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extreme eye blinking - any thoughts?

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Hi. My 6yo son blinks his eyes really hard all the time. It started several months ago, maybe when his hair was way too long in front... I read a few things on the internet suggesting that it could be a habitual tic from something like the long hair, that just continues, or it could be from allergies. Either way, it was made to sound as though it wasn't a huge problem. I know my husband gets worried about it.

Should I be worried about this?

I don't know if this matters, but he does have gluten and dairy sensitivity and has been off of gluten for 1 1/2 yrs and off of dairy for about 3 weeks. We received test results 3 weeks ago.

I, myself, have allergies to dust and a deep hatred for dusting ; are environmental allergies genetic?

Thanks for your thoughts!
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The tendency to allergies is genetic (not individual allergies), but food intolerances are lumped in with that. My DH and I both have environmental allergies, and the GI doctor said that meant we were an atopic family and the kids were more likely to have allergies or intolerances or both (we have DD1 with environmental allergies, DS with environmental allergies and food intolerances, and DD2 with food intolerances).

Someone else may weigh in, but I think Magnesium (with B6?) may help. Did anything else happen around the time it developed?
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I got a tic with detoxing (too fast) from supplemental iodine. My SIL got one from a med she was on. The b6 is worth a try.
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Dr. Bock discusses facial tics in his book (linked below) as one symptom of PANDAS (a type of strep infection that can affect the brain) and also of magnesium deficiency.

My ds started with the eye blinking right before he turned 6 years old. It lasted for a few weeks, then stopped. Then he started with a nose twitch. That lasted for awhile then was followed by twitching of his lips. We started supping magnesium and since then he has been tic free. When we back off the magesium, the tics come back.

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very interesting... thanks!

Thanks, Mamas (maybe papas?) for your thoughts. I can't think of anything specifically that happened when the eye-blinking started, except the bangs in his eyes... any maybe the dry heat starting up for winter. We bought a humidifier, but he's still blinking.

We used to give him magnesium (epsom salts foot baths and supplement powder) for sleeping before we figured out his gluten intolerance. So, maybe he is deficient! And also, we have not been giving him a multi- anymore, so the B6 could help, too.

I'm trying both! Thanks so much and thanks for the link. You Rock.
Please let me know any other thoughts anyone has!
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