It happens in yoga & Pilates as a way of de-toxing the intestines. You cut reduce the chances by cutting down on high gas-producing foods before yoga and going to the bathroom immediately before class.

We've not read JBJ, so I have no opinion one way or the other on her books. As for the toy, I probably wouldn't take it, but I wouldn't like it. We really stress that discussions about using the bathroom and anything associated are to be undertaken only in certain situations.
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