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Cleaning out the closets

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I'm ready to declutter the closets.

I'm also working on losing the weight I gained while pregnant.

My dilemma - what to keep and what to toss. I've made one run through a couple months ago but it was more of a straightening type job. Now I'm ready to really downsize it all.

Anyone BTDT? I don't want to have to buy all new clothes when I'm done losing weight but I also don't think I'll wear everything I used to (or, for that matter, fit into some of the pants, my hips are much wider now and no matter how much weight I lose my bones won't lose any inches, yk?).

So, any advice? I'm thinking of keeping just the most loved and worn pieces and donating the rest.

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-keep only what you love and actually wore
-if it made you feel bad, get rid of it
-if you were waiting to loose weight and fit into it before your pregnancy you will be waiting even longer now, let it go
-ripped, stained/bye bye
-special occasion items that haven't been worn in a year or two need to go
-items that you wore all the time despite hating them can go
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With both of my pregnancies, I packed all of my pre-pregnancy, never-gonna-fit clothes away (this was actually while I was pregnant and outgrowing everything). I went with the "9 months to gain the weight, 9 months to lose it" theory and at precisely 9 months (I marked it on the calendar) I went through and tried every single piece on. If it didn't fit or I didn't love it, I got rid of it. No saving to see if I lost more weight, no keeping it around just in case...I just tossed it.

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Thanks for the guidance! I've got a few months before the nine month mark (and I've been pregnant for two years in a row) but, I don't have a ton to lose - about 15 pounds for pre-preg weight. I plan to make it - I'm ready to have more energy again.

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Hi, thanks for the ideas. I have an exception to the 9 months to loss the baby weight rule. I need about 15 months on average. In my twenties, maybe 12. The first few months post partum, my body won't loss a pound. So depending on your metabolism, you may still be wearing that skirt.
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