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I had my baby!

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I'm holding him now! He's nursing well and this labor was a million times better than my last one. He was born at home in the water after two days of prodromal labor, two hours of active, and twenty minutes of pushing! I feel pretty good! I'll try to write a birth story soon.

My midwife was amazing... she helped me get active labor going and coached me through the pushing so well. Time to breathe and rest!
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Congrats! Does he have a name?
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wonderful! congrats! I hope my labour goes as smoothly as it soudns like yours did.
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Oh congrats!

2 days of prodromal labour, you say? I'm ending up day 2 now - hope I follow in your footsteps (although I'd be happy to wait until morning LOL).
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OMG!!! Congratulations!!!!!! Can't wait to hear the whole story/see pics.

Oh, and can you send some of those awesome (short!) labor vibes over here?
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OMG!!! Congratulations Chai!! Wow my last post before I went to bed was in response to you saying your midwife was coming over to maybe help you get some rest, I wake up with pregnancy insomnia and you're nursing! amazing
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Yay chai!!! I was thinking about you!
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Congratulations!! Sounds like a wonderful labour. Enjoy your sweet baby.
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YAY! I was thinking about you today when I was away from the computer.

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Omigosh, how wonderful! Congratulations!
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Congratulations!!!!! I hope my labor is as fast as yours!!!!
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Congrats on your new little guy
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Originally Posted by Keeta View Post
Oh, and can you send some of those awesome (short!) labor vibes over here?
LOL, I don't really consider it to be short since I couldn't sleep for two nights before the birth. The contractions were very manageable, but strong enough to be my main focus for two days. I was 4 cm by the time the midwife arrived, so the prodromal labor *was* working... just not efficiently.

It was nice, though, to only be *overcome* by the contractions (and not able to do anything but rest between them) for such a short time. And I'm REALLY happy the pushing phase wasn't three hours like last time!

At any rate, labor vibes coming your way! Excellent birth care provider vibes and successful induction vibes coming your way as well, if you need them I'd probably still be suffering through a slow labor if my midwife hadn't made the right suggestions for how to get labor moving.
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Kick-a$$, Chai; congratulations!!!
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Hooray, Chai!! Welcome baby! I was totally thinking about you too.
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Congratulations! Good for you!!
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Yay! Welcome baby!
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Rock on, Chai. That's awesome!! Congrats!
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Yay - congrats and welcome to the world, little guy!

Coming from a month of prodromal labor... what did your midwife suggest to get things active? Sounds like a great birth overall - I can't wait to hear the full story and maybe see some pics of the little guy.
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Hooray!! Congratulations mama!!
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